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Three women wearing carnival style bra, necklace and headdress

Carnival and Samba with the High Class Escort

25 February 2019

It won't be a quiet holiday! You can expect a colorful spectacle, an exuberant atmosphere and charming dancers as far as the eye can see. This is the Carnival in Rio. Brasils people already celebrate life in a way that is second to none. At the time of the carnival, the Cariocas, the inhabitants of Rio, are particularly cheerful and in an excellent mood. The real highlight are the fascinating dancers - the queens of the drums, the rainha de bateria. Half naked, shimmering, glittering and beautifully decorated with rhinestones and feathers. You simply cannot get enough of the sexy costumes and stimulating dances. Wouldn't it be a shame to have to experience this event alone? 

Then we now have a tip how you can take this great experience to the next level: With your very own Rio Carnival Escort Lady. Already in the years around 1640, Rio de Janeiro celebrated an early form of the Carnival. The occasion of the festivities, at that time, was in honor of the Greek wine gods. Combined with the Portuguese festival "Entrudo" and paired with the African sounds of the Samba, nothing stood in the way of the massive party and the cheerful processions. Since then more than 200 Samba schools with their own styles and dances have been presenting themselves at the parades, all telling a story and presenting itself visually and through music. At the end of the carnival, several winners are chosen from the numerous Samba schools. Jump into the exuberant pleasure and experience Rio de Janeiro in a state of pure celebration. Together with your Premium Escort Lady in Rio, the dancing leg swings thousands of times easier than without. 


carnival 2019 Cologne or Rio Brazil with travel girl


The ladies of the High Class escort service are internationally experienced and are happy to travel with you or meet directly on site. Of course you have the choice whether your lady already throws herself into the suitable gown or you both dress on site, for the big celebration. In any case, together you will steal the show. To party discreetly and quietly will not be an option. Prepare to dance everywhere - literally everywhere! Maybe you should play some Samba at home and practice those steps again, your Rio Escort Lady will be impressed. Of course it doesn't have to be Samba. The main thing is that you prepare yourself for intensive and long hours of partying. This year the parade goes on for six days. If you would like to relax for a while and retreat to your hotel room with your lady, Rio naturally offers first-class accommodation. 

We recommend the Hotel Santa Teresa Rio, the Hilton Barra or the Villa Santa Teresa. If you need to recharge your strength and take a day off, Rio offers plenty of opportunities to spend time shopping or revitalizing wellness. Just be fit again in time to experience the hustle and bustle. After the daily moves you can of course continue your nightly pleasures, in the many clubs and bars. There are no limits to the party frenzy. Let yourself go and enjoy an exuberant time in Rio de Janeiro. As a full service escort agency we can make appropriate bookings and reservations. We wish you a happy.