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What useful and sexy toys for the bedroom are there?

10 May 2021

To spice up your sex life, you can find many exciting toys and accessories to try with your partner or the Ivana Model. We hereby want to introduce you to the sexy accessories for the bedroom and offer inspiration for the next time things get wild. Let us surprise you! Of course, ladies and gentlemen - everyone involved should get their pleasure. Therefore, many of the hot toys are intended for couples. Sex toys aren't just a great way to boost your physical and mental health - they're also great for sharing and can help improve relationships. Toys and accessories also facilitate sexual communication with each other. Although often considered the domain of singles, sex toys can actually enhance partnered sex to make simultaneous orgasms easier to achieve, open your mind to new possibilities of pleasure, and bring you closer together as a couple. 

Do you know the original sex toy for couples? The We-Vibe sex toy for couples comes from a Canadian company that celebrated its tenth anniversary last year. And while there have been a few different versions of their portable, C-shaped vibrator over the years, their Sync is arguably the best. It's even been called "the ultimate couples toy" and is a favorite of many lovers. Are you possibly getting excited for it too? The way it works is pretty simple. One end can be worn "internally" and then the outer part, when worn by the partner, would rest on the clitoris. It could also be worn during penetration. This way, the internal part rocks against the G-spot, and the external part stimulates the clitoris. This means that you'll be stimulated by both penetration and the toy, at every possible angle. What makes the Sync especially user-friendly is the fact that the angle of the toy is adjustable, so it comfortably adapts to the shape of the wearer. A special experience for both! Plus, it can be controlled with the accompanying app, so you or your partner can adjust the settings without having to fiddle with tiny buttons. The combination of partner vibrator and smart sex toy delights the call girl!


Lady with vibrator in hand on her bed


Attention gentlemen: Should you want to stimulate your lady through the addition of a toy, there is no alternative! Many should already be familiar with the Womanizer. If not, you have missed out. If traditional vibration is not your thing, the Womanizer Pro may very well provide just the right stimulation. In fact, the toy is one of the most popular toys at the moment, and it delights with its extraordinary functionality. It uses a new technology to create suction over the head of the clitoris. Instead of a rumbling, vibrating sensation that can sometimes cause numbness on the clitoris, the Womanizer has a volcano shape that forms a vacuum seal over the clitoris. When you turn the device on, it sucks in small bursts and basically mimics oral sex. You can use the Womanizer Pro on its own, however, it is especially fun when combined with a partner. So it's a good idea to stimulate the woman through the Womanizer and penetration in unison. Double the fun, for you and your premium call girl.

Welcome to the future: Smart accessories and sextoys for the bedroom

Smart sex toys can be controlled with the help of an app and vary in intensity, depending on the level set. Especially for couples or with a charming vip callgirl, the sexy, smart fun can be a very special attraction. The already mentioned We-Vibe is one of the most popular examples of a smart sex toy. But watch out: Just don't let your toy become the victim of a hacker attack. New research has found that hackers can not only get into a person's computer, but also into smart sex toys. Daniel Markuson, NordVPN, explains, "Smart devices are invading every facet of our lives. Unfortunately, this has made what once sounded like a plot for a science fiction movie a reality. We've all heard of hacked baby monitors, cars, light bulbs and toys. It seems that the time has now come for intimate devices as well. There's even a word for such devices - teledildonics." 

So be careful with the smart toys! But the actual toys are, after all, only one part of the "Sexy Smart Bedroom". Often we have emphasized the game with the light and would advise every lover to deal with the question of the appropriate light. What shade do you prefer and what lamps do you use in your bedroom? For example, you can let your high class escort lady shine in a seductive light of your choice: The Philips Hue light bulb replaces any standard A19 bulb with a smart LED bulb that can take on a variety of colors and is controlled via a smartphone app. Simply screw the bulbs into the base, connect the wireless bridge to your router, download the app, press a button, and you can change your lights to a variety of different colors and intensity settings - in this case, for Valentine's Day, red or pink, or a combination of both. This is a great way to set a romantic mood during dinner or light up the bedroom in a sensual, flattering way. Since the color of the Philips Hue light can be changed on the fly, you can pretend you planned ahead and match the lights to a set of lingerie, the flowers you gave her, or even the color of eye shadow she's wearing. Attention to detail will earn you some bonus points with the call girl. Since it's an open-source application, there are a number of apps in the app store that aren't developed by Philips and offer a lot of additional control. Depending on the appropriate occasion, you determine the light. A Halloween app imitates spooky lightning effects, while a New Year's Eve app sets off fireworks. Or just load your favorite song and watch the lights dance to the rhythm. It also works with the popular If This Then That app, so you can even have them wake up to the color of their favorite roses.


different dildos in blue color

How do I set up my bedroom with sexy furniture?

