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Two girls on the beach with bikini

What are inspirations and ideas for your sex on vacation?

16 May 2021

Studies show that people have more sex on vacation because the stress of normal life is absent - no laundry, no dishes, no schedule - making it easy to find time for each other. Of course, if it's finally time for a vacation again, you can't do without hot "Vacation Sex". But where is vacation sex at its best? Which toys do you pack in your suitcase? What plans do you have with your partner or one of the high class escorts? The nice kind of questions over questions which we want to explore together here.

There's no better time than a vacation to embark on a completely new experience that neither of you have ever had before, so think a little about what new territory you want to explore before you head out. Do this even if you both usually have great sex. The point of a vacation is to get away from it all, and that should apply to any routines you may have fallen into in the bedroom. What have you and your discreet callgirl always wanted to try? Sex out in the open? How about role-playing or BDSM?

Maybe there is a particular type of play that you have always wanted to try. Agree on something that sounds equally fantastic to both of you and treat yourself to some new toys or accessories to share an all-around fantastic experience. After all, sexy vacations get the adrenaline pumping. We definitely don't mind spending a few quiet days sightseeing or decompressing at the day spa, but don't underestimate the sex factor when you try something exciting, too. Activities that get the adrenaline pumping and the blood pumping are ideal to prepare for a night of lovemaking with your high class callgirl. At many resorts, there are countless opportunities to explore new activities, so take advantage of them. If options like skydiving or ziplining are right up your alley, by all means go for it, but a hike or an afternoon of scuba diving can definitely do the trick as well. Think of it as a prelude before the main event.

Leave problems and stress at home. No, going on vacation doesn't make ongoing problems or stressful situations from home magically disappear. It can give you a much-needed opportunity to relax and gain a new perspective. This time with the sexy travel girl, lets you return relaxed and balanced. Sometimes, an extensive vacation is really all you need to have fun and really enjoy life again. Try it out and see for yourself!


What do I pack on a romantic vacation? 

What should I even take on my sexy vacation? When it comes to packing, play it anything but safe - rather sexy! For the lady, this includes the obvious must-haves: makeup, clothing and accessories. Everything from bathing suits to thongs to be sexy from every angle. Don't forget a silk bathrobe and a bold lip color that the gentleman will love. When it comes to the "toys", there are certainly some gadgets worth recommending. Unfortunately, there are some parts of the world where your toys can't be taken - the Maldives, Thailand, and India, among others - so always do a little research before you pack. Even if you're traveling to a place where toys are legal, make sure you're taking something that can't be considered a weapon. For example, while a silicone dildo will likely make it through security without a problem, a stainless steel piece may be considered dangerous and confiscated. The same is true for some BDSM toys. The discreet escorts cannot do without them. If it looks like it could be used as a weapon, you should leave it behind. Problems can also arise if you bring something with a large motor. There's a good chance the motor will set off the security system - that's the reason you should remove any electronic device larger than a cell phone in your carry-on luggage. If you put the device in your carry-on, you'll have to take it out of your pocket and throw it in the trash can. That would be a shame and take a lot of fun away from you and the high class travel companion.

So pack something innocent for now. How about a body spray? So, studies have shown that scent can be a powerful aphrodisiac. The designers of the Tom Ford body spray thought so too. So grab a bottle of this all-over body spray and see for yourself. Hints of lavender and vanilla combine with leather and bitter almond for what Tom Ford describes as "aromatic foreplay." Afterwards, you'll both smell exquisite and the fun can begin. What do you pull out of your case next? For example, a little fixing never hurts. That sounds like handcuffs! If you're interested in experimenting with handcuffs but find metal uncomfortable, check out a soft leather pair. For example, pretty pink handcuffs for a custom fit and adjustable. To that end, your vacation handcuffs could have soft, furry linings that ensure wrists and ankles stay comfortable without creating unwanted wear or pressure points. There's also a connecting chain, so you can link the handcuffs together or thread them through a bedpost or pole to reinforce the bondage kink. Of course, since there are far more toys available for vacationing with your VIP callgirl, the two of you should agree beforehand on what you would be most excited about.


travel girls on the beach with bikini

Where do you have the best sex on vacation?

