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Why does sex feel so good?

13 February 2021

Tingling, sizzling, sensual - we all love the most beautiful, sexy secondary matter in the world and enjoy it only too much. During the act, all worries are forgotten, the mind is switched off and time is savored. But why does sex feel so good in the first place; what feelings does lovemaking trigger in us? If you are curious and have also asked yourself these questions, we will provide you with exciting facets and answers about sex life below. 

What happens to our body during sex?

It should be obvious that sex is as natural as the desire for food. Nevertheless, much more is involved when we ask why sex and eroticism make us so happy. After all, stimulated, liberating lovemaking also serves to relieve stress as well as have fun, and can even lead to a stronger bond with your partner. Why, you ask yourself now? Have you ever heard of the amygdala, a part of the human brain? To explain why we feel like having sex in the first place, this part plays a really big role. Among other things, the amygdala is responsible for "asking" people for sex and thus triggering the will for eroticism in them. Also responsible for this are the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes, which in interaction with the amygdala awaken the sex drive and the desire for lust in us. 



But now back to sexieness, which sex is known to bring. Because it produces dopamine in our bodies, which is the reward hormone. Whether you feel lust or love - or even both at the same time - in your body the dopamine will trigger intoxicating, intense as well as satisfying feelings that will make you happy and excited. Dopamine is one of the biggest reasons why sex brings us so much pleasure. Therefore, it can be very stimulating and especially invigorating if you and your high class callgirl keep trying new things in the bedroom - perhaps in a different, new place? - because the effect of the reward hormone is always intensified by new things. Thus, sex does not lose satisfaction, but can trigger just the opposite and bring you both ever stronger, new pleasures. 

So we have now learned about the parts of our brain that are responsible for making us want to have sex, as well as the origin of happiness during and after sex - dopamine. But that is certainly not enough! Sex is a multifaceted thing, in which just as many aspects, hormones and feelings are involved. Therefore the Ivana Models agency would like to dedicate itself now to the next point: Norepinephrine. Whoever says dopamine, must certainly also say norepinephrine. After all, these two go hand in hand and enable us to have our well-known fun-filled sex life. During lovemaking, norepinephrine, which is also known as norepinephrine, is also produced, so that huge euphoria as well as exhilarating palpitations can be triggered in us. Dizziness - which can seem quite tingly for a short time and after an intense moment of pleasure - is also caused by norepinephrine. 


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Why is sex so much fun? Ivana Models shows how it’s done

For the worthy gentlemen or also worthy ladies among you, who like to enjoy a romantic, cuddly High Class GFE (as well of course for all others among you), the next hormone might be very interesting. What are we talking about here? We're talking about oxytocin, which is dubbed the cuddle hormone. Pulses of the oxytocin hormone are triggered during ejaculation, which is why the climax of lovemaking feels so mind-blowing and keeps you happy just as the whole minutes afterwards. Oxytocin is said - according to some studies - to be more pronounced in women than in the men of creation. But don't worry, because the gentlemen among you may enjoy vasopressin, which has a similar effect on our body as oxytocin. 

The well-known as well as popular endorphins - what role do they actually play when the question of pleasure and fun during sex comes up? We would be happy to provide you with more information on this, which you can discuss at your leisure with your travel companion on a dinner date, for example. These substances in the brain, the endorphins, can block pain and occur in various areas of our lives, for example, after athletic, strenuous activity, when laughing, or even during and after orgasm, which brings us back to our topic. Orgasms cause muscle contractions in both women and gentlemen, which in men usually take place in the rectum, pelvis as well as penis and in ladies in the rectum, uterus as well as vagina. Less frequently, people also experience contractions throughout the body. After orgasm, the muscles relax again and thus return to their original state.

Endorphins also provide a tingling feeling inside us after sex - and this also on an emotional level, not just physically, which is why these substances make us feel particularly happy and satisfied. Not to forget prolactin, the satiety hormone, which awakens the feeling of satisfaction in us and also occurs directly after orgasm. This is triggered in various situations, for example also after smoking a cigarette. But please, who needs please, when he can go on trips with the charming Ivana Models to trigger prolactin? 

How can I have more fun during sex?

When it comes to sex, we can't imagine it without them: the sexual organs, which are all supplied with numerous nerve endings and also provide you with an exhilarating experience. But how can these actually help us to have even better sex? Knowing your own body is the be-all and end-all here. Get to know yourself and your gorgeous escort lady to give you both the pleasures of your life. Whether vaginal or clitoral - the lady also holds numerous possibilities of orgasms, which you can certainly awaken and discover in her. Many women climax clitorally easier than they do vaginally. But this is also different from woman to woman, shared moments are crucial and helpful here. Knowing words and body language is the key to brilliant sex and endless orgasms that trigger endorphins, dopamine and so much more happiness in us. 

