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Time for enjoyment and joie de vivre at the Oktoberfest Munich with your High Class Escort Model

26 September 2019

Every year the Oktoberfest greets you, and the high class escort agency Munich presents you with the escort models of the extralative, as per usual. Who wants to enjoy life at the Oktoberfest with merely their colleagues and friends? This joyful happening should include a charming lady who will give you your very own personal fest. Simply the perfect way to a joyful time! Let yourself be carried away by the celebration and be enchanted by your charming company. 

Finally it's that time again: The Oktoberfest is just a few days old and the extravagant events around the popular Theresienwiese are already piling up. Wetten dass moderator Thomas Gottschalk serenades along, in an embarrassingly fitting outfit, top model Lena Meyer Landrut dares to go to the Wiesn for the first time and some Dirndl princesses have already received their first marriage proposals from buzzed admirers. Well, drunk in love they say. How could it be any different? Munich is once again in a state of emergency and no one can escape the Bavarian festive mood. This year, the Oktoberfest is already enjoying greater popularity than last year. On the first festival days alone, around 200,000 more visitors were registered than in the previous year. This pleases the innkeepers and showmen. The end is by no means in sight, because there is still a long time until 6 October. So if you are planning a holiday in the Bavarian capital or are on business there, you should not miss the chance to be accompanied by a high class escort girl. The generous Munich joie de vivre and the esprit of a sexy escort simply go too well together to be ignored. You should not miss this experience and book one of the beauties straightaway!

Do you already have the right fashion for the great Oktoberfest Gaudi? Because the appropriate costume for the festival must not be missing. If you want to make a last minute purchase, you will definitely find it in Munich on Maximilianstraße. Various boutiques and established shops offer the finest traditional costume creations here. So this is also the perfect opportunity to dress your charming companion in a chic twist. The choice is yours. Your charming companion will also be happy to come with the outfits you have chosen. The price will probably not quite approach this year's luxury Dirndl of Sandy Meyer-Wölden, which should cost a stately 20,000 euros, but your dream escort lady, without question, will make the better figure. If you want to keep the shoes of your outfit more modern, Adidas offers this year his model "Munich Made in Germany". Probably the world's first Oktoberfest sneaker, inspired by the look of the Lederhosen - if the shoe fits... Now you are perfectly equipped to throw yourself into the pure joie de vivre or Lebensfreude of the Oktoberfest.


oktoberfest 2019 in munich drinking beer


Now it's time to get into the hustle and bustle! If you have already reserved a place in one of the marquees, most of the work is already done. The poor souls who have to stand in line will wistfully look after you both, while you strut past the long lines full of anticipation with your premium escort model at hand. Enjoy your Oktoberfest stay to the fullest. Now it is time to feast, celebrate and let yourself be carried away by the exuberant atmosphere. You should not miss a ride on the chain carousel or the Ferris wheel, the view is simply too good for that. Maybe you will dare to ride the Teufelsrad, the devil's wheel, together. Will you be the last one on it? If you've had enough of a good run on the Wiesn, you're probably still in the mood for an exuberant After Wiesn Party. Where can you go for a really good party in Munich after the great fun? Together with your VIP escort model Munich you can make the nights yours and discover the best addresses of the city. In the following we have listed a few of these first-class recommendations for you.

Look forward to an exuberant experience in Munich's nightlife. This is excellently rounded off by a premium escort service. So you can have all the fun around the clock. During and after the Wiesn. If you have brought enough time, it is tempting to celebrate the Après Wiesn every evening in a different club. At your side an enchanting escort girl in a figure-hugging Dirndl. Sounds great, doesn't it? We wish you a lot of fun at the Munich clubs.


The After Wiesn Parties at Roomers Munich - Celebrate with the Hotelier of the Year

After the exhilarating party on the Theresienwiese, haven't you had enough? Then we can warmly recommend the first-class design hotel Roomers Munich to you. Whereby the title "Hotel" is not enough to describe Roomers' experience completely. It is much more. In addition to the impressively furnished rooms, you can expect a complete experience that is second to none. From the first step into the lobby, the visitor is captivated by the holistic interior concept of the Amsterdam designers of concrete. This perfectly coordinated principle continues as soon as you enter the suites and let the first impression take effect - this is what good interior design has to look like. You can also rely on first-class cuisine here: the Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar sets new standards and focuses on culinary joie de vivre. Fantastic creations of Asian cuisine are waiting to be enjoyed by you and the creatively conjured cocktails crown the evening. Here you simply have to enjoy and let your soul dangle for the night.

The successful cooperation between hoteliers visionaries Alex Urseanu and Micky Rosen, together the Gekko Group, can be felt in the precisely thought-out interior and the comprehensive presentation of Roomers Munich. Every detail is meticulously thought out, every movement a gesture towards the guest. The Gekko Group fascinates with many other top-class hotels, Roomers Munich is one of our favourites. Because one thing is certain, you can always rely on the parties and events for the Oktoberfest at Roomers!

The award-winning hoteliers invite you to their electrifying After Wiesn parties again this year. From 9 September to 6 October, the hotel's own party location RED will once again be partying hard. From the Theresienwiese, the cult status party at Roomers can be reached in a few minutes. Here you celebrate in a selected circle, surrounded by a unique and sophisticated interior - simply glamorous and sexy! The room, bathed in red, with its golden shimmering and mirrored firmament, offers the perfect place to celebrate or, together with your high class travel girl Munich, to retreat to one of the cozy seating areas. Here you are at the best address to round off the Wiesntag with a perfect party. Reservations and further information can be found on the Roomers Munich website. We wish you lots of fun and the After Wiesn Party of your life!


Oktoberfest parade 2019 in Munich


The Party continues at Wiesclub and the HEART Munich goes wuid and all out

If you want to continue partying right after the fun, you can do so at the largest After Wiesn Party in the Congress Hall. Welcome to the Wiesnclub! For many this club is an absolute institution and a visit in the evening is part of every perfect day.
Here the Dirndl and Lederhosen cavort, after the exuberant time on the Theresienwiese and celebrate in the huge halls exuberant into the night. The club is quick and easy to reach and opens its doors at 10 pm. He invites you and your high class escort model to celebrate. Musically you can expect everything from live music to wild DJs. If you feel a bit of hunger during your party rage, you can look forward to excellent grilled delicacies. If you should need an alcoholic change for the sake of beer, cocktails and long drinks are of course also offered here. Especially recommended is the champagne bar. Who travels with a larger group and wants to enjoy his private area, is well served with the reserved lounges and VIP balconies.

At HEART Munich the party continues for 16 days after the end of the tent. With the Pre Wiesn the HEART has already heated up before the "O'zapft is! Hot and exuberant parties take place in here and Wiesntag quickly becomes Wiesnnacht. Here comes the true Munich joy and it lasts into the morning hours. The perfect conditions for this are given here. Here you can expect the sounds of the finest DJs, directly from Munich or from the international stage. Throw yourself into your finest costume and enjoy a fulfilling evening, accompanied by your premium escort girl Munich. Your high class escort Service Munich will take care of this suitable escort and necessary reservations, so that you can really let it crash together.
Look forward to the HEART, because the HEART is looking forward to having you!

Enter the Dragon with your lovely escort girl Munich and the After Wiesn cult party at P1 

If you want to entertain your After Wiesn Party with an Asian touch, you can enjoy the Oktoberfest program at Enter the Dragon. With its clever concept of restaurant, bar and club, the dragon invites you to an exuberant party. The traditional costume is not part of the duty, but rather of the freestyle. In the red neon light and surrounded by lotus blossoms, the club is at least visually an interesting contrast to the usual blue and white of the beer tents. In addition to the competent Asian cuisine, the cocktails are definitely something to be proud of and provide the necessary variety of taste. Musically it becomes electronic, thanks to many well-known producers and DJs. A successful alternative to the Munich classics. Enjoy it, celebrate what the stuff holds and enjoy your time in Munich.

After the day on the Wiesn, the Oanser is of course also particularly hot. The P1 Club is calling for a chic After Wiesn Party with glamour and glamour. Here you can celebrate with the stars and be seen with your VIP escort model. Here the 5th season is celebrated daily from 22 o'clock and that annually for 16 days. Under the popular slogan "Gspusi back or forth" is danced here let loose and the pure joy of life enjoyed. So grab your lovely escort Gspusi Munich and celebrate through the night until the sun awakens over the Bavarian capital and a new fantastic day breaks on the Wiesn. Every day the marmot greets you, it is time to celebrate the new day extensively.

The finest fun at the Löwenbräukeller with the VIP escortservice Munich

After the end of the celebration on the Wiesn, the Löwenbräukeller continues its cheerful journey. After the gastronomy changed this year, the party-happy masses are looking forward to the fun experience for the Oktoberfest nights after the big party on the Theresienwiese. The Stiglmaierplatz is calling. During the Wiesn times, the main hall will be bathed in traditional colours and can be admired from the lofty high terraces. It's hot down on the dance floors and the Laurent-Perrier-Après-Wiesn are in full swing. This is the perfect opportunity to get closer with her high class escort model. Should you feel the small hunger during the nightly party rage, you can enjoy a few excellent delicacies in the club's own Wiesnzelt. Afterwards you can turn back to the sounds of the Munich and international DJs and let the night become day.

Munich awaits you at the Oktoberfest and offers you a concentrated joie de vivre that you will not experience anywhere else in the world. Let yourself be accompanied to this thrilling experience by a high class escort model, who will crown this happy folk festival. With the help of sedcards you can decide which of the Ivana models will be your Oktoberfest travel companion. Each of the Ivana models makes a perfect figure in the Dirndl and will turn your head. And this even before the first measure. The Oktoberfest 2019 is in full swing and awaits you, together with your charming companion, with an exuberant and rushing fun of the extra class.

The team of the Ivana Models escortservice is at your disposal for your booking and works gladly for the realisation of your perfect stay in Munich. So during the Oktoberfest you have the security to celebrate even after the After Wiesn with your escort model. Everything else is your business. We wish you a lot of fun and pleasure with your high class escort model at the Oktoberfest Munich.