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Through coffee to the best sex of your life

01 November 2021

How coffee ensures the best sex of your life

What if, for the best sex of your life, all you had to do was consume coffee every day? Well, admittedly - it's not quite that easy. There are, of course, a variety of factors that influence sex life. From the general physical condition, to the time of day, to the perfect partner, there are of course many elements that play a role. On a hot date with an extravagant escort lady, you will quickly realize that your sexual appetite will rise out of bounds. Moreover, a cup of the Germans' favorite drink will enhance this intoxicating effect. 

An aphrodisiac for your date

With an escort lady arranged by our high-class escort agency, your candlelight dinner will be a complete success.A dignified ambience, a selected wine and suitable background music will put you and your date partner in the right mood.  The stunning outfit of your girlfriend on time will also blow your mind. And it is no surprise that an espresso is often served after dinner. But why actually? Several studies have shown that the caffeine it contains not only makes you more awake, but also stimulates blood circulation as well as the metabolism. The resulting "kick" acts like an aphrodisiac, which increases your desire. The timing is also optimal after the candlelight dinner, as the effect kicks in after about 30 minutes and then fully unfolds in your hotel suite.


Coffee and sex are allies

While coffee in the morning is the wake-up call for the day for many people, it has many positive influences on the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. First of all, caffeine provides better blood circulation, which both you and your escort lady will feel. In addition, coffee consumption has a positive effect on testosterone levels, which increases sexual desire. Those who do a lot of sports also know the feeling of having enjoyed a coffee beforehand. You feel fitter and have more stamina. Coffee has exactly the same effect on lovemaking. Last but not least, it helps to reduce stress. So if your job has demanded a lot from you in the last few weeks, a coffee with a lovely escort lady can also lead to forgetting the stress faster and getting involved with each other even better.  

Coffee is (almost) always a good idea

Imagine you start your escort date with a delicious cup of coffee at breakfast or brunch. You will certainly notice the classic positive influences of coffee, especially in the morning hours. Feel awake and invigorated, for example, while you enjoy the freshly brewed coffee in Paris with your travel escort. However, you can enjoy the brown gold already at any time of day or night. The classic is and remains, of course, the tasty espresso as the conclusion of a romantic dinner. But the brown gold also has its place in nightlife. Nowadays, coffee creations can be found in bars and cocktails all over the world. Perhaps you already know the classic Espresso Martini. But what about an espresso gin and tonic, for example? Try these delicious creations on your next date with your high-class escort girl and pay attention to the aphrodisiac effect.