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Heavenly Christmas with the high class escort model

23 December 2019

The cold, cuddly season, the beautiful time of love, contemplation and joy - the Christmas holidays are very special and should be spent in good company. You do not have any exact plans for the cold holidays at the moment? Spend Christmas this year with a young, eloquent VIP escort girl, who will show you a sensual and heavenly world in no time and give you an extraordinary present. These presents could be one of the most beautiful presents ever - you only have to get involved and enjoy the company. Come Christmas, cheers are in the air and everyone welcomes you with joy. Whether you like it sporty and exciting or a little more quiet, perhaps in tender togetherness - with our discreet escort agency you will find a suitable companion for every activity at this romantic time. Take advantage of the escort service by Ivana Models and embark on a very special, exciting and of course extravagant adventure with a high caliber escort model of your choice.

How about a Christmas shopping tour together? Make sure to buy the warmest jackets. Why? Because it’s off to Canada. More precisely, Yucon. The two of you can then visit the Big Salmon River in winter outfits together, which is said to be particularly romantic and exciting at this time of year. As one of the most popular and beautiful wilderness rivers, the Big Salmon River is constantly attracting attention and impressing people from all over the world. Don't miss this great adventure. As a beautiful escort you can choose one of the wonderful high class escort models. The Big Salmon River is located in the immediate vicinity of the Pelly Mountains. On a noble canoe you can, together with the escort girl, ride through the enchanting river and let nature enrich you. Over 354 km the wonderful experience extends, which you should not miss. Here you can collect different impressions of nature, which you will enjoy for a long time. Besides the wonderful nature and the beautiful high class call girl you can also enjoy other sights and master the desired, sportive obstacles of canoeing to be the hero of the charming lady. The water of the Big Salmon River is crystal clear, so you could be reflected in it.

How about Christmas in the wilderness? Winter escort glamping is your choice.

Glamour and camping in one - what more can the heart desire? Perhaps a delicate, brilliant high class escort girl who will sweeten your Christmas glamping adventure. Go both on an exciting and unforgettable adventure and a journey that will remain in your memories for a long time. The luxurious way of camping delights couples and all other people who want to relax in the presence of wonderful nature and yet in an elegant way. Perfect for a relaxed yet exciting evening for two at Christmas. Luxurious tree houses and beautiful furniture, as well as noble decorations and dreamlike interiors. Especially for the Christmas season the locations are beautifully decorated and decorated. If you don't want to sit alone in these wonderful walls and corners, you should be accompanied and seduced by a sporty, elegant and eloquent VIP escort girl. You will also be able to enjoy romantic moments of glamping. Luxury and glamour in the open air on a heavenly Christmas Eve and perhaps a hot chocolate with a shot of rum - what more could you wish for? Take a break and relax with one of the discreet escort girls.

A little winter cuddling with the escort model? We recommend glamping in the Black Forest. Here you will find a robust log cabin in the middle of beautiful nature. Sheepskins and beds are offered here as comfortable seats. Some rose petals can also be found, so that nothing stands in the way of some romantic moments. In the treetops you will find another camping possibility, which offers rocking beds and many sensual corners.


Christmas in company of the high class escort model in the wonderful zoo

A beautiful woman, many animals, bright aspects and many hot, delicious drinks - spending Christmas in the zoo can be truly touching and seductive. So why not spend the merry days with a happy escort model in the middle of a great zoo or animal park? Especially at this time of the year such a visit is very appropriate. No matter in which city you are, many of the zoos and animal resorts offer great possibilities for the Christmas season. In the following we would like to recommend a park that stands out from the crowd at Christmas. The famous all-weather zoo in Münster becomes the Christmas Garden during the cold season, which everyone knows and loves. Dare to go for a gentle winter walk with the bright and beautiful VIP escort model and catch a fantastic view over the Christmas Garden Münster. Every evening until 05. January of the next year you can go for a walk and admire the spectacle. Plays of lights, colours, shapes and sparkling elements as far as the eye can see - in this winter garden you will miss your breath! Just like the young, educated and stylish high class escort model at your side. Which sight will be more beautiful there? A very difficult decision. Let yourself be delighted by bright colours in this dreary season and let yourself be carried away into another world. At the Christmas Garden in Münster the anticipation for Christmas is rising. Are you longing for the exciting winter experiences? With one of our escort models, which you can find through our discreet escort agency, you can comfortably enter the Christmas season in the winter garden and enjoy fine delicacies and drinks. Winter sports for two. If you want to get a little more exercise, you can make use of the garden's ice rink and go skating with the high class call girl. After an extensive ride and many crackling moments between the two of you, you can sit together by the fire in the garden and perhaps drink a “Glühwein” or two, the German mulled wine. The harmonious winter wonderland that the Christmas Garden offers is an incredible and incomparable one. For all those who are longing for a little winter magic this year, this great garden should not be missed.