While we're on the subject of furnishings, you might want to check out one (or all) of the following pieces of furniture to ensure that you can actually live out every sex position to your full satisfaction. There are hundreds of different chairs, balls, hammocks, swings, wedges and sex toys that will take your sexual experience to a whole new level. Sex furniture doesn't just change the sexual experience by doing it in a new place; you can also explore new positions and hit different angles with sex furniture. Are you already planning the decor of your room where the magic happens? What furniture you choose to pleasure each other on depends on a few key questions: How big do you want it to be? Is it something you can disassemble and store? Does it need to be lightweight so you can take it with you? Let these questions guide you when making a decision about buying a piece of sex furniture. 

It doesn't have to be a whole sofa. You may want to start with a variety of cushions, ramps, and so-called wedges. These cushions, wedges and ramps are basically the small, medium and large versions of the exact same thing: a support designed to make certain sex positions more comfortable and accessible. There are no limits to your imagination and you can let off steam on the sexy cushions to both of your complete satisfaction. Especially the love chairs make a great appeal and can be found in many different shapes as well as designs. Thus, the high class call girl on a tantra chair or sofa makes a particularly attractive figure. This curved lounge chair comes in deep red, black and gray and is very appealing to the eye. It is advertised as a yoga chair and can be used as such, but we all know what it will be used for. The two curves provide solid support for bent over positions and doggy style, and the middle low curve is there for added stability and thrust. The chair is made of solid wood and has a faux leather finish over a thick layer of padding. Since the chair isn't too heavy, you can easily reposition it and try it out in different rooms. Even if you don't use it as a piece of sex furniture, it will fit into any of your rooms like a charm. Thus, the furniture will not only put you both in ecstasy, but will really make a difference in terms of interior design. 

What furniture is particularly flexible for different sex positions?

The erotic furniture in your home should of course allow and literally support different positions? But on which of these pedestals it lives out particularly well? No matter what game you feel like, there is certainly a suitable piece of furniture for your shared pleasure. 

For example, there is the sex bench. At first glance, this bench piece seems to have nothing to offer compared to a normal bench, but that's just the first impression. The elegant design and timeless style will prove to be a great addition to any room you choose to put it in. Although you can put it anywhere, my advice is to put it in your bedroom because of all the things it hides underneath the innocent look. This perfectly weighted bench offers full body support and has a number of hidden bondage clips for the wildest bondage games with your discreet escort. Don't worry about spilling anything on it, because it has a moisture-resistant lining that prevents liquids from damaging the inner foam core. This sex bench comes in two textured fabric options: lightly textured lambskin or silky smooth lambskin, and the fabric makes for easy wiping and long-lasting durability. If this bench is too small for you and your partner, you can still get the king size here. We hope you have fun trying it out and enjoy the fixation!

Speaking of "fixating". You're going to love the furniture from Black Label Esse! Black Label Esse is all about the BDSM scene. It features a low curve and a high curve on both sides and a reverse curve in the middle. The two curves on the sides provide enhanced doggy style sex and the one in the middle provides more thrusting power and greater stability. If the curves on the sides aren't enough, you can use the headrest to increase the position by a full 5 inches. The inverted curve in the middle can be filled with a mini scoop and flatten the surface for even more positions. It's made of sturdy material and the core is filled with foam, which is protected by the moisture-proof liner. The whole thing is wrapped in a removable, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. Why call it a BDSM chair if it doesn't have any features that make it stand out? For your BDSM pleasure, it has a whopping 24 connection points for any restraints or bondage equipment you may already have or still want to purchase. Your dream model will be happy to bring along your restraints as well.


A girl in bathtub with vibrator in hand


From Liberator, we get the Zeppelin Sexual Playspace. Imagine a gigantic pillow. Now imagine a gigantic pillow with an enchanting call girl waiting for you. A pure pleasure! The possibilities it offers are truly endless and depend only on your and your partner's imagination. It is made of high density polyurethane foam covered by a soft, removable and machine washable cover. The inner foam is protected by the moisture-resistant liner under the cover. Its large size provides support for multiple partners and the velvety soft cover makes not only sex, but also cuddling and chilling perfect.

We hope you enjoy decorating your rooms and are sure to add a special touch to any four-wall. Paired with the right toys and sexy accessories, the fun can come. Depending on your taste and play style, you can find a variety of other seductive tools of pleasure. But that's a topic for another time. Now it's time to put your planned pleasures into action! The ladies of the high class escort agency can not wait any longer.