Now, while we are talking about sex and its heavenly effects, we should also mention stress relief and that of inhibitions, so as not to disregard it. Letting go, letting yourself go, giving yourself completely to your partner can help you lose your inhibitions, become more open, and simply enjoy sex more. More frequent and wild can be the key here, which of course doesn't mean that you should immediately set up a BDSM room or acquire every toy you see. Wild in this context just means varying and trying - you yourself and your sensual companion will understand quite quickly what you both feel like. The inhibitions have fallen, how do we now let the stress fade? The answer is very simple: also through sex. This is also the answer to the question: why does sex feel so good? At least, it is a crucial part of it, because stress relief provides an indescribably good feeling. 


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We don't need to go into all the negative aspects that stress brings with it here - we've certainly all had to experience them at some point. We are more concerned with the exact opposite, namely stress reduction through sex in all its beautiful facets. People often try to counteract stress through excessive consumption, be it food, alcohol or other drugs. However, this does not help to get rid of stress. What helps is sex in its beautiful VIelfalt. Regular sex not only awakens temporary good feelings in us, but likewise makes for a healthier body, which can translate into better sleep, strong health, and less anxiety. Likewise, sex helps if you have high blood pressure. Those who are too stressed to have sex should not stop themselves from doing so, otherwise you can easily fall into a vicious cycle. Take your time, take the moment, start with light cuddling sessions, try to put away your worries for a moment and you will notice how these light touches alone will free your mind and make you want more. Roughly, we can say that the more sex, the less stress. What this means for the two of you? The more time you invest in sex, lust and love, the more happiness you can be given. After all, sex is the natural enemy of stress, if you want to put it that way. Fight stress by taking a high class callgirl by the hand and practice the most beautiful (side) thing in the world. Stress adé, sensuality hello. 

Why does sex sometimes not feel good?

As nice as sex is, as good as it makes us feel, sometimes it's just not fun or even painful. What's the reason? How can I have more fun during sex? Of course, there's no need to worry if you don't climax once or didn't experience great pleasure the last time. But if this becomes the norm, something should be done to get your sex life going again. There can be many reasons for unsatisfying sex. Often, a wrong diet, the all-known stress, which we have already talked about, or even empirical values, bad experiences during sex, for example, play a decisive role here. Sports activities - in the best case even with your partner - mastering challenges and common, healthy cooking can already help with the above-mentioned problems and provide for better, more intense sex, which both you and your travel companion will certainly enjoy. 

In some cases, it's even simpler and the reason is simply boredom. Routine in bed? Do you already know every move that you and your partner will make; Can you not see the wall, the bed, the room of lovemaking? Are you bored with the same image over and over again? Variety is the answer to that. Vary according to your mood, the place, the time, the duration and and and. There are no limits for you both, because it's all about your pleasure. Find out together what stimulates you, excites you and makes you happy. Because no one from yourself can say and feel this so exactly. Surprise your Girlfriend but once with an unexpected love game. Take her on a little trip - be it mental or even real. Foreign places, new scents and a different ambience work wonders when it comes to reviving your sex life. 

Are you attracted - to your partner, your temporary girlfriend or to the charming escort? Because this is also an important aspect that makes sex even more magical. Feeling attracted, longing for a person, for their closeness, can make sex life even more tingling and exciting. People want to feel closeness, even physically. If this desire is particularly strongly triggered in you by one of the Ivana Models, you should follow it and surrender to the desire to experience the best possible sex. Feeling secure and wanted, that also provides happiness hormones in us and is the first step to orgasm and complete satisfaction. Therefore, for all gentlemen who are currently alone, a sensual girlfriend experience is an excellent option. 


An inspiring sex experience - on your discreet date.

Giving yourself completely to someone triggers quite heavenly feelings in us humans. Knowing that a lovely lady desires you is probably one of the best and most promising ways to trigger happiness hormones. If you then engage in tender togetherness to spend breathtaking hours together, you can be sure that sex will bring you both the greatest happiness. We at Ivana Models Escort Agency wish you many exhilarating hours with your beloved and are already looking forward to more inspiring requests from you. Enjoy a stress-free, healthy time and savor every second in complete sensuality. Take your time, vary, play to obtain the best possible moments and give yourself completely to your partner. Because as we have now learned, good sex leads to even more good sex, and what more could you want than lust and love?