Celebrate royal Christmas with the glamorous escort model

Welcome to the Winter Wonderland at Charlottenburg Palace - where wonders and dreams come true! And in such a royal way that you can hardly experience it otherwise. As a couple, this wonderful stay is sure to be particularly enticing and sensual. The dreamlike compositions of the many talented and always good-humoured orchestra members are true specialities and have become almost real classics. Of course you can listen to classical Christmas carols and traditional songs with the VIP escort model. Just the way it should be for heavenly and also royal Christmas. The furnishings and decorations of this admirable location are also a real eye-catcher. For a noble, luxurious evening on a high class escort date an impressive location. Majestic aspects and stylish furniture are reflected in Charlottenburg Palace and have been delighting people for quite some time. In addition to the great furnishings and the wonderful ambience, the cuisine of the palace can also be recommended here. Enjoy many delicacies and drinks in an inspiring environment and many strong details.

Celebrate christmas undercover with a high class callgirl 

You can arrange for a few romantic encounters on Christmas Eve in advance. Maybe you are planning a very individual and suitable excursion with the VIP escort model of your choice or just a nice evening for two - just as you wish! If you have already been invited to a Christmas party, but you are still missing the right companion, you can easily find one on the website of our discreet escort agency and choose your favourite Ivana model. It is obvious that this will be a great pleasure. So you can show off with the high class escort model in front of all your colleagues, friends, acquaintances and get a few envious glances. Of course, you can decide in advance which of the young women suits you best or get detailed advice from our team. Do not hesitate too long and dare to take the exciting step! As an alibi girlfriend or escort to a party, the ladies do very well, so that they will be authentic and lovable at every second of the date or even the party. But this goes without saying.

Intimate and festive: Christmas at home in company of a high class escort model

For a quieter, more intimate gift-giving, you can of course also celebrate and enjoy Christmas at home with the high class escort model. Experience Christmas with cuddly blankets, hot drinks, delicious food and maybe a nice Netflix series or a movie? This would certainly not be a wrong decision. For all those who want more Christmas atmosphere, we can recommend "Christmas at home" - a wonderful, atmospheric series. Spread over six episodes, it brings Christmas spirit to all those who are looking for it. In this great series, suitable for Christmas 2019, we enjoy, eat and celebrate together on beautiful things. A young lady, who is the only one in her circle of acquaintances who has no relationship, is at the centre of the story. After a small lie about an alleged boyfriend, this woman has to find an alibi boyfriend for the upcoming Christmas party within a few days. A certainly funny, charming and instructive series for relaxed evenings with your VIP escort model.

Should you, similar to the main character in the series, need an alibi girlfriend, you can find one as usual on the site of our discreet escort agency - Christmas undercover! But now nothing should stand in the way of a cosy Christmas Eve at home. Take your favourite cocktails, order first class delicacies and enjoy the company and the sight of a stunning young escort lady.

Netflix & chill at Christmas with the VIP escort model? 

An equally fitting tip for the Christmas season is the Netflix film "Heavenly Christmas", in which Eve Morgen, a business woman, falls into a coma in an accident. Meanwhile she is contacted by a guardian angel who tells her about a very last task Eve has to do before she leaves the earth for good. During this profound, yet lively and instructive film you can cuddle up to the VIP escort model and experience some carefree hours. Especially on such cold days as Christmas, a Netflix evening is certainly not a bad idea. Both of you can enjoy the silent night at your home or in a beautiful hotel suite in complete privacy and with everything that is necessary for both of you. Let Eve Morgen take you on a journey to another world during this touching film.

A few quiet moments, a few cosy evenings at home with Netflix and a hot drink are simply not enough for you? For the Christmas season to be complete, you need more events and exciting moments? Maybe you would rather travel to a warm, sunny area with your high class escort model and celebrate Christmas in swimsuits on the beach, on a luxury yacht for example. If this should be too summerly for you, there is of course also the possibility to go to a cold, maybe snow-covered country. At the moment you can enjoy a little snow in Austria or Italy and get to know the warm culture. For all culinary lovers, these countries are certainly not the wrong choice. Sporting activities can of course also be practiced here - in the best case with a sporty escort girl, which you can discover through our escort agency. Furthermore, a trip to the Great Crested Grebe at Christmas with a party night is certainly not a bad choice. In the pool area you can meet your callgirl and go to the bar and the club of the building. The excellent cocktails are a real hit and for those of you who still only want to see familiar faces at the Christmas party, the Hooded Diver offers the option to book the location for a private party or even a business event. Try it out!

Whichever destination or activity you want to choose, the right escort can be provided by our escort agency Ivana Models, which will make your trip much more intense and even perfect. Warm, cosy evenings in quiet, sensual togetherness, exciting Christmas markets, wilderness and camping trips or party night - however you will spend Christmas, we at Ivana Models wish you a warm, happy, romantic and sizzling Christmas! The escort models on our site wish you the same and are already looking forward to perhaps accompanying you soon?

Best wishes and happy holidays
Your Ivana Models Team