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The best restaurants in Cologne for your escort date

29 April 2022

Escort Date Restaurants Cologne

Foodies and lovers of upscale culinary delights take note - Cologne has a lot up its sleeve. Life in the cathedral city is very bustling. It's not just at Carnival that people party, drink and eat together here. That's why the people of Cologne spend a lot of time in the city's restaurants. The Rhenish mentality goes too well with the enjoyment of gastronomic offerings. But in addition to the world-famous breweries, gourmets also get their money's worth here. If you belong to the kind of people who are completely dedicated to pleasure, you are in the right place here. Below we have listed some of the best restaurants for your next escort date in Cologne. We are sure, with a visit to one of these together with your high class escort lady you will do everything right!

What makes the best escort date restaurants in Cologne?

As is well known, it is easy to argue about taste. After all, each person has their own personal preferences. Nevertheless, there are some restaurants that stand out from the crowd. Be it a particularly stylishly decorated restaurant, which puts every visitor in a certain mood immediately upon taking care of them. Or the use of exclusive and high-quality ingredients, which provide for a true taste explosion. Or the courteous service, which reads every wish from the lips of you and your escort. At least one of the preceding attributes applies to the best restaurants in Cologne, but usually more than one. The Michelin Guide honors these establishments with its star system, which has been promising outstanding quality for many decades. Therefore, all the restaurants listed have at least one.

Classic French: Le Moissonnier

It is not for nothing that French cuisine is considered the benchmark for upscale dining. In hardly any other cuisine is so much emphasis placed on the teaching of culinary art as here. Fresh, mostly regional ingredients are the basic prerequisite from which the maître creates dishes that convince all along the line. If you want to experience what can be created from natural and sometimes inconspicuous ingredients, you should pay Chef Eric Menchon a visit. Together with your first-class escort lady, you will enjoy exquisite dishes and perhaps even feel as if you were sitting right under the Eiffel Tower. 

Modern Asisatic: taku

At least as famous as the Eiffel Tower in Paris is the Cologne Cathedral. And across from it is the prestigious Hotel Excelsior, where taku is located. The Michelin-starred restaurant brings East Asian cuisine to Cologne. Influences from Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine form a melange of delicacies here. The restaurant's focus is clearly on the artful preparation of fish and seafood, which are accompanied by a full-bodied wine. So an absolute tip, because many Ivana models love Asian cuisine. 

Experience cuisine: Ox & Clover

For all those who are looking for a true experience, the Ox & Klee is recommended. Consciously, one does not book a table here, but an experience. Chef Daniel Gottschlich plays impressively with all the taste senses that humans can perceive. In addition, a new menu is created every month, which motivates the enthusiastic guests to come back again and again. 

No matter what you choose, with a date in one of the above restaurants you will make an impression on your temporary girlfriend. We wish you bon appétit and a good time in Cologne!