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Naked woman with pumpkin and witches hat

Experience Halloween with the high class escort model

25 October 2019

Finally it's that time again and it's "trick or treat". It goes without saying that you and your high class escort girl should throw yourself into a chic & scary costume and roam through this creepy night!
What is your party of choice? Or would you rather enjoy the Halloween night in your private chambers? In the following we have put together a few ideas and tips for this creepy night of Halloween.

Let's be honest, it's best to celebrate with a stunning escort model, who at the same time has an easy going and open-hearted character. Nobody wants a sexy escort, who then just sits quietly in the corner and takes no part in the exuberant happening. Especially for a night worth celebrating, like Halloween 2019, a man is even more happy about a cheerful companion who sweetens the evening endlessly. As you might expect, you are in the right place for exactly that.
The Ivana models Escort Agency is your first choice for a fantastic addition to your Halloween night. You are welcome to be inspired by the model's picture gallery. If you have special ideas regarding the outfit, please let us know before your date.

Dresses Make Monsters: The best Halloween costumes for him and her

What's the lady attire for the night? The especially sexy costumes are, of course, very popular on Halloween and the ladies are a perfect fit. Who do you prefer to be accompanied by? A seductive Snow White or a sexy witch? Is it perhaps the vampire lady, Little Red Riding Hood or should it be something very unusual? There are too many sexy Halloween outfits to name them all. You decide! Your premium escort model will gladly offer you the necessary inspiration. And in which disguise does the gentleman show up with his lady? There are many couple costumes for Halloween. The vampire couple is, of course, the classic. Batman's Joker with his own Harley Quinn will give everyone the necessary fright. Also the slowly unfolding mummy duo has its charm. Maybe the beauty and the beast or something less creepy? Bonnie and Clyde would be our tip - do not get arrested!


Halloween 2019 in Germany

Celebrate Halloween 2019 at Roomers Frankfurt and castle hotels Germany with the model of the premium escort agency 

In Europe you can attend great events and parties on the occasion of the Halloween Festival. So you can easily make a whole day out of this eerie celebration. If you are not already there, you can make a detour to the beautiful city on the Main. The Roomers Frankfurt invites you to the yearly exuberant Halloween party in its own halls. After a stimulating aperitif, the guests look forward to a first-class 4-course menu, accompanied by the sleek chic hosts with the usual Roomers excellence. Once the menu is enjoyed, the party is open and you can indulge in the evening's other delights. Should you need some suitable facepaint before the party, the team of the Catwalk Make-Up Artist School will take care of you with the appropriate additions to your creepy outfit. Anyone who has had a monstrous run at the party will be delighted with the Roomer's first-class room offer. So you can easily fall into your comfortable bed or celebrate together with your high class escort Frankfurt in private. We wish you a lot of fun!

Celebrate Halloween throughout Germany with the high class escort model

Further south, the P1 in Munich invites you to a frolicsome horror party and turns into the self-proclaimed Maison Gothique by Grey Goose. With a reservation you can enjoy the horror and get into the right horror mood in the Chamber of Secrets. After the exuberant celebration Roomers Munich has the right accommodation ready and will bed you and your terribly beautiful companion on a first class level. If you really like it authentic, you can book a stay in a castle hotel. A Halloween Night in the Schlosshotel Berlin offers the perfect environment to celebrate a luxurious horror experience. Here, guests can enjoy a multi-course banquet in an unbeatable creepy yet luxurious setting. Frankenstein Castle in the Odenwald forest also calls for a shared shiver on Halloween night. You should be prepared, this event is not for the faint hearted! The Rhineland, not far from Cologne, is also haunted. Ghosts and demons are up to their nasty tricks here at Satzvey Castle, welcoming you for a shared shiver and tremble. At night there is also the big aftershow party where monsters and humans can swing through the night.

The spookiest places in Germany are waiting to be discovered by you and the VIP Escort model

If you're a true fan of fabled places of horror, a Halloween trip to the following eerie corners of Germany is a must.

Before the German past was associated with the events of the last hundred years, its inhabitants were mostly pagans. Today's Osnabrück was once the sight of a large pagan temple that had occupied the area since ancient times. The Hünenhallen, halls of the giants, of Osnabrück. When Charlemagne set out to convert the inhabitants of the region to Christianity, a bloody massacre took place here. Nothing good, however, comes from desecrating the sacred properties of the locals. Until today there are countless reports about ghosts in the area, especially about the period of the solstice. Orbs have been sighted and many claim that the remaining rock formations have been stained with blood.

The Kirchlenger Forest near Osnabrück may seem modest at first. But most people who spend some time here experience great panic, ridden with the feeling that they are being watched by eerie forces. Do you dare to come here with your charming high class escort girl? Even more disturbing is the fact that animals get lost in the forest, their bloody remains were found days later scattered in the forest. It is not surprising that the discussion about the questionable phenomena in the Kirchlenger Forest is enough to frighten the locals. Nevertheless, these disturbing stories are among the national favorites of the cursed places in Germany.

Pfaueninsel is a famous historical park in the southwest of Berlin. Although it is characterized by picturesque architecture and visited by a variety of wildlife, this quiet place certainly has a dark side to it. It is assumed that the alchemist Johann Kunckel strolls through the area in the form of a black figure with bright red eyes. Many claim that during his lifetime Kunckel experimented with techniques in his former laboratory on the island of black magic and was finally cursed in the afterlife. Most of these sightings take place at midnight. Appropriate, don’t you think?


For the culinary masters and alchemists of magical cocktail creations

Those who prefer to spend the Halloween night in cosy togetherness and want to prove their culinarily savviness will find first class recipes for creepy good hors d'oeuvres and terribly tasty snacks, which are just waiting to be eaten by both of them, here. For the Cocktail brewing masters, the suitable ideas for seductive creations are to be found here, ready to sweeten this evening. The model of the VIP escort agency will certainly be grateful for your skills. Afterwards the night is best enjoyed by you two with a creepy horror movie. This year's pioneer seems to be Halloween Haunt, produced by Eli Roth. Here a group of Halloween fans experiences their night of horror in a cursed hotel. Speaking of haunted hotels ...

The United States of Horror: Overseas Halloween stays in a class of their own

If you want to make your way to the States, you will of course find the cradle of Halloween parties there. The celebration around the big scary is celebrated exorbitantly in the USA. The big Haunted Ball in San Francisco shoots the bird here every year. The theatrical celebration reaches an annual production value of over 75,000 USD. Of course, the celebrities also invite to the big spook every year. Starlets like Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum does not miss this chance to organize a creepy masquerade ball in a class of its own. If you want to experience the American Horror up close, you can book into a haunted hotel.

Here's Johnny: The Stanley Hotel, which is still considered one of America's most ghostly hotels, best known for inspiring Stephen King's The Shining. King spent a winter night here and seemed to have caught the best type of inspiration for his novel. Originally built in 1909 for traveling city guests, the hotel has made cars and butlrs available to all its visitors. Even today, some of their spirits are still alive, as the guests report the sounds of untraceable piano music and mad laughter throughout the hotel. These events are supposed to be the playful spirits of the deceased employees and guests. Sounds charming, right?

Victorian Horror down South: Today the Malaga Inn is the only boutique hotel of its kind and the most frequented hotel in Alabama. Built in 1862, this historic property in the deep south of Alabama is still reminiscent of the civil war. It has 39 private rooms, Victorian furnishings and an outside courtyard. Enough space to haunt around with your lovely escort lady. Originally, the two townhouses were built by two brothers-in-law as wedding gifts for the two sisters in the family. That does not mean they have ever left. Guests claim to have seen a ghostly lady figure in white, swinging chandeliers, lights that turn themselves on, and even furniture that moves eerily by itself. The perfect place to travel back in time and experience a Victorian Halloween.

Spook on the high seas: One of the spooky hotels in the USA is in the water. The luxurious ocean liner Queen Mary was transformed into a hotel in 1972 and floats above the harbour of Long Beach with 347 original first-class cabins and suites. Now you, together with your high class escort model, can experience the horror on board. With a truly fantastic history, including Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Elizabeth Taylor. Since the first watercourse in 1936, you can experience the spirits of history on the ocean liner. As a transport ship for allied troops during the Second World War, the ship was torn into two in 1942 and carried 10,000 soldiers, 239 of whom died on board. On the third-class B deck, the B-340 cabinet is said to be particularly cursed, as is the Boiler Room, where a young sailor was killed. In Queen's Salon a woman in white can often be seen dancing - scary. Further interesting places are the captain's quarters, the engine room and the promenade salons. The ship regularly goes on ghost tours, gives lectures with paranormal investigators and holds a seance on board. We wish you a good journey, please come back safe and sound!

The horror continues: Krampus Night - Austrian horror in December

Those who have not had enough of the horror of October should go to Austria, to East Tyrol, in December. An old custom prescribes that St. Nicholas never comes alone when he visits the children on 6 December. The figures that accompany him, however, do not seem to coincide with the presence of this holy man. Depending on where they come from, they have different names: Krampus, Klaubauf or Knecht Ruprecht. In Old Bavaria people still speak of Ganggerl, which means the devil. These rather frightening characters are basically enemy images from the time when people were still living in fear of evil forces.

Krampus time is observed at the beginning of December in whole East Tyrol. For those who have never heard of this custom, it is a truly spectacular experience. On the last day, the 6th of December, all Krampus guilds meet for a parade in Lienz. The traditional ringing of bells means that the evil spirits have been driven away. Perhaps not the most romantic place, but true horror fans should not miss this event. Keep your escort lady close to you and make sure the Krampus does not get you both!

We hope that you can enjoy a scary Halloween again this year and that we can sweeten your time with one or more gorgeous high class escort models. For a consultation and an appropriate reservation our team is to you gladly at the disposal and looks forward to your inquiry. We wish you a happy, spooky & sexy Halloween 2019!