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Fine cocktails with your luxury escort call girl

01 November 2020

You have a date in the German capital and you are meeting your luxury outcall girl for the first time? So your first date is coming up and you are already wondering what excellent cocktails you both will sip on or how you would like to have your drink served?  Drinks for your first escort girl Berlin is one of the easiest and most effective activities. Many of the cocktails can easily be mixed together at home or will be professionally created for you in one of the best bars. One or two cocktails can help to relax the nerves and loosen the tongues for stimulating conversation. On a date with IMA you can of course expect that your discreet callgirl Berlin will not just sit silently opposite you and nod off everything you say. On the contrary: Drinks or not, you can expect eloquent conversations and profound conversations if you wish. A bar or an appealing lounge is of course perfectly suited for this. But, as already mentioned, if you prefer to hold your date in your own four walls, many of the following cocktails can also be mixed in the hobby bar. This way you can impress and seduce your high class escort callgirl with your very own creation. Take the beauty on a journey through the tastes! She will be thrilled. The offers of the wet and happy pleasures are huge and on a first class escort date with the bombastic girls of the Ivana Models Escort Agency, you can't go wrong with the choice of the drink. If you still need a selection of the best cocktails for an escort date, we have compiled a short list for you here.

The true lady of all cocktails - Enjoy the Bloody Mary with your deluxe travel girl

The Red Lady is the classic among the best cocktails for a date: A Bloody Mary is made from a mixture of high-quality tomato juice, lemon, soy sauce, black pepper, horseradish, celery and of course vodka. It's a fairly simple drink that you can prepare at home, so you can first taste it at home before confidently ordering it at the bar. This cocktail will be fun for both you and your dream travel companion. The origin of the drink is legendary and cannot be dated with certainty. Some historians believe that the cocktail was named after the famous British monarch, Queen Mary, who was responsible for the murder of over 300 Protestants during her short reign. A bloody business! The Bloody Mary has been reinterpreted in the last few years and has become one of the top cocktails. 



The most likely creator of the Bloody Mary cocktail is the bartender Fernand Petiot. He originally claimed to have invented the drink in 1921 while working in the New York bar in Paris. At first the drink consisted only of tomato juice and vodka - in equal parts. Later, however, his story changed somewhat. He was recruited for a job in New York at Club 21. Petiot then insisted that he had created the cocktail in 1934, now that George Jessel had claimed it. Jessel was a regular at Club 21 in New York and is said to have made the drink in 1939. When he heard the news, Petiot rowed back slightly and admitted that Jessel had introduced the vodka and tomato juice, but that he had made the combination into the cocktail hit. By adding a layer of black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and ice, the drink gained that extra dimension for which Petiot wants to be remembered. The exact origin remains uncertain, but the drink remains excellent! As the ultimate hangover cure, it is a dangerous cocktail to drink, as the tomato juice can often mask the taste of alcohol. Before you know it, you are drunker than you wanted to be and you have a hangover. So please be careful with the red lady, so that you can still enjoy your high class escort in Munich with full consciousness!

Let's get dirty - The Dirty Martini enjoys herself especially well with a discreet high class escort girl

The Dirty Martini is one of those cocktails that show how confident you are with your choice of drinks. A gentleman who orders a Dirty Martini knows what he wants. This is definitely a cocktail for the first escort date, provided you are a drinker. It is a mixture of gin, classic olives, olive juice and vermouth. It is also the go-to drink of a very famous secret agent who says: "Shaken, not stirred". It is not very smooth and has a slight burning sensation that you will quickly get used to after a few sips.


The best cocktails in the world


The spirits of the Bond cocktail are divided, and even today the status of the drink is as unclear as its lucidity. For those who love their martini and enjoy it as a sinfully good pleasure - and for those who ridicule it as a hopeless adulteration of a classic cocktail - the Dirty Martini is a drink on which everyone seems to have an opinion. Even your own personal Bond Girl will have her own way of enjoying the Martini. The ways of playing and interpretations of the Dirty's are manifold. In any case, the drink is steeped in history and more than 100 years old. According to cocktail author David Wondrich, the earliest ancestor of the Dirty Martini dates back to 1901, "when John E. O'Connor served a martini with whisked olives at the Waldorf Astoria". So if you are in a Waldorf Astoria with your high class callgirl, you know which drink you should order. Cheers!

Some like it sour - The whiskey sour as a cocktail for a premium escort date

Another classic with a long history, which makes it still today a perfect choice to sip it with your high class escort call girl. You can expect a fruity and sour taste experience. In addition, you can fight a vitamin C deficiency with it!

So many cocktails have had interesting and legendary beginnings over the years, created by soldiers during the World War or by a former American president, and the list goes on. Unlike many other famous cocktails, Whiskey Sour has a simple and humble beginning. Usually cocktails are made by pouring a mixture of ingredients together to see if they stick. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but each time it is a delicious brew. Even today, bartenders still make their own cocktails by experimenting with all kinds of things and then giving them a fun and exciting name. With your fascinating high class outcall girl, you then have the chance to try all the classic creations. So also the Whiskey Sour: It is believed that sailors created the sour cocktails to overcome scurvy. Scurvy is a health disorder caused by a lack of vitamin C in the body, resulting in anemia, exhaustion, bleeding, which leads to infections and possibly death! Malnutrition and long months on the sea voyage are the main triggers for this disease. That is why seafarers tried to overcome this condition with their best known solution: Citrus fruits! They mixed small portions of limes, lemons or oranges and mixed them with rum or brandy they had with them. This was the birth of the sour cocktails! On January 4, 1870, in a newspaper from Wisconsin, the Waukesha Plain Dealer, the Whiskey Sour Cocktail was mentioned for the first time and, interestingly enough, was called "Whisky Sour" with the British spelling. On August 25th, Whiskey Sour Day is celebrated in the States, if you need a suitable reason to enjoy one of the sour creations with your busty escort model.

A good choice for both - With the Mai Tai on a premium escort date

Another drink that can be easily prepared at home and is suitable for both of you. If you order such a cocktail, you will certainly look classy with it and make a great picture together. Many heads will be looking for you, that much is said. The Mai Tai is made from a mixture of two different types of rum, orange curacao and sometimes orgeat syrup. The cocktail can be made from a rum, but it must be very strong and dark like the Balvenie rum.


The best drinks for first date


There have been many discussions about the origin of Mai Tai, and many have claimed the cocktail invention for themselves. Even today, some still claim that the origin of Mai Tai is in Tahiti. In 1944, after the success of several exotic rum drinks, Victor J. Bergeron felt that a new drink was needed for the Trader Vic's Restaurant. He was at the bar in his restaurant in Oakland and picked up a bottle of old rum from Jamaica. He was of the opinion that this rum should not be doused with heavy additives of fruit juices. Then he took a fresh lime, added some orange curacao, a dash of rock candy syrup and a dash of French orgeat syrup, because of its subtle almond flavor. Then he added fine strips of ice cream and shook it vigorously to find the combination he was looking for. A quarter of the lime peel went into each drink, and he put a sprig of fresh mint in it. He gave the first two drinks to his friends, Ham and Carrie Guild from Tahiti, who were in the bar that night. Carrie took a sip and said "Mai Tai Ro Aé". In Tahitian, this means "Out of this world". Well, that's it! He called the drink Mai Tai. The drink enjoyed great popularity over the next few years, including in Seattle, where the company opened a Trader Vic's Restaurant in 1948. Apart from that, an excellent Mai Tai can also be enjoyed with your exclusive callgirl in Munich.

An old school gentleman drinking whiskey - The Old Fashioned on your discreet escort date

What to say about this classic? The Old Fashioned is a drink that was created more than two centuries ago. It consists of bourbon or rye whiskey, orange bitters and a little bit of sugar water. As early as 1806, a drink known as a whiskey cocktail was a popular drink for the first morning - it was used to cure ailments such as headaches and nausea or, more likely, hangovers. The simple mixture of sugar, bitters, whiskey and ice with a lemon topping was quick and easy to make, but it underwent some changes over the years as bartenders experimented with the mixture. It went so far that the whiskey cocktail could be a completely different drink every time you ordered it. 

Although the variations were popular and the creative variety that emerged from one drink was impressive, the fans lacked stringency. Cocktail connoisseurs soon got fed up with this constant change and began to demand that the whiskey cocktail be made the old-fashioned way. The old fashioned way, or "old fashioned" way of making a drink consisted of taking a whiskey glass and adding a lump of sugar, which was dissolved with a small amount of water. The bartender then added two dashes of bitter, a lump of ice and a mini-bar spoon. The customer was given a bottle of bourbon and could mix the cocktail himself. No wonder it is such a popular cocktail. During prohibition the drink almost fell out of the range and fans of the brown cocktail had to enjoy it in secret. Despite earlier mentions, the modern version of the drink seems to have been attributed to a whiskey bartender named James E. Pepper in 1880. Pepper, who was founded in a private social club in Kentucky called Pendennis, took the drink to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Bar in New York, and its popularity began to grow. Since then, he has been in and out of favor many times, but as a classic cocktail his place in history has been cemented and he still does very well together with a top class escort model in Hamburg, to warm up the cold nights.

Enjoy the finest cocktails in a bar or at home

Especially on an escort date, there are many fantastic possibilities to celebrate the time together. Where should your discreet escort date take place? Depending on your chosen city, you can visit the top bars and have your favorites mixed. After the fine tastes of the best bars, the next seduction of the night follows. However, this is entirely up to you two.