Can you hear the whistle of the wind in the palm trees? The foaming sound of the sea as it bubbles up by the beach? The acoustic backdrop of the vacation alone can be very stimulating. The water in particular has a magical attraction for couples and sex in the cool water makes many couples especially hot. If you are seduced by the idea of having sex in a swimming pool, in the sea or in a hotel bathtub, remember: water is not a lubricant. Sex in water washes away your natural lubrication and makes it even worse than sex out of water, not better. Using silicone lube that is waterproof is the only way to make sex in the pool or ocean super wet and sexy. Once you are in the pool, the possibilities can overcome gravity. Because of buoyancy, we feel lighter underwater, which means you can lift and thrust your partner in ways that would be impossible in bed. For example, have the penetrating partner stand hip-deep in the water and the receiving partner float on their back. The penetrating partner can hold his hips and thrust at a perfectly horizontal angle, which is almost impossible, except perhaps in a sex swing. The first class escort agency will be happy to give you tips for suitable toys.

Are you not only on vacation as a couple? On a Vacation duo date, for example, the gentleman enjoys the ladies' scissoring game while the pool gets all hot and they don't need any lubricant at all, by the way. When it's supposed to get sexy in the ocean, "safe sex" takes on a whole new meaning. We hope it goes without saying, but don't have sex in full view of other beachgoers. Nature wants to be taken care of, too: Keep an eye on the current, waves and other nature-related things. Sex with Ivana Models is great but it is never worth drowning. The easiest position for sex in the sea? Face each other and put your arms and legs around your partner - this allows for the most stable penetration for penetrative sex. So let your imagination run wild. It's your dream vacation and you choose the stage for your hot hours with the first-class travel girl. You pay so much money for a romantic hotel, so you should definitely take advantage of it. A brand new environment can be extremely inspiring. There is a sense of erotic adventure when you explore a different place and environment. The location and climate are crucial, of course. No matter which place you choose, your dreamy escort for vacation is always by your side and ready to create you the best stay of your life. 

What is the best climate for satisfying sex on vacation?

A question that we do not want to answer in a blanket way, because all places in this world can be turned into your erotic epicenter once you have a first class travel girl by your side. Any climate gives reason to enjoy each other, while the vacation nullifies all the worries, takes all the stress from your shoulders. Especially a drastic change in temperature can have this effect on us. Think of it as a kind of positive shock to the body, suddenly reminding it that it is on vacation and needs to relax. Do you like it rather warm or cold? 


A girl on the tree on the beach


For example, if you are staying in a cool environment, stock up on delicious food and cuddle up with your outcall girl under blankets. You can even make things hotter by taking lots of steamy showers together. Are you vacationing at a tropical resort? Have sex in a hammock under the stars, or put a bottle of coconut-scented lotion in your fridge so you can give each other cool, sexy full-body massages after a long, hot day in the sun. The hotel itself is also full of playful options. "Think of it as a stage full of props, and let your imagination run wild," Fulbright says. Some suggestions: Leave your guy a note for a date at the hotel bar and sign it "your secret admirer." When he shows up, pretend you're meeting for the first time. Or pretend you're the maid and "accidentally" catch him getting out of the shower. Oops! Depending on the climate, of course, the pleasures with water come back into play: if the pool isn't really to your taste, consider the large bathtub. Cleanup is no problem, as towels (and maids) are always on hand. And since the suitable hotels provide fine bath oils, you can indulge all your senses in the tub. Don't forget to call room service and order a bottle of champagne.

If the climate is very hot, a little relaxation in the afternoon won't hurt. Picture this: It is two o'clock in the afternoon and you are lying by the pool with your high class travel girl enjoying the sun. You have some time between margaritas, so why not dash back to the hotel room and enjoy a quickie? One of the joys of vacation is that you can do it whenever you want. When you're at home, sex is often very planned and by the book, and you can easily fall into a pattern of only having sex at night. But when you're out and about and free of responsibilities, you can be more spontaneous and break out of your usual bedroom routine. Plus, daytime is probably the best time to do it anyway. Since your energy level is much higher in the afternoon than at night. Especially if you've been sightseeing and running around all day, you'll be even more ready to let loose. So use those midday mattress moments for all they're worth. Remember, when you're back at work, you'll be lucky if you even have time for a lunch break. In the evening, a dinner date on vacation can work magic to let the heat of the day subside and look forward together to the further magic of the night. With that, a chilled wine, a delicate treat and on goes the best vacation of your life.

Have you already packed your bags and chosen an enchanting vacation GFE? Then you are perfectly prepared! Take a few toys with you, pack the best suits, dust off the sunglasses and you're ready to go. Now your sexy vacation can come, because now we are also already quite hot on stimulating hours on the beach or in the pool or under palm trees or, or, or ... always at your side: The gorgeous travel girls of Ivana Models.