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Art, culture and antique architecture in Istanbul with the Top Escort Model

01 July 2019

Istanbul is dynamic, vibrant and full of life. From vivid winding streets, with small, rustic markets, to the bustling city centre with its shopping centres and boutiques. The city connects the past with the future and creates its own present. As a cosmopolitan who loves to discover, Istanbul, the former Constantinople, should not be missed. Together with the right companion, the city is all the more thrilling.
With a visit to Istanbul Modern you can not go wrong and dive directly into contemporary Turkish art. Here you can expect all disciplines. Creations on canvas, fine art and installations. If you want to be inspired by architecture, the Sancaklar Mosque is our recommendation. The upper area is reminiscent of an ancient building, whereas the underground has been cut unexpectedly modern. The light is magical. You decide which of the high class escort models shines in it. All other pleasures you will have to save yourself, this is a place of faith and contemplation. Gladly after a consultation by the team of the high class escort agency Istanbul. More impressive architecture can be found in the Theodosius Cistern, which supplied the former Constantinople with water. High ceilings and wide arches, held together by stately marble columns. If you haven't seen the Hagia Sophia yet, naturally, it should be on the top of your list. The first impression of this unbelievable building will remain in your memory forever.


Luxury Shopping Istanbul

Do you like luxury shopping? After sparkling Sultanite diamonds and sleek fashion? Then Istanbul is the place for you. To be more precise: In the Istinye Park. We recommend an extensive detour. In addition to luxury brands, you will also find restaurants, cinemas and other leisure activities. Are you looking forward to strolling and shopping together and enjoying a bite with the VIP escort girl? Istinye Park is of course not the only shopping destination in Istanbul. If you are in Istanbul's business center, the Zorlu Center is your first choice. With your escort model Istanbul at hand, it is an excellent place to choose from over 200 represented brands. The architecture of the center is already impressive and invites you to shop. If you prefer to shop in small, quieter shops, you should explore the Nişantaşı district. However, concept stores, boutiques and interior decorators also cavort here with everything that serves culinary pleasures. Cafés and restaurants offer everything your heart can desire.
Would you like to relax? If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should move onto the water. With a private yacht tour you can make yourself a true picture of the city. You can rent everything from small sailing yachts to impressive multi-storey ships, all including skippers. If you have the necessary licenses, it is best to take over the tax yourself. Look forward to the togetherness with your escort model on the waves off Istanbul.
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