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Does sex increase athletic performance?

14 March 2021

Today we would like to take another look at an exciting facet of sex life. Today, we're devoting ourselves to the question: Does sex influence athletic performance? You can probably already guess that opinions differ on this. Therefore, we would like to give you a selected list of information that you can use as inspiration. The Ivana Models Agency wishes you in advance a lot of fun reading and maybe even trying it out! 

Does sex affect athletic performance? 

There are many different opinions, many different theories and ideas when it comes to the topic of sex and sports. But what aspects are actually covered? Below we will cover all the interesting details that concern the area of sex and athletic performance. We would like to mention once again that we only want to provide you with inspiration and of course do not offer any, for everyone suitable, instructions or the like. We give you ideas, you and your Ivana Model make the best of it, have fun! 



There are some theories that say that sexual activities can have a positive effect on athletic abilities. Thereby the relaxation after the sport should be promoted as well as the sporty performance strengthened. Since every single body is different, of course, this does not have to apply to every person. However, many people claim to have also achieved better performance in sports through sexual activities. As far as this point is concerned, we are sure that you can find this out for yourself very quickly - in the best case with one of the escort girls of Ivana Models Agency

Moreover, did you know that the great field of athletics in combination with sex was already an issue over 1000 years ago? At that time in Greece it was said that sexual abstinence can have a positive effect on athletic performance, as the lack of sex can build up aggression as well as frustration, which in turn should turn into better athletic performance. However, it seems that this has not always worked out that way. Nowadays, at any rate, condoms are distributed even at the Olympic Games - even in very large sums, reaching up to half a million. 

But what are the results? What aspects need to be considered when looking at the multifaceted topic of sex in combination with sports and athletics? Let's find out together. 

What role does testosterone play in sports? 

If we want to talk about sex and its influence on athletic performance, we definitely should not ignore testosterone. The fact that most men carry a lot of testosterone is probably common knowledge. But did you know that this topic also concerns the ladies of creation? Because testosterone plays a huge role when it comes to sex and sports. A low testosterone level often affects athletic and also sexual performance, and this in a negative way. It can lead to low energy, less strength as well as a poorer sex drive. All of this is not a must, of course. People with lower testosterone levels can also be athletically as well as sexually utilized, just often there are likewise opposite reports.  

How do I increase my testosterone level? If you have also asked yourself this question, we have picked out the answer for you. As a rule, a short, fast, but very intense workout boosts the level and turns it up, whereas a long and not so intense endurance workout can cause the testosterone to drop. In both cases, both the gentlemen and the ladies of creation are affected. Both can additionally have an effect on your sexual performance and also the actual desire for intercourse, as mentioned above. For many people who possess low testosterone levels, it can be difficult to get out of this "vicious cycle" as they have little interest in sex at the same time, which in turn leads to fewer endorphins and can reduce the desire for sex even more. 

But can exercising help? Quite. Again, we would like to emphasize that every single body is different and we are only providing examples. However, it can be helpful to do a short, intense workout to increase testosterone levels. In most cases, the sex drive increases at the same time, which can then provide more testosterone and desire again. As you can see, sex and exercise can be mutually dependent or simply complement as well as support each other. It's all a matter of perspective and trial and error! 


How much endurance training is useful? 

We have received many messages regarding the question "How much endurance exercise can I perform without severely lowering my testosterone levels?". We would like to answer this question for you today as well. In this regard, there is likewise no single guide, but alternating endurance sports with intense training can be helpful. How much endurance training is best for you depends, of course, on your body as well as your training units. More intense intervals between your endurance workouts can help keep testosterone levels up. 

A healthy mix, a combination that suits you, can not only lead to higher testosterone levels, but also increase your sex drive and, in the best case, positively influence your sexual performance. As so often in life - and especially in the sexual area - it is once again: Try yourself! Test yourself and find the perfect workout for you... and maybe your High Class Ivana Model. 


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There have already been some scientific studies, but a consistent answer could never be given. According to some studies, sex does not seem to worsen athletic performance, but a positive effect could not be determined one hundred percent either. However, we do not want to dwell too long on science, but rather focus on the people behind it. That's why we always advise you to try out any idea or fantasy with your partner - only if you both want to, of course. Because all that we write to you or science finds out is never an individual truth tailored to you. These are all just ideas, theories or even inspirations. You are the king of these ideas and may make them your own! 

What effects does sex have on athletic performance?

As described in the last paragraph, you can find out the answer to this question only for yourself. Nevertheless, there are tips and tricks that can help you. If you perform sports or exercises in which you need a high level of concentration, it could be that sexual activity has a negative effect on performance. What are we talking about? These sports include, for example, darts or even billiards. Also, prolonged sex before a tournament or an important training session may not always be positive. However, this is more related to sleep deprivation, which can be caused by long sex that lasts all night. A short sexy time followed by sleep can work wonders and also improve your athletic performance. 

Whether and to what extent sex really affects athletic performance depends on many different factors. For example, the type of sport you do and how long you do it can be crucial. The duration of sexual intercourse can also play a major role. Based on this, it can of course also be interesting how you act out sex, in what intensity and when exactly you have it. Wild, prolonged sex the night before a tournament or workout can have a negative impact - as we just learned. However, if you indulge in sensual moments or even have a call girl pamper you all around the night before, yes, who knows how positive an effect that might have? 

Especially in athletic fields that are considered more aggressive, such as boxing, abstinence can affect athletic performance. It is often described that the loss of sex or abstinence can increase aggression as well as frustration. However, even this is not uniformly viewed. There are studies that prove that sex can increase testosterone levels as well as aggression. This in turn can be helpful in a sporting battle or workout. Also, there are theories as well as practical tests where individuals have abstained from sex for several months, which is said to have lowered their testosterone levels considerably. Every body has its own preferences and acts as well as reacts differently. Therefore, the following always applies: The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Finding a healthy balance for yourself is probably the key to (sexual or athletic) success. Because, as almost everywhere in life, too much or too little is not recommended. Find the golden mean, as Aristotle put it so beautifully. 

How are the ladies doing? Because they too can be affected by all that we have described, benefit from it or recognize themselves in the points mentioned. According to another study, sexual stimulation can make women feel less pain. In other words, it can have an analgesic effect. During sex, various substances as well as substances are released, one of which, if not several, can ensure that pain transmitters are blocked so that the body feels less pain. Muscle tension can also be altered by sex - vaginal in this case. For some ladies, muscle tension increases, for others it decreases. 


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How do I experience more fun during sex? 

After all, when it comes to sex and sports, there is not only one direction. After all, it's not just sex that can influence sports; athletic activities can also change sex performance. A healthy balance is crucial here. If you dare to train too tense or only have sex to achieve better athletic performance, the fun will surely stop quickly. A natural alternation of the best of both worlds is always recommended. To approach slowly is certainly not wrong. Try out step by step how much sport is good for you, which sport is good for you, but also which sex you particularly enjoy. Because let's be honest, at the end of the day it's all about having fun - in both cases, sex and sports. We want to feel alive and well. This can be excellently achieved with a suitable mix and combination of sex, sports as well as good food and nice conversation - perhaps on a dinner date? - can be achieved excellently. 

After all, it's often not just about sex before sports or vice versa. The psychological aspects must also be taken into account. If an athlete is mentally unruly as well as unbalanced, neither abstinence nor excessive sex will certainly help. Regular, sometimes spontaneous sex can improve your emotional state and, based on that, your athletic performance. However, forced or under pressure this will probably not work. Therefore, you should first and foremost look forward to sex, enjoy it and in the best case it will thus increase your athletic performance. 

Sex and sports are composed of many different aspects. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration, including sleep. If you never get to rest or even take time off, logically you can't always be in top shape either. Therefore, sleep and rest are just as crucial as sports or sex itself. Only with a nice, suitable combination of physical exertion as well as activity and sufficient rest, you come into your best form. You can probably enjoy a little time off with the high class escorts of Ivana Models Agency. Whether you are looking for an active adventure, want to let yourself go or just want to be pampered all around, we are at your disposal and may give you exactly the sensual timeout you need right now. 

Ivana Models Agency is looking forward to you 

In conclusion, we can say once again that it is always most important that you listen to yourself and your body. Do only what you want, what is good for you and never forget yourself. If you listen properly to your own body as well as your partner, you will quickly understand what is good for you and what you would rather avoid. We all have the answers to the above questions within ourselves - we just have to find them and listen properly to the signs of our body. So it doesn't matter how much exercise you do, how high your testosterone levels are, if you feel good and have fun. Because that's what really matters in the end.