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Billions for Footballers

21 November 2017

Billions for Footballers - A hot topic at VIP Escort Dates: European Football as the court of the super rich

Football is a sport of and for the people, but many European Clubs are an object of prestige for the super rich from the Gulf States and the Middle East. Nowadays, the ranch with the spoiled warmblood is an old cliché, as our vip callgirls and high class escort service can confirm. But the broad masses were in shock when the Arabic Sheiks, who are usually more familiar with an excessive lifestyle, donated 180 million Euros to, it figures, AS Monaco. All this to borrow the 18 year old Kylian Mbappé for the popular PSG, a cheeky and talented striker. In his presence, even a few of our high class escort ladies, ready for your booking through our first class escort service, would melt away. The absurdity peaked at the transfer market much earlier: a few weeks prior, the PSG also signed Neymar - for a reasonable 222 million Euros. In comparison: the English Neighbours payed a sum of 1.5 billion euros for new players, in all of the transfer trade period. The Neymar-Deal alone makes for a seventh fraction of the whole budget. Will BREXIT be terrible for the English Economy, but ultimately for the English Football as well?

The First Class Escort Service has to admit that this comparison may sound very far fetched. Because the German League, for example, can not shine with as big of a transfer volume as the neighbouring countries do. The pockets are not too deep here, roughly 600 million euros changed hands for the transfer of 130 players. Speaking historically, this in itself is a national record, but it is overshadowed when compared internationally. After a quick poll: Many of the vip callgirls you can can get in touch with through the luxury escortservice.
For the good of all: the escort service would like to seduce investors to bet on Germany.

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A topic at our high class escort agency: what has changed at the transfer market?
According to star coach Mourinho, the high transfer volumes are because of the problem of the Premier League, that the individual player prices for average players are too high. The price rose so strongly because of the national marketing of the TV license, which yields the clubs 2.3 billion euros yearly. This does not come as a surprise for some spectators of this football crazed island. Even smaller clubs of the league spend above average European rates per player (the high class escort service would like to point out that, of course, the past mega transfers beat everything that was known of up to that point).