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Best Romantic Movies

25 April 2021

Are you ready for the most romantic, sensual movies ever? Even better yet: are you ready to enjoy them with a high class call girl. It probably goes without saying that tastes differ in this regard. Nevertheless, we want to show you a fine list of sexy movies that you can watch together with your callgirl. The mentioned movies will surely enchant you as well as seduce you. Get involved in the sexy movie world by enjoying the classics and new sexy pieces. Ivana Models Agency wishes you a lot of pleasure in advance! Below you may be inspired by our list of the sexiest movies of all time. 

What are the most romantic movies of all time? 

In the most stunning, romantic movies from Hollywood, there is usually no direct indulgence in romance and sensuality. Usually it requires a conquest, a challenge to be overcome. Exciting, risky and dangerous moments are therefore not uncommon in romantic films. There is not only (or not immediately at the beginning) fumbling around, cuddling and kissing. Rather, the passion builds. It becomes bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger, more and more intense in the course of the film. Before it comes to love - or rather before the love and passion can (may) be lived out - there is often excitement and action. So we all probably know the classics: a sinking ship (about which we will say more later), a disinterest on one side, some mishaps or other situations that make sure that the characters can't live out their lust yet. Thus, the tension and mood is also raised up in the viewer. In many films, it is even the case that love does not win in the end, that passion cannot be indulged in. 

But now to the most important part: Which sexy movies are there at all? If you want to find out too, you can join us on our journey through the film world! 


Now it's getting sensual! Get to know the hottest movies

Let's start in 1953 with the classic "Roman Holiday". The film, which gave Audrey Hepburn the main character of Princess Ann, certainly enchants and made Audrey a star, a sensation, if you will. What is the film about? It's about a young princess who wants to move into her royal duties and shares romantic moments with a reporter Joe (played by Gregory Peck). The film presents a delightful comedy that deals with how quickly one can form a connection with someone unknown and fall head over heels in love. Both give each other exactly what they need. However, the comedy ends in a rather bittersweet and very realistic way. Hepburn won an Academy Award for her performance. The film won awards in the categories of "Best Screenplay", "Best Film Story" and "Best Black and White Costume Design".

Now we take a small leap back in time to 2015 - to "Carol". 
Based on Patricia Highsmith's 1952 novel "The Price of Salt," the film tells the story of an exciting lesbian relationship with a happy ending. It is about shy saleswoman Therese (played by Rooney Mara) who falls in love with confident, mature shopper Carol (played by Cate Blanchett). In an overwhelming way, the film manages to superbly capture and realize the intimacy between the main characters. You could almost feel like the world revolves around these two ladies while watching the film. The six Oscar nominations speak for themselves. Be amazed with your high class call girl.

Who doesn't know. - "Peggy Sue Got Married" from 1986. Kathleen Turner, who plays Peggy Sue, gets to go back in time in the movie, back to her high school days. She gets a chance to end an old romance that she knows will later end in a disastrous marriage. Peggy decides to take the trip down memory lane and engage in romance with Charlie, played here by Nicolas Cage. The musical world of the film makes the hearts beat faster and underlines the naughty sensuality of the plot. The story's finale is hauntingly perfect - as is the hilariously mischievous performance by Turner, who won a Golden Globe and received an Oscar nomination for her career-best role.


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Dirty Dancing with the Ivana Model? Shake a leg, dear gentleman! 

You've probably already guessed it - in the list of the most romantic, hottest movies of all time, the classic "Dirty Dancing" certainly can't be missing. Since 1987, Baby and Johnny have been delighting moviegoers in front of the screen. The magical vacation spot where the film is set supports the romance that builds between Johnny (played by Patrick Swayze) and Baby (Jennifer Grey). Handsome young waiter Johnny shows spoiled rich Baby a whole new world. It all started when he tried to teach her how to dance. But the sparks between the two fly without end, much to the dismay of Baby's father. You probably already know how the film ends. Or don't you? Then you should pick your Ivana Model girlfriend and start a movie night!

2005 - "The Notebook" is a classic romance about a poor guy and a rich heiress who fall in love despite being from different social classes. Noah (played by Ryan Gosling) and Allie (played by Rachel McAdams) are separated by some unfair circumstances for many years, but what makes their final reunion so triumphant. The final scenes take place in the present and will certainly have viewers reaching for their handkerchiefs at times. Sexy, romantic, heartbreaking! 
"Beauty and the Beast" from 1991, do we even need to say anything more about it? The prince who is transformed into a beast must manage to love another person and appear lovable to that person as well. The problem is probably obvious: his appearance.  How can he get the defiant, clever Belle to look past his supposedly ugly appearance? The fairy tale is as old as time and a joyful movie experience every time, not least thanks to the heavenly music: "Beauty and the Beast," "Be Our Guest" and "Belle." The Disney classic was the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars.

Pretty Women everywhere! 

