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The pleasure-enhancing effect of atmospheric sounds during sex

20 March 2021

Sensual moans, sensual voices - we humans love not only sex, but equally everything that it entails. Among them, the various sensual impressions. We have already dealt in our last guides with the sense of sight, the sense of hearing and here and there with the sense of touch. But today we have something for the ears! Dear gentlemen, dear ladies, today our sex guide is about the sounds during sex. Better said about the pleasure-increasing effect of atmospheric sounds during sex. From soft voices to sly dirty talk to sexual moans, we want to explore the magical soundscape of sex with you. Come with us on the inspiring journey! Your Ivana Models team wishes you a lot of fun.

Why do we make sounds during sex? 

That it can be sensual and sexy to whisper tender words, light noises or other dirty talk into each other's ears is probably clear. But where do these actually come from? What makes noises during sex so exciting? That's what we want to explore with you today. Even a slight whisper can cause tingling on the skin and butterflies in the stomach. And scientifically speaking, these sounds also have a reason. 



To find out where these sounds come from, we should start with the most obvious reason: sexual communication. So it's probably understandable that certain sounds during sex are just more than just sounds after all. With a passionate moan, you show your counterpart that you feel pleasure. During sex, many people don't want to spend a lot of time talking or anything like that. A few sounds, on the other hand, are not only easier, no, they also stimulate, are atmospheric and invigorating. So, if your partner or the Ivana Model by your side lets out lustful moans, she seems to be having fun with what's going on. On the other hand, of course, you can equally show that you feel pleasure through beautiful moans and appropriate sounds. So sounds can primarily show what feels good and what you don't like so much. So nonverbal communication through moaning and other sounds can help you get exactly what you like. 

According to some studies, being less self-conscious can often ensure that you don't make any noises in the bedroom. At this point, we just want to mention again that you should never let any perceived flaws or insecurities stop you! The diverse world of sex is far too sensual and beautiful to be denied this fun. Both of you do what you feel like and stand by what you like or don't like at all times. Only in this way can you and your partner enjoy wonderful sex and maybe even make one or two inspiring noises! 


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The magical game with sounds - this is how you can boost your sex life 

It's not just your own pleasure that is enhanced or expressed by making wild noises in bed. Many couples consciously moan when their partner is coming to orgasm or is about to climax. In this way, not only is your own pleasure increased, but your partner can also enjoy his or her climax even better and more intensely. The moaning of your partner can therefore also ensure that you may experience an even more beautiful orgasm. In particular, the women of creation are said to like to make sounds when they realize that their partner is about to climax. Men, on the other hand, according to some studies, are calmer in bed than the ladies. The gentlemen enjoy the sounds of their partner rather than they themselves give any of themselves. But where does this come from? There is no uniform answer to this question. Here, too, opinions differ widely. The fact that women are by nature the louder sex is given as a possible reason. Whether this is true or not - taste the hot sounds of your Ivana Model on a sensual escort date! No matter what reasons there are for lustful noises in the bedroom, they are sexy in any case! 

Whether man or woman - sounds during sex are meaningful as well as sensual. They not only increase our own pleasure or that of our partner, they also show in a charming way what we like. They also tell us in which moments we feel particularly good and which we might find unpleasant. Sex - as we have discussed so many times before - is a versatile, fascinating activity. It is sensual and sexy, can be enjoyed spontaneously or seduce planned. Sex can create gentle hours, tender togetherness, or wild moments. Sex is endless fun. Just as diverse as sex itself is, so are the sounds that can be made during it. Good sex is not just about the intercourse itself. Different scents, lights, music and even sounds coming from your partner are also crucial if you want to take your sex life to the next level. 

It doesn't matter if you are loud or quiet. Likewise, it almost doesn't matter what your moans sound like. If you're lustful about it, these sexy sounds can make so much more of sex! Together, you can give yourself to each other and say or moan exactly what you just feel. There is no one-size-fits-all guide for this either. Some like it quiet and sensual, others again loud and wild. Similar to almost all areas of sex, you can also test yourself here. What the one lady does not like, comes perhaps excellent with the Ivana Model. So it is also crucial which partner you have. Talk openly with this about your wishes as well as preferences, and soon you will not come out of the moaning! 


Should I fake an orgasm? 

Fake pleasure? Fake orgasms? If you moan and make sexy sounds to make your partner climax, you will surely feel it yourself. There's nothing wrong with wanting to increase your partner's pleasure. Nevertheless, we would advise against false orgasms. Because really no one has anything to gain from this! If you do not feel pleasure during sex, you should talk about it. Of course, this does not mean that you are not allowed to make other noises in bed that particularly stimulates your Ivana Model. The speech here is more about the really put on fake orgasms. The moaning or the dirty talk itself are not meant here. Orgasms and the associated sounds are something heavenly and equally natural. If you are too uptight about achieving a "nice sounding" orgasm, you will hardly have any pleasure during actual sex. And that, that's really not the joke of the whole thing, don't you think? Sex should bring pleasure to you and your partner. During sex you should be able to let yourself go, be yourself. All this brings quite little, if you are just not yourself, but only pretends. 

The orgasm is - if we want to put it bluntly - a natural, animalistic reaction to sex. So why fake it? As we've already discussed, pleasurable noises can of course heat up the mood - but they're of little use if they're faked. We only want to hear orgasms if they are real and really felt by our partner. When we feel pleasure - during orgasm, for example - we lose control. We lose control over our body. We are just being. And enjoy (if the orgasm is real). This is exactly the state we all want to trigger with our boyfriend, our girlfriend or simply a charming escort. From this point of view, it is actually quite simple. A reaction follows an action. Only that we don't want to see the whole thing so physically, much rather sexier. So we touch each other, give each other kisses, caresses and every imaginable kind of physical contact. It is completely natural that we then particularly enjoy seeing how our counterpart is completely enraptured, completely under our spell, completely enchanted. 

Dirty talk during sex - let's go wild! 

The sounds in the bedroom don't have to be limited to moaning. Dirty talk can also intensify sex even more. No matter to what extent. Whether it's softly, gently and seductively or yet screamingly, wildly and adventurously, dirty talk can crank up the pleasure and leave you completely entranced. One area that immediately comes to mind when it comes to dirty talk is also that of role play. Sounds can also be accompanied with different outfits. How you want to perform the dirty talk is up to you. Perhaps you already know which terms particularly turn on your partner? If this is not the case, it is recommended to ask about it. Because thus you will be able to please your lady even more. While one woman goes for sweet, playful and almost innocent innuendos, the other likes it completely wild and dirty. Taboos? There are hardly any when it comes to dirty talk. As long as all parties feel comfortable and only do what they want, everything is right. 

What should I say, you ask yourself? That also depends on your desire and that of your partner. Only say things that you also feel. Maybe you like the game with dominance? In that case, little role plays paired with dirty talk can work wonders. If you are the dominant part, equally dominant statements are recommended, perhaps playful "commands" and the like. Conversely, you can of course also let yourself be led and enjoy harsh words from your partner while you completely surrender to them. There is no wrong and no right. Everything that brings you both pleasure is right for you both! What exactly that is is best found out in action. 


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Is sex without sounds just as good? Do I have to moan during sex? 

Let's get the answer for the second question straight: No, you don't have to fake anything. Sex can be brilliant without moaning. We often talk about how different extras can boost sex. About how sensual sounds, subtle scents and shimmering lights can bring more pleasure. But all these tips & tricks are nothing more than what they are, namely tips and tricks. They do not represent instructions or show what must be done. If you enjoy sex without making any noise, then that's all that matters! All the ideas and inspiration we provide will only do you any good if you feel like doing it yourself. To follow a manual in a cramped way is certainly not the right way when it comes to sex. Nevertheless, we would like to offer you incentives to make your sex life even more tingling. How exactly you implement this is in your hands. 

Sex without sounds? Yes, please! If you like it quiet or simply don't feel the need to be loud in bed, that's perfectly fine. And silent sex can be mind-blowing too. It may even be more intense or romantic. Depending on how you, or rather, how you like it! If your partner does not make any noises, you can - if you want to - address them. Maybe it's just an insecurity that keeps her away? Or maybe she prefers to be quiet herself and can enjoy sex better without any big words or noises of pleasure. 

In summary, we can all say: enjoy the pleasures of sex in all its facets and all its diversity. Whether and to what extent noises during sex are suitable for you, you will learn best during the act. Do you have any wishes? Share them with your partner or the callgirl! Within a very short time, you may thus arrive at a sexual experience that will transport you directly to cloud nine! Again, it is important to do only what you feel comfortable with. All the music, candlelight or dirty talk only brings something if you yourself and your partner also have fun. Good sex can be supported as well as intensified by quite a few little or big extras. With a little trial and error, a few sensual songs and some moaning here and there, the door to paradise is open for you. Reach for it! Ivana Models Escort Agency wishes you many enchanting moments and a dreamlike soundscape!