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The most beautiful castles in Germany

10 October 2020

Royale times await you on your next high class escort date, when you embark on an exclusive adventure and visit the most beautiful castles in Germany. You will encounter architectural treasures and interesting stories, which you can explore and enjoy with your selected premium travel companion. Look forward to harmless, exciting, sensual times in magnificent company. In order to be able to view beautiful buildings at your meeting, we present to you below the most beautiful castles that the country of Germany has to offer. Stay excited and enjoy the time!

Visit one of the most beautiful castles in Germany, Burg Hohenzollern with the VIP Escort callgirl 

Feel like in a fairy tale, on the high castle, with the lovely escort lady, who will read your every wish from your lips and fulfill it with a smile on her own. Not only your escort is dreamlike and beautiful, but also the castle Hohenzollern, which by the way is located on a peak at a height of 855 meters and thus offers an incomparable view. Take part in the various events that take place in this castle and experience unforgettable, entertaining hours while admiring the beauty of the castle. You will certainly notice the fabulous towers and roofs, which make the castle look very special and provide a perfect backdrop for a meaningful escort girlfriend experience



Now it gets wild! Welcome to the Löwenburg in Kassel. It belongs, next to the castle Wilhelmshöhe, also to the popular, respectable mountain park, which can be found in the Wilhelmshöhe. The appearance from the outside may remind you of an old, destroyed knight's castle, but the inside of the castle will enchant you in no time! Baroque, tingling times can be experienced here with a young, charming travel companion before you make your way to your noble suite. The princely rooms leave nothing to be desired.  On more than 560 hectares you will experience luxury, exclusivity and royal moments. Did you also know that the landmark of Kassel is the huge Hercules statue, which in turn stretches 70 meters in height? Impress the luxury outcall girl on your upcoming date with relevant information and data about the magnificent castles you want to visit together. If you are on your way to the Löwenburg, you should not forget the castle as well as the ballroom in the immediate vicinity. 

Historical journey with the top class students escort in Ludwigsburg

May we give you a short historical introduction to your upcoming deluxe date? Beginning with Duke Eberhard Ludwig von Württemberg, it is interesting to know that he was not satisfied with a simple castle or palace. So he decided to use the entire city of Ludwigsburg for his stunning, magnificent castles and buildings. Stroll through the streets of Ludwigsburg with the discreet girl next door and within minutes you will notice the baroque elements, the market place and many other monuments shaped by the duke. Equally striking is the baroque palace of the city, which is almost embraced by the park surrounding the palace. Want a little fairy tale? "Blossoming Baroque" is a performance that is presented in the Fairy Tale Garden and is sure to delight both you and your charming travel companion. But also the museums, which present clothes from past times, should not be ignored. 

A day in the life of Cinderella! Which castle are you wondering about? We will gladly answer this question. It is no less than the Neuschwanstein Castle, which is located in Schwangau and attracts many visitors from all over the world. Here you can also find old ruins, castles and courtyards. The former king Ludwig II was decisive for this grandiose work as well as further ravishing castles and palaces, which is why the Neuschwanstein can present its beauty today. Embedded between trees and forests, the Neuschwanstein is a true feast for the eyes even from a distance. Stroll on your first class escort date through the woods up to the legendary castle, which is architecturally valuable and gives you an enchanting view of the city from inside. An experience that you certainly should not miss, especially not in the company of a deluxe callgirl.


Neuschwanstein Castle Germany


You enjoy an exclusive overnight stay in the castle Moritzburg with the high class escort lady Saxony

It goes without saying that you should not spend a royal night in an old hunting lodge alone. Take advantage of our discreet escort service to find the woman of your dreams and experience a night of extra class together with her. And this is no less an accommodation than the Moritzburg Castle, which by the way became famous and popular through the film "Three Hazelnuts and Cinderella", since the classic was filmed here in 1989. The castle itself is surrounded by an artificial lake and radiates splendor and luxury even from a distance. For an exciting, royal night, where you can feel like kings, the overnight accommodations are excellent. Together with the callgirl at your side, every second on site becomes distinctive and romantic. Enjoy the time together and relax in heavenly company. 

In Rhineland-Palatinate you may enjoy a whole vacation at Stahleck Castle. This castle accommodates accommodations and sleeping facilities for guests. Get involved in an adventurous night in a castle, which impresses with its splendor and which is wonderful to look at from the outside as well as from the inside. Your Ivana Models Team wishes you unforgettable times in this wonderful location. Also in the well known and popular moated castle Satzvey dreams can come true! Because also here you may start a small vacation in royal accommodation. With the suitable, lovely escort lady, of course. In the castle apartments and suites you can stay as royal as never before and experience fabulous hours for two. The necessary entertainment is certainly provided, so that you can look forward to plays, exciting knight plays and other medieval performances. 


