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Romantic dinner with your girlfriend with red wine

The perfect icebreaker: gifts for escort ladies

19 May 2022

Gifts for escort ladies: Is a gift necessary?

High class escort service is all about unforgettable dates, breathtaking moments together and a dreamlike time. What leads to feeling good is different for each person. Many people like to get to know each other at a romantic dinner and get closer to each other. Others enjoy a drink or a glass of champagne in a trendy bar to lighten the mood. Still others prefer the charm of anonymity and meet their lady directly in their hotel suite. So there are a few ways to break the ice. Another one can be a small gift that you present to your temporary girlfriend at the beginning of your meeting. Gifts for escort ladies are absolutely not a necessity, nevertheless your temporary girlfriend will most likely be pleased if you have already thought of her in advance. 

The best time to present your gift

The procedure is clearly regulated for an escort date. After you have made your booking request and have determined the meeting place and the duration, preparation can start. Before the date can start the fee has to be submitted. At the Ivana Models Agency you have the possibility to transfer the amount to our business account in advance. However, many ladies prefer to receive the fee in an open envelope at the beginning of the date. This procedure is completely normal and is the basis for a great time together. If you decide to surprise your escort with a gift, you should do this at the beginning of the date to break the ice immediately.

Tip, high heels or perfume?

If you want to give your lady of the heart a present, there are numerous possibilities. A tip expresses the appreciation of her time. A tip can be placed in an envelope in advance or be handed over after the date. In addition, lingerie or high heels can be exciting gifts that can set the escort girls in the right mood. After all, it is really erotic when a man gifts the garments in which he wants to see his lady. 

Likewise, a fragrance that you personally like very much can be a particularly attractive gift. Provided, of course, that she also likes it. To avoid a possible faux pas, you will find all sorts of hints about the preferences of Ivana models in their profiles. 

Gift ideas: To be found in the sedcards

If you are unsure about what kind of gift your girlfriend will be happy about, you can have a look at the sedcards of the Ivana models. There you will learn everything about their preferences. In many profiles you can find hints about their favorite scent or their clothing size. 
A particularly nice gift idea is to spend time away together. This much is said, if you enable your lady of heart to travel to her dream destination, she will be completely over the moon. And on vacation together she will certainly show more than gratitude. 

Conclusion: Gifts for escort ladies

Honestly: Who does not enjoy gifts? In the vast majority of cases, small attentions leave a really great impression on the other person. Although it is not a necessity in first dating, escort girls are still happy about gifts. Our recommendation: if you feel like it you should just try it out. Moreover, with the information from the sedcards, hardly anything can go wrong. We wish you a lot of fun while gifting your escort lady!