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Two women wearing bikinis holding cocktails

Cocktail Bars Germany for your excellent escort date

03 August 2020

The sun is shining, summer is at its best and you have your favourite cocktail in your hand and a beautiful companion in your arms. The best conditions for a great date in one of the best bars in Germany.

In the finest bars with the beautiful escort lady Berlin

Welcome to Berlin. The capital welcomes you with the best tastes in a glass. Take advantage of the diverse bar offer to enjoy yourself here together with your escort lady.

Curtain up in the Curtain Club: One of the most creative barkeepers in Germany swings the shakers here. Arnd Henning Heißen has created with the Curtain Club one of the best places for the finest cocktails in Berlin. The creation of his drinks is reminiscent of the masterpiece of an alchemist who takes his liquid works to the extreme. The guest, who is looking for distraction from the stress of everyday life, receives in the Curtain Club a kind of liquid aromatherapy to sharpen his sense of taste. It is not only about sophisticated drinks, but also about the room in which they are enjoyed. The chef is obviously very interested in the design of the environment, which contributes to the taste experience. One or two sentences are not enough to explain the special atmosphere that prevails here - experience one of the best bars with your escort lady in Berlin. Next up for you at the Becketts is a radical cocktail experience! In almost 15 years Cristina Neves and Oliver Ebert have made their so-called "bar for the refinement of the senses" one of the most distinctive cocktail locations in Germany - and one of the most high-profile. Real professionals will definitely get a taste for themselves here. They are radical, but only when it comes to the quality of the products and drinks. If you are looking for a bar that offers an artistic escape from the noisy everyday life with strong, classic drinks, this dark golden bar with the doorbell is just the right place for you. Time for a break with pure art in a glass and an impressive escort companion at your side. 



The Truffle Pig Bar, a real 'bar in a pub', two in one and a great place for an escort cocktail date: The way to the Truffle Pig Bar is via its big sister, the Kauz & Kiebitz pub in the Neuköllner Reuterkiez. The footprints of the Truffle Pig Bar of the same name point the way to a dark door at the back. Behind this door is an intimate, elegant guest room with intimate seats and armchairs. Currently owner Sven Breitenbruch celebrates cocktail culture at the Truffle Pig Bar together with bar boss Damien Guichard, one of the most influential Berlin bartenders of recent years. There is no cocktail menu for the time being, Guichard serves individual drinks on request and by arrangement. Look forward to a premium cocktail experience and enjoy the finest drops with your high class escort call girl

Cocktails in Munich will seduce you - your high class escort outcall girl will do the same

Servus and hello, cheers and ching ching! If you are looking for a fine cocktail in Munich, the following bars will provide you with first-class service.

The High is still relatively fresh in Munich's bar scene: with its hip-hop beats, a casual yet knowledgeable crew and high-quality cocktails, the bar has won a lot of fans. Co-owner André stands out for his experimental mixology and combines it with his know-how for playful, fruity and catchy combos like the Purple Haze. The interior reflects the Miami of the 80s: tropical plants, striped paper straws and drinks as orange and pink as a ride down Ocean Drive. Welcome to little Miami Munich!

In the Bar Garçon, the drinks are strictly stirred, not shaken. Owner Mario is a trained architect and has brought his creative flair to much of the bar's reduced interior, including building the bar out of marble and wood. The bar is small, with mostly stools, secluded window seats and a casual, relaxed atmosphere. The background music brings out disco and soul, and the menu is leather-bound and relaxed, with exquisite variations of classics such as the Negroni or Manhattan and homemade syrups and juices. There's also a good selection of wines, in case you want to enjoy a variety of drinks with your escort travel companion.



"Ella" was the pet name Wassily Kandinsky gave his girlfriend and artist colleague Gabriele Münter, and this stylish bar and restaurant on the ground floor of the Lenbachhaus Museum's wing, which opened in 2013, is the perfect place for a pre- or post-expressionist splash. Once you've checked out the Blauer Reiter's world-class collection on the upper floor, you can sit back and relax with a splash at the luminous onyx bar or on the spacious terrace and enjoy a first-class view of Munich's neo-classical Königsplatz. The room, designed by Norman Foster, is all about light and warmth, with generous windows, blonde wooden floors and murals by Munich-born artist Thomas Demand. A glamorous setting for a glamorous escort date in Munich. While the museum's collection focuses on German modernism, Ella's quality wines have a German, French and Italian focus, while the dishes give fresh twists to the Italian classics.

Bars in Cologne & Dusseldorf are waiting to offer you a high class escort date of the finest class

Welcome to the cities of excellent drinks and pure joy of life. Sounds like an excellent place for a high class escort date in Cologne or in Dusseldorf

Starting with one of our favourites: The Ona Mor has earned a reputation as one of the top cocktail bars in Cologne, and with just one sip on one of their cocktails you can understand why. Here, the cocktails are prepared with only the best fruits and spirits, which really shows in their taste, and are carefully presented to the customers to give them a nice look. The owner is an experienced bartender who constantly updates the menu with new and creative cocktail recipes. Add to that their friendly service, which keeps customers happy with details like free truffled popcorn while you wait for your drink, and you have a five-star cocktail bar.


best cocktail bars in Dusseldorf and Cologne


You'll feel right at home in the Shepheard Bar if you're into top cocktails and high class escort service. The first thing that attracts the attention of customers when they enter the Shepheard Bar is its minimalist, almost futuristic design and the decoration with colours and flashes of lightning, which are well chosen to provide the visitors with a suitable environment for the top cocktails. But what really sets this bar apart is its amazing staff. The bartenders here are experts in their craft and can make the best cocktail from the vague suggestions you make. Just tell them what fruits or liqueurs you like and watch them improvise a new recipe from the air. The menu is varied and especially friendly for gin lovers. If you like stylish decorations and delicious tailor-made cocktails, you'll feel right at home at Shepheard Bar. Afterwards, you will be well prepared to enjoy the further pleasures of the evening with your escort travel companion Cologne.

