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How to become more confident during sex?

29 January 2021

It is completely understandable that especially when it comes to sex, there may be questions and possibly insecurities. With small changes and tips as well as tricks here and there, you can get more self-confidence during, before and after sex in a very relaxed way and with little effort. Since sex is still often considered a taboo subject, many people find it difficult to express themselves sexually in the way they actually want to. This is where IMA comes in, because we want to help you to be able to act out sexually with confidence. How exactly this works, respectively which ideas can help you, you can find out below in our guide on the topic "More sexual self-confidence". We hope you enjoy reading it and wish you many sensual hours! 

How do I get more sexual self-confidence - perhaps with a high class call girl?  

First of all, we want to give you directly on the way that it is by no means bad or even shameful to be sexually insecure. This is completely human as well as normal and can be transformed into sexual confidence full of joys with a little practice and self-care. A first step and a great help can already be documenting sexual activities, thoughts during or before/after and the feelings during them. In this way you can get a picture of your sexual awareness and find out in which area you may be unsure or do not know exactly what you like or dislike. Of course, you don't have to keep a strict diary if you don't want to. Rather, this serves a regular look at your sex life, so that you yourself can better assess and deepen it. 



To know and especially to stand by what you like or dislike during sex is also an important point to build more self-confidence. It is quite relevant here that you do not pretend at any time. Because let's be honest - this does neither you nor your partner any favors. After all, the other person often notices very quickly whether you are now in the matter and enjoy it or hovering in thoughts elsewhere. Furthermore, you should never apologize for not wanting to do or try something. The respective sex partner will certainly understand this. After all, your partner would not enjoy anything with which she does not feel comfortable. It is exactly the same with the escort girls in Dusseldorf - they read your every wish from your lips, but always make sure to do only what you both really feel like doing.

Especially when it comes to sex, it is often true that the proof of the pudding. Which of course does not mean that you have to try everything. There are certain activities, fetishes and the like, of which you may think nothing and also have no interest in trying them out. In this case, be honest with your partner and especially with yourself. Only in this way can you get involved with each other and try out together exactly those things that excite and arouse you both. Take your time, even just for yourself. Try out everything you fantasize about - even alone if you don't have a suitable partner at the moment. Because even alone you can find out what you like and what you do not like. By the way, this also works excellently with a high class escort lady, if you currently do not have a partner. This will take you on a small sexual journey and can certainly show you how to get more sexual confidence. 


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How can I avoid insecurities during sex?

Are there parts about your body that you may not admire one hundred percent? If you answered "yes" to this question, you are one of almost eight billion people on this earth who have insecurities with their body or appearance in general. Therefore, be quite reassured and believe us when we tell you that the respective partner usually doesn't notice your little "blemishes". We as humans are often too hard on ourselves, especially when it comes to our own appearance. However, hardly anyone else notices the places that we ourselves feel are inadequate, too fat, too thin, too big, too small, ..... If you really don't like any part of your body or appearance, for example, sports and other physical activities are recommended, as well as spending a lot of time with yourself. This will help you gain a better feeling for yourself and your body, and in this way you can also gain more self-confidence during sex. 

Even if it may sound a bit strange, especially when it comes to sex: communication is the be-all and end-all. Whether it is your partner for years, the third date or a beguiling girlfriend escort in Hamburg - always talk about your preferences, no-go's and also about the things you absolutely want to try. Only in this way can your partner also really know what you are in the mood for and let you know if she also wants to test this out. And trust us, you will notice quite quickly how any tension is lost and your companion also opens up to you as well as completely surrenders. Honesty counts at least as much in sex as in any other area of life. How else should your partner know what you want? How else can you come to have endless self-confidence during sex? You see, most things can be solved with a good, honest conversation. This includes any insecurities you may have, but also any exciting, titillating ideas you wouldn't otherwise bring up because you don't trust yourself or don’t know if your partner feels the same desire. 

Understand yourself but also your sex partner. The key lies in communication, honesty as well as understanding. This way you can build self-confidence but also trust towards your partner so that nothing stands in the way of intimate, sensual hours! Also, building certain routines, can lead to more self-confidence during sex. Of course, this does not mean that you create a schedule in advance and "work through" it step by step. No - after all, sex is often a spontaneous, intuitive affair. Nevertheless, especially at the beginning of a relationship, an affair or an escort date, it can help to bring a certain habit into play. How exactly this manifests itself is entirely up to you and your sexual partner. With the one it is perhaps the romantic light, which may never be missing, with the other it is flowers or a certain decoration in the love room, with again another it is the atmospheric music. So you see - there are no limits to you and your fantasies. Design your evening and the location so that you both feel completely comfortable and can not help but fall over each other. 

Why shouldn't I be embarrassed about sex?

Unfortunately, it is still the case today that sex is seen as something embarrassing or even a taboo subject for many. A similar reputation also weighs on the escort service. Completely unjustified, because sex - no matter with whom, no matter whether paid or not - is sometimes the most beautiful and natural thing in the world. And we all have sex. Even if this is not said often enough. Sex, even with yourself, brings joy and self-confidence. If you never dare to try something alone or talk about it, you can certainly miss something after a while. Be aware that you do nothing wrong or forbidden when you have sex, with your partner, with yourself or yet a high class callgirl. Understand that YOU get to decide for yourself. Decide what you like, decide what you feel comfortable with, what you feel pleasure with. Also decide with whom you want to have sex, whom you want to entrust your fantasies. Sex is in the hands of the people who want to experience it together. No one else has to dictate to you how you have to experience sex or with whom you share it. You are obviously allowed to decide for yourself who you tell about your sexual experiences. Of course, it is particularly tingling when lovemaking remains just between the parties involved, but especially when it comes to the topic of more self-confidence during sex, it can help to talk to a good friend or another trusted person about any insecurities you may have. 


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The next point is a very sensitive one and often not addressed: real sex vs porn. Yes, the good old porn. Almost everyone knows it, has seen it before, or even has their favorites from the field of expertise. The first thing to say is, porn is not bad or wrong. No one needs or should be ashamed of watching porn. What can come with it, however, are further insecurities, comparisons, and considerations that don't belong there at all. After all, sex in porn is not the same as sex in your own real life. What we must not forget is that porn is work. People who are paid to do it have sex in front of the camera. Which is terrific, and can certainly help if you want to "pick something up" here and there. But you must never forget that there is a huge difference between porn sex and any other sex. Therefore, you should not be anxious or insecure when watching porn. Of course, if there is something you would like to try, there is nothing wrong with it. Also, watching porn together certainly brings a certain excitement with some couples or on one or the other date. Only you both should be aware that not everything that happens in porn must. Again, anything goes, nothing has to. We are sure you both will find exactly the golden mean for your fun! 

How do I find sexual similarities with my partner?

Every relationship is also about similarities and differences. However, please do not misunderstand us. We know - opposites attract, as we all know. When it comes to sex and perhaps role-playing, this can also be apt. Basic similarities, such as in the type of sex, positions or the like, can be helpful to be able to give yourself to each other even better. But also the small differences make it interesting: For example, it could be that you want to be the dominant part during sex and your partner enjoys being submissive. Obviously, you are completely different at first, but you can live out your fetish or your preferences perfectly. 

Last but not least: Enjoy sex without thinking too much about it! It does not depend on numbers or values. Neither the size nor the duration or any other value, which really have nothing to do with love and pleasure. We often cling to (supposed) facts, waste too many thoughts on them and thus get in our own way when it's time for the most beautiful, sensual secondary matter in the world. Why? Because we are often insecure and influenced from all sides - be it media, friends, or or - with new discoveries, "important" numbers and premises. But all this can be irrelevant. Namely, when you give yourself to sex and to your partner. When you both understand that it's all about the two of you. That it doesn't matter what value factors in with others if you both enjoy sex together anyway. That sex can be wonderful - no matter how, no matter how long, no matter with whom, as long as you both feel good and do exactly what you want. Because it's not really that hard. Therefore, probably the most important tip from the Ivana Models escort agency: enjoy sex. Enjoy it without thinking too much about it. After all, sex is about the pure pleasures, not about numbers, facts, your appearance or anything else. 

The Ivana Models escort agency wishes you many sensual hours and a sexual self-confidence that will captivate every escort lady and enchant her within a few seconds. Because let's be honest, in the end it all comes down to an attractive self-confidence and carefree hours in complete togetherness - or even three on a duo date, for example. Our team is happy to provide you with ideas for your next date and wishes you romantic times!