In 1990, Julia Roberts conquered all hearts in "Pretty Woman"! Probably one of the most famous romantic movies, "Pretty Woman" impresses with its lightness. A rich guy (played by Richard Gere) meets a young escort. The movie is a charming story about two people who save each other. It also features a great soundtrack and an electrifying relationship between the main characters. Definitely worth recommending! 

"Love Actually" (2003) - A Christmas tradition in many households. "Love Actually" features an all-star cast experiencing a version of love in the film's various vignettes. The most famous is that of Andrew Lincoln, who holds a large card in front of Keira Knightley's house, silently expressing his love for her. The film is a cozy examination of love in the modern age to Yuletide, packed with multiple Oscar winners and nominees.

"Love is like oxygen. Love has many wonderful sides. Love lifts us up to where we belong. All you need is love!" Ladies and gentlemen, "Moulin Rouge!" from 2001. The film is an unabashed tribute to truth, beauty, freedom and love. The unexpected romance between young poet Christian (played by Ewan McGregor) and Parisian nightclub courtesan Satine (played by Nicole Kidman) is both giddy and heartbreaking. The soundtrack consists of cover versions of popular songs expressing their aching passion for each other. Unforgettable: McGregor's stunning rendition of "Your Song."

Dear Gentleman, have you ever been sleepless in Seattle?
In 1993, it was Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan playing Sam and Annie for sure!  In "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993), the two spend most of their time apart, but that's what makes the film a humorous, charming journey. After widowed Sam declares his love for his deceased wife on a radio show, nosy Annie begins to pursue him. Sam's courageous son Jonah does everything he can to bring the two together. In the top scene, the film's climax, he succeeds on the Empire State Building.

"Slumdog Millionaire" from 2008 is one of the most stirring "Best Picture" winners in Oscar history, celebrating two of humanity's most important pursuits: love and money. But its male hero Jamal (Dev Patel) doesn't compete to hit the money jackpot in India's TV version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." He's looking for love's happiness as a reward. He knows that his lost love Latika (played by Freida Pinto) is probably watching and they may get back together. The film's finale is a perfect payoff to music and dancing.

Let the sparks fly as you watch the most romantic movies of all time 

"Gone with the Wind" was released in 1939 in glorious Technicolor. Audiences were swept away by the epic love story of two strong-willed characters - Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) and Rhett Butler (Clark Gable). Based on the best-selling book by Margaret Mitchell, "Gone with the Wind" became the biggest box office success in history and set a new record at the Oscars: It won eight awards, including Best Picture.

"It Happened One Night." It happened one night in 1935 that "It Happened One Night" set the milestone for decades of romantic comedies to follow. It centers on a wealthy heiress named Ellie (Claudette Colbert), who is on the run to be with a man her father disapproves of, and a working-class reporter named Peter (Clark Gable), who is hoping for a good scoop. The two gradually develop a love affair, which turns the whole situation into a love triangle full of misunderstandings. The film won all five Oscars: Best Picture, Director, Lead Actor, Actress and Screenplay

"When Harry Met Sally" (from the year 1989).
Can men and women ever be friends? That's the core question of "When Harry Met Sally," starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, who have mutual friends and take a road trip together, getting on each other's nerves and putting their relationships to the test. Their chance encounters in the years that follow show the duo approaching a real, compatible romance. The chemistry between Crystal and Ryan makes you wish they were together forever. An endearing romantic comedy that can be watched anytime.


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The top three most romantic movies of all time.

Now let's indulge in the sensuality highlights, which you can enjoy with your escort lady.

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" - charming and innovative at the same time. The film centers on mild-mannered Joel (Jim Carrey) and free-spirited Clementine (Kate Winslet), who form a relationship that soon falls apart until both agree to a new surgery that will allow them to erase each other's memories. Carrey and Winslet give some of the best performances of their careers as a couple destined to fight, but also destined to be together. Delightful. 

We've already hinted at it, and there's just one movie we can't miss. We are talking about "Titanic", which was released in 1997. James Cameron's "Titanic" was a defining experience for moviegoers who couldn't get enough of the doomed love story of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet). The difference in status makes the story of the two lovers all the more compelling as the romantic splendor of Titanic gives way to epic tragedy. "Titanic" holds the record for the most Oscar wins (11), including Best Picture and Best Song ("My Heart Will Go On").

Ladies and gentlemen, now we come to "Casablanca" from 1942.
The legacy of "Casablanca" continues nearly 80 years later. New generations of film lovers are gripped by Humphrey Bogart's Rick, who still burns for Ingrid Bergman's Ilsa years after their Paris affair. Things get complicated when Rick must decide whether to help Ilsa and her new husband escape to America during the turmoil of World War II. As in many of the other films here, their romance is all the more intense and compelling because it is forbidden. It's a film about sacrifice, and when Rick and Ilsa break up, even though they know it's in each other's best interest, we feel the heartbreak. "Casablanca" won the Oscars for best picture, best director and best screenplay.

Have some of the most romantic movies already enchanted you? Then off to bed for an evening of Netflix & Chill with your high class call girl from Ivana Agency.