The Spirits Bar welcomes you with the best creations that can be combined in one glass. With amazing drinks, ambience and a friendly staff Spirits offers all qualities you could wish for in a bar. The drinks are well prepared, creative and include several original creations of the bartender. The service is first class and the bartender always serves the drinks in impeccably designed glasses with a smile on your face. The ambience is relaxed and cosy, with good music at perfect volume and comfortable seats where you can take a seat with your escort girl, or you can sit outside in your chairs by the wayside while enjoying the Cologne countryside.

Welcome to Düsseldorf and a very special tip for going out. The Ellington welcomes you and your escort call girl with pleasure. This elegant, high-quality cocktail bar with a 20's charm is located near the central station, wedged between the most unlikely neighbours: an erotic shop and an arcade. If you take the train for a short stopover in Düsseldorf, it is easily accessible from the station for a short sip. Inside, the lighting is as atmospheric as it gets, and behind the bar you can see a very instagramable neon sign. The extensive cocktail menu is a real punch - the drinks are finely crafted with high quality spirits, so even if you drink a little more than you should, the morning after won't be so bad.

With your escort lady Frankfurt you enjoy top cocktails at the Main

The beautiful city on the river Main offers you first-class opportunities to experience a fresh cocktail spectacle while you enjoy your stay with a wonderful travel companion, mediated by the Ivana Models Escort Agency.

Barhundert is one of those places you just enter and where you have the feeling that everything is in the right place. The atmosphere is so relaxed and the staff is always very friendly and eager to pamper their clients and make sure that they always have a snack in hand. The atmosphere is relaxed and stylish with good lounge music in the background and well made drinks. Classics such as Tequila Sunrise, Big Lebowski and Red Snapper cocktails can be enjoyed here while you have equally stimulating conversations with your escort lady Frankfurt. Don't forget to try Violet Hour, a sensual fruity drink that is fresh but not sweet and contains a small hint of gin.



The Luna Bar is looking forward to your visit in the presence of your escort call girl. Located in the centre of Frankfurt, this stylish bar has been a favourite with locals and visitors for years thanks to the quality and variety of its cocktails and its friendly bartending staff. With just a few questions to you, the bartenders can make a drink to suit your taste, and if you really want to try something special, ask for the house whiskey sour and mint julep cocktails or their delicious strawberry-based Godzillas. With a great balance between variety and quality, the Luna Bar is the meeting place for cocktail lovers in Frankfurt.

Finding The Parlour is an experience in itself, and you need to be well informed about it to even find the entrance, but the excellent drinks are worth the effort. This discreet, stylish bar offers a variety of homemade drinks and syrups to complement the excellent cocktails, such as the famous Berry Moscow Mule. Order one for you and your escort travel companion! The cocktail menu is well chosen, but the skilful bartenders make up for it by improvising any drink you can think of. Don't miss the opportunity to taste this unique jewel in the middle of downtown Frankfurt.

Cocktails in Hamburg taste even better with the high class escort service

The northern air does you good, your escort model is absolutely gorgeous and paired with a tasty cocktail, you will have a wonderful time at the Elbe. Visit the following bars and let yourself be convinced by the impressive mixology.

Christiansen's stands out as a pioneer of taste. Here you can choose your drink from a huge, varied cocktail menu, prepared by some of the best bartenders from all over Germany. Try one of their original cocktails like the famous Hendrick's Crush of crushed kumquat fruit or try one of their own creative twists on traditional drinks like their chocolate flavoured mojitos. A real delicacy, just like your sexy travel companion. On Mondays you can also enjoy massages here! Come to Christiansen's and prepare for an adventure into new flavours like you have never tasted before. Alternatively, the Rabbit Swing is the perfect place for a Cocktail Date on Ice. This cosy bar invites some of the city's coolest indie rock bands and DJs to play and has become a popular meeting place for music lovers in Hamburg. It offers a wide range of beers to choose from, including their own famous Pirate Beer, at great prices. If you love to go to a bar with friendly surroundings, good music and fair prices, then Hasenschaukel is the place for your next escort date Hamburg.


Top recommended bars in hamburg 2020


Classy furnished and with the finest drinks at the ready, have a good time in the Absinthe Bar. Decorated in a greenish, gorgeous style reminiscent of the old villas, from classic vampire movies, the Absinthe Bar offers a unique atmosphere you won't find at other places, I promise! This bar really stands out for the originality of its ambience and the quality of its absinthe drinks, served in a cool atmosphere with good music. The Absinthe Bar lives up to its name by offering a wide range of absinthe drinks, and if you have never tasted absinthe before, the friendly staff and owner are extremely knowledgeable and will help you choose the perfect drink for you. Afterwards you could visit the Luba Bar. With good drinks, friendly service and an excellent ambience, it is not surprising that Luba Luft is one of the hippest bars in Hamburg. Here you can feel like in your student days, sit on a couch and listen to cool music while you smoke and enjoy some of their delicious cocktails. But what really makes this place shine are the delicious cocktails Whiskey Sour and Moscow Mule, which are prepared with the personal touch that only their experienced bartenders can give. 

Enjoy your escort date in one of the best bars in Germany, together with a gorgeous escort lady, arranged by Ivana Models Escort Agency.