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An exciting and luxurious trip with the High Class Escort Service Berlin

01 August 2019

Berlin, the vibrant, popular, seductive and sparkling capital is calling you. Experience the multi-faceted life that Berlin has to offer and enjoy the heavenly moments that you will have in Berlin with your High Class Escort Model. Whether you arrive together with the student escort model Berlin by plane or maybe even a private jet, or you want to meet her directly on-site. A magical trip to wonderful Berlin is guaranteed and nothing stands in the way of your entertainment. When you arrive in Berlin, you can both make us of the wide selection of first-class means of transportation to your luxury accommodation.



Should it be a large taxi to take you to the hotel or suite? Or would you prefer to take advantage of the distinct offer in Berlin with your High Class Escort Model? Although the construction of certain projects might be delayed, Berlin is known for its great airport transfer and has been making trips easier for quite some time, so you can sit back and be driven completely relaxed. Just take a Sixt Driver, for example. The chauffeur will welcome you and the high class escort girl at the airport or your landing location and offer you both a private, pleasant ride to your destination. Through Blacklane you can even book a noble and majestic limousine that will pick you up directly from your destination and bring you to your destination with class and attention. In the following section, you will be able to decide which luxurious accommodation your chauffeur should take you to - we have selected the most beautiful accommodations for you.


Elegant Hotels with the Premium Escort Model Berlin

At the Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome, you can expect an expensive and luxurious stay. The building of the hotel is in the style of the Renaissance and but dates back to the 19th century. Lean back and get casual, with your High Class Escort, in one of the premium suites and enjoy the high ceilings and the wonderful design, which contains colour plays and elegant fabrics and is rounded off by the glamorous chandeliers. In the marble bathrooms of your suite, you can spend a few happy hours together if you feel like it. On the roof terrace of the luxury hotel you and the high class escort model can stop the world for a moment and concentrate only on the breathtaking view of beautiful Berlin. Up there, you forget all the stress and your worries!


VIP Escort Lady in Berlin: Alina


Also Found high up here, the hotel's own bar, which is known for its brilliant cocktails. Tasty drinks, excellent staff and an amazing view - the Rocco Forte Berlin has it all. From the roof terrace, you can also see the Berlin State Opera, which is definitely worth a visit. Berlin's Bebelplatz is also right next to the hotel. Only about 150 meters from the hotel, you can stroll along and enjoy the numerous restaurants and versatile boutiques. After a few drinks you always have the opportunity to take advantage of the 5-star restaurant of the accommodation and enjoy a menu with the high class escort model. You can choose between traditional German and Italian cuisine. Of course, the resort presents a distinctive wellness offer, which includes saunas and a huge indoor pool, where you can experience a few wet moments around the clock with your VIP escort model in Berlin. In steam baths or during professional massages you can completely relax and unwind afterwards.

The Adlon Kempinski Hotel is located right in the center of Berlin and is known and appreciated for its extravagance. Situated at the Brandenburg Gate, the luxury resort offers an important sight. The staff is excellent and always extra attentive to your wishes, ideas and needs - just like the enchanting high class escort models Berlin. Since it was reopened in 1997, there has been no getting around a visit to the Adlon Kempinski. In over 448 rooms, 78 of which are extra glamorous suites, you can enjoy full togetherness with your VIP escort model and indulge in the moment. In the fully equipped and very stylish suites, there are many features and surprises for the guests. Here, the escort service Berlin is experienced at its best.

For those who only want to stay one night, the One Night Suite, the most expensive suite with champagne and an exquisite buffet, is the perfect solution. A slightly different, but no less luxurious, solution is the luxury apartment in the Bellevuestraße in Berlin. On over 152 square meters you have complete privacy with your high class escort model. Two elevators that will always bring you to the right floor and to a pleasant, huge lobby to welcome you. Your suite is not missing anything, so you can enjoy yourself around the clock with the VIP Escort Model without having to worry about a thing.


Premium escort girl Berlin: Alessia


Glamorous events and happenings to visit with your VIP Escort Model Berlin

Those who travel to beautiful Berlin at this time should definitely visit the fashion fair Berliner Durchreise, which takes place in August. After all, it is one of the oldest and most glamorous fashion fairs in the world. It is one of the most relevant fairs in Berlin and surprises every year with glamour and extravagance. This year this 202nd fashion fair will take place - something you should not miss out on! Take part in the event with one of the fashion-conscious high class escort models berlin and enjoy the esprit as well as the VIP escort service Berlin. Experience famous and popular designers as well as international clientele.

Or you could undertake a journey to the Bülowstraße to the Urban Nation. This museum offers modernity and creativity that you will not find anywhere else. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the paintings and be drawn into the world of artists. Discuss the works with your high class escort model about the unusual works and perhaps find a common favorite. The Charlottenburg Palace is a good place to visit, given that you are a fan of the theatre. So if you want to experience a few stage plays with the charming VIP Escort Girl Berlin, you should definitely not miss this. Furthermore, you can enjoy the concerts and orchestras of the castle. In addition to the excellent performance, you will also be presented with a 3-course menu that is something special.

Exquisite ingredients and fine, sparkling champagne will sweeten the evening and make it unique, not to forget the escort, who will always do everything to provide you with the best nights of your life. If you are longing for a little more action, Yachtcharter Berlin has the most luxurious boats and ships for you to rent - be it for a quiet, romantic short trip with the student escort girl or a wild party night to be spent on the yacht. In any case you will find the right vehicle there. On the various boats, which are between 10 and 14 meters long, up to 10 persons will fit. So you can celebrate your party intimate with a couple or in a larger group, perhaps with several high class escort models Berlin, which you can book through the discreet escort agency Ivana Models. Nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable and amazing night on the magnificent yachts.



Time to enjoy Berlin's delicacies with your High Class Escort Model

After a successful boat trip or a visit to a museum, a short detour to a 5-star restaurant is almost obligatory. The Montraw, for example, is excellent for this. It is regarded as a club restaurant and offers a private, very intimate environment, which makes the stay very tempting. The restaurant is located on Prenzlauer Berg and has first-class staff who know their trade better than anyone else. With a lot of passion and love, true works of art are created here from exquisite products. From smoked plants to exclusive carpaccio to special seafood, