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Once around the world and back on the yacht with the High Class Escort Model on deck

15 September 2019

There can be no doubt that a luxury yacht charter is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable holiday experiences. A Super Yacht Charter offers unparalleled access to the most exceptional destinations in the world, first class service, luxurious comfort, tailor-made cuisine and a selection of incredible activities. Relax, let loose and share memories on board with an exquisite beauty of VIP escort service on the yacht of your choice. The feeling of freedom on the high seas is like no other. If you are also on a luxury yacht, your stay on the big blue will be even more excellent and unforgettable. Imagine the picture: You and your seductive companion are firmly wrapped around the bow of your proud ship, while the sun kisses the sea on the horizon and the pleasures of the night ring in. Depending on the size and type of your yacht, you'll find plenty of room for all the activities you can imagine on the waves. We hope you are seaworthy?

yachts, sailing ships and escort model beauties - you have the agony of choice

So the question of the luxurious ship of your choice arises. There are many ways to travel the wide oceans. In addition, you are spoilt for choice between a chartered yacht or a new purchase. If you are not already a proud owner of a yacht, you will find a fair in Dusseldorf that is made for you. From 18 - 26 January the boot Dusseldorf fair will take place there. Here you can get the necessary inspiration for the coming season as well as laugh at a sleek ship for the high waves. Here you will be advised by the true professionals and learn everything you need to travel the sea. Here you will be introduced to the latest models and all activities around the water. At the boot fair 2020 workshops will be offered for all interested parties - from operating a yacht to diving. After visiting boot 2020, you will be well prepared for the world's oceans. Many German charter services are also represented here. So you can plan your next yacht vacation directly on site. No matter what you have in mind: The Bareboat Sailing offers a very intimate experience without crew or service. Only you and your escort girl on the waves. This variation assumes that you know your way around a sailing yacht. Here you have the endless freedom to sting in a sea of your choice and have a very individual and private experience. Bareboat Sailing is made for the true adventurer. 

A skippered yacht is a ship that is shared with your skipper. Here there are many ideal routes for active and sociable guests and offer a refined, relaxing sailing holiday. Sail off the beaten track and discover the vibrant culture. Discover the picturesque and beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea with your high class escort model on a private yacht. Choose the yacht that is perfect for your sailing holiday and plan your route with your skipper for a tailor-made trip. Whether for a sailing tour in the Mediterranean or sailing on a super yacht in Ibiza, be inspired and discover the best holiday resorts for yacht rentals. Visit our recommended sailing routes and the best yacht destinations in the world! An unforgettable experience - an unforgettable time! Now you have the perfect conditions for an unforgettable holiday. 

It goes without saying that the yachts will take care of the catering. No matter whether you are planning a multi-course menu or want to celebrate a party on the sea. The yachts and their crew are ready to offer you all amenities to round off the culinary experience. Look forward to exquisite seafood, which will be conjured up before your eyes to tasty creations. Let it taste and your soul dangle. The discreetly booked escort model will aptly round off this experience, we guarantee.



Three ship types to travel the world

There are three ways to travel the waves of the world. If you already know your way around the world, the catamaran is probably your first choice. What is a catamaran? A catamaran is often referred to as a double hull boat and essentially consists of two separate hulls connected to each other. Catamarans are available with sails and engines or a combination of both. Due to the design of the catamarans, the obvious advantage is the even weight distribution which provides stability. In stronger winds and higher seas, the catamaran is a better choice for those who experience seasickness, as sailboats and motorboats may have a tendency to lean to one side. A luxury catamaran of course offers the necessary amenities to accommodate you and your premium escort model. Imagine a small luxury apartment on the open sea. A dreamlike atmosphere in a romantic togetherness. Sailing yachts, or sailboats, are a type of sailing ship that is mainly driven by sails. Although mainly driven by the wind in the sails, larger sailing boats are often also additionally equipped with an engine. An engine makes it easier to manoeuvre the boat within a port and allows you to continue your sailing holiday even when there is no wind blowing. The sailboat goes back a long way in history and its popularity remains unbroken to this day. The wind is and remains one of the best propulsion systems. The mono-hull is the most rented in the world, and the slup is the most popular type of mono-hull sailboat for charter. They have a mast and two sails and are usually large enough to sleep more than one person below deck. Loops usually also have a kitchen and a bathroom so that they can be used for longer trips.

Romantic sailing or rushing over the waves with lots of horsepower? You and your premium escort model have the choice

Sailing boats over ten meters long are referred to as sailing yachts. In sailboats, the distinguishing feature usually lies between the stable design of dinghies and the weight stability of keelboats. The latter are less at risk of capsizing and are therefore more common on the open sea, while dinghies are mostly used on smaller inland waters due to their shallow bodies. Sailboats are not the easiest boats to manage - they are sometimes even the most demanding - but this difficulty makes them the most rewarding boats to charter in open waters. Your sexy high class escort model will be thrilled by your skills. Sailboats are traditionally built of wood and then painted with a protective varnish, but more and more often the hatches are made of steel, aluminum and fiberglass or carbon fiber or plastic. In order to operate the boat and steer in which direction it goes, different rope pulls are used, and the bigger the boat, the more of these lines are needed. The lines are collected in the cockpit of the boat for good accessibility. However, there are some challenges: For older boats it is necessary to be directly above the mast when lifting the sails, which is very difficult and dangerous at sea. It is therefore recommended for beginners to always hire an experienced crew to lead the boat and then learn the sailing methods from the ground up. So you can sit back and enjoy your well-earned break while you ride the oceans.

Travelling the seas with a powerful engine and an impressive escort lady

If you feel attracted to pure speed, motorboats are the choice for you. Also known as speedboats, they are boats powered by an engine. The engine type can vary from electric motors to internal combustion engines with internal and external combustion. Depending on the structural characteristics, powerboats can be divided into different categories such as sport boat, cruiser, semi-cabin or cabin boat and the motor yacht. The majority of motorboats are powered by one or more combustion engines, but electric motors are also increasingly used. The first motorboats were built in France and Germany, with the pioneering work of Gottlieb Daimler and presented to the general public at the end of 1886. 22 years later, at the Summer Games in London, the motorboat race was already an Olympic sport. So you are driven by pure power.

Beside the normal motorboats, which are used for sport, there are some, in which one can also sleep and make holidays. These boats are meant for you. These are generally known as motor yachts. In the construction of these two types of motor boats, which both have their advantages and disadvantages, a distinction is made. In a standard motor boat, the shifting device moves forward to shift the mass of water to its own weight. In order to reach its maximum speed, the displacer does not require a large engine and is therefore very economical in consumption. Larger motor yachts should always be managed by an experienced crew who will not only provide you with the extra security of people who know exactly how the yacht works, but also the perfect opportunity to sit back and enjoy the highest luxury at sea with your escort girl.

Discover the luxurious ports and berths in Europe

There is nothing better than chartering a yacht across the Mediterranean and visiting beautiful ports in the many scattered island chains of the region. Worldwide there are many charter services in many popular Mediterranean destinations such as France, Italy, Malta and Turkey. No other cruise destination in the world can offer water sports enthusiasts such a variety of cultural and geographical values in moderate weather conditions. The French Riviera, the Cote d'Azur, Nice, St. Tropez, Monaco are known as the worldwide center of yacht charter activities. 
The varied coasts of Sardinia, Tuscany or Sicily and the overwhelming impressions on land make your cruise in Italy a unique experience in charter on a yacht. On your luxury yacht charter you can simply spend a week or two exploring the fascinating coasts with your high class escort. Experience premium yacht charter with your crew. You relax and your team takes care of everything else. Outside the European waters we can recommend, for example, the Island Hopping in Southeast Asia. With such a huge collection of islands in Southeast Asia to choose from as a traveller, how do you know where to start?

With a luxury yacht, Europe and the world are open to you and to the escort model

It is no wonder that the Southeast Asian islands are frequent destinations for a first class escort holiday. The seafront spots offer stunning views and are often portrayed as symbols of ultimate relaxation. And rightly so. With so many islands to choose from, the options can be overwhelming. So make the most of your holiday and unforgettable time with your high class escort model by planning your trips around a number of nearby locations rather than focusing on just one. Iceland hopping has a lot of associations, doesn't it? Tropical stops in the Caribbean? The white sandy beaches, surrounded by light blue Mediterranean waters in Greece? The hundreds of islets in the waters of Fiji that house so many surface bungalows? By the way, these are a great place to stay if you want to leave the deck of your yacht.

Especially in Thailand and nearby Malaysia, there are hiking islands to choose from. Any of the dazzling islands in the Southeast Asian Andaman Sea would be a fantastic destination. But the couple looking for a little more adventure should take notes from writer Carey Jones and her husband John, who flew for three weeks from Langkawi in Malaysia to Khao Lak in Thailand. A perfect template for a perfect experience on the island groups. The journey from place to place, mostly by ferry, speedboat and wooden long tail, was half the joy. What they found along the way - from amazing activities to delicious local dishes to luxurious stays - proved to be the right choice. Here Jones takes us with him and makes recommendations for your own cruise. You're about to embark on a fantastic journey with your VIP escort model that you won't forget.

The Ivana Models escort agency wishes you an exciting and adventurous trip with your high class escort model. Are you ready? For questions, comments and bookings, our entire team is at your disposal with the aim of providing you with an unforgettable adventure on the high seas.