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Advent 2021 with escort model

Advent season with escort model

30 November 2021

Advent season with escort model

When the year comes to an end and it gets dark earlier and earlier you know: soon it's Christmas! In the city centers, the Christmas markets spread and the scents of mulled wine, chestnuts and roasted nuts are in the air. This also marks the beginning of the Advent season. On the four Sundays before Christmas, people come to rest a bit, review the past year and draw energy for the start of the new year. In addition, this is the time for presents. But why wait until Christmas to unwrap them? Don't you already feel like unwrapping a sexy gift today? Then you should definitely spend Advent with an escort model and fully enjoy the time of love. 

Advent, Advent - the passion burns

The pre-Christmas period is also always associated with human closeness. You get together with friends and relatives and also the shopping trip on the weekend is characterized by long lines in front of the department stores. But this is precisely what can also quickly become stressful. If you know the stress from your demanding professional life and prefer to relax a little at the end of the year, you should definitely spend the Advent season with an escort model. Not only as a personal shopping consultant she makes an excellent figure when shopping. She also provides just the erotic moments that will blow your mind during the Christmas season.


Christmas - time of the lingerie

The high-class escort ladies know how to dress perfectly all year round. With their sexy and at the same time elegant outfits, they constantly draw attention to them. But while all other people are denied the view underneath, you as a lucky guy may look forward to it. And now at Christmas time the anticipation is all the greater, because with the freezing temperatures the ladies veil their provocative curves under thick winter coats. But when you two are alone together, they'll drop them and reveal their sexy lingerie just for you. As a gentleman, you are in the luxurious position of even having a say in how they should look like. Or, you can leave the choice of lingerie entirely up to your temporary girlfriend, maximizing the anticipation of your lovemaking. 

The perfect travel partner

As educated cosmopolitans, VIP models all love to travel. If you want to spend Advent season traveling, you should definitely invite a perfect travel partner. Because no matter whether you are drawn to sunnier climates or to luxury shopping in a metropolis, your temporary girlfriend will gladly follow you from the bottom of her heart. Who knows, maybe you will also find a small gift or lingerie in which you would like to see your lady of the heart? Just enjoy the light-heartedness of the trip and collect new impressions together. The romance and eroticism is already pre-programmed in this type of trip. 

Advent season with your escort girl - a fantastic idea

No matter whether you would like to spend the pre-Christmas period rather quietly or adventurously, to experience the Advent season together with your escort model is a fantastic idea. Please feel free to contact us if you are planning a trip. We as Ivana Models agency are happy to help you and connect you with exactly the right beauty for your needs.  We and all the ladies wish you a wonderful Advent season.