It will be idyllic on your top class escort date in the Eifel 

Standing on a rock, surrounded by forests and valleys, Eltz Castle, located in the Eifel, shines and impresses. Also surrounded by hiking trails, you can achieve the perfect mix of royal luxury and sporting activities during your upcoming stay. How about a short walk through the woods before you make your way up to the castle and find yourself in the towers at a height of 35 meters? As you can probably already imagine, you can enjoy a stunning view here. Even inside the castle it will be handsome - charming and stylishly furnished, your gaze will wander from one beauty to another until you finally lose yourself in the beauty of the young escort Ivana Model. 

A legend says that the Thuringian Castle was built in 1067. Whether this is true, we can not assure you. However, it is certain that you will certainly spend beautiful hours at the castle with the student escort. Be enchanted, impressed and inspired by the most beautiful corners of the castle, which are all enchanting. But it becomes especially exciting when you consider that Martin Luther stayed here in exile and translated some pieces of the New Testament at exactly this place. In the present day you can enjoy magnificent elements, beautiful designs and a show library, which you can visit with your escort. Make your escort date a very special one, a meeting that neither you nor your callgirl in the Eifel will forget!

High up on one of the most beautiful castles in Germany, the Wachenburg Weinheim

As the youngest castle on the Bergstrasse, the Wachenburg is in no way inferior to other castles. It impresses with an incomparable panoramic view and numerous events that take place in and around the castle. Likewise embedded between strong green, the tops of the towers almost reach up into the sky and round off the perfect picture. How can you best reach the castle? You and your luxury escort callgirl can use the hiking trail of the city to the castle or you can let yourself be guided directly to the castle by the driveway. Through the outer, majestic gate, you will be let into the castle through the further gate, the coat of arms gate, so that you can also convince yourself of the interior. Inside, you will find stunning furnishings and decorations, which can only be surpassed by the castle courtyard, where events are also held. 
Once you arrive at the castle courtyard, you will lose yourself in the enchanting views - no matter in which direction you want to look. With your premium travel companion, your gaze wanders from the castle courtyard itself to the panoramic view of the city of Weinheim to the Windeck castle ruins, which are also very attractive and interesting. Since the Palatinate Forest is located in the immediate vicinity of the castle, you can experience sports, nature and history on your premium escort date. To make sure that the culinary part of your meeting can be fulfilled, this castle offers a comfortable castle tavern, which will present many small delicacies and serve fine wines. We wish you good appetite and lots of fun in the Wachenburg in the beautiful Weinheim.


Castle in Germany near Rhine river


The discreet girl next door Mosel will accompany you on an adventure 

If you feel like a trip to the Mosel, we can also introduce and suggest one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. This is the Reichsburg, built in the style of the neo-renaissance and baroque, which is located in Cochem and extends at a height of one hundred meters above the Moselle. Therefore it is already visible from far away and will fascinate you directly. The castle museum in the castle also offers guided tours, which is why you can also be impressed here historically and culturally. Since its rebuilding in the 17th century, the castle shines in a completely new splendor, so that you and your high class escort callgirl can see the new attributes and designs for yourself. 
Built in the Middle Ages and today located near Kassel, this imposing, fairytale castle will cast a spell over you and your dream escort lady within minutes. Once a shelter for pilgrims, the Sababurg is now being completely rebuilt and redesigned. For this reason, it can currently only be admired from the outside, but you will not lack anything in the outer areas of the castle, as this pure nature, great designs and performances, including the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, as the Sababurg is often compared to the famous castle from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. How fairy-tale like your stay at the castle will be in the end depends to a large extent on the choice of your escort, which is why we are happy to arrange the perfect company for you through our VIP Escort Service. 

The sensual escort GFE at one of the most beautiful castles in Germany 

If you want to know more about the most beautiful and exciting castles in Germany, there is one castle that should not be withheld: the Marksburg, which has found its place in Rhineland-Palatinate and adorns the city with its handsome parts. The castle itself is open daily for you and your travel companion and invites you to an exciting visit. 160 meters above the Middle Rhine, the sight of the white plastered castle appears, which also stands on a slate mountain and looks high into the air. Did you know that the Marksburg is the only high-altitude castle in the entire area that has never been destroyed? Of course, this means that on your first class date you will see original parts from the Middle Ages, including the Knights' Hall or even the Tower Rooms, all of which are well preserved and historically relevant. 

Infinite royal possibilities are available to you in the most beautiful castles in Germany. Plan your upcoming meetings with the help of our discreet escort service to enjoy a successful, impeccable date in heavenly company. No matter if your way leads you to Rhineland-Palatinate to the impressive castles or if you want to be enchanted by the castles and palaces in Moritzburg, with the right high class escort hostess every one of your wishes will be fulfilled without any problems and without stress. Live your dream with a beautiful Princess next door at your side! We at the Ivana Models Escort Agency are at your side around the clock, 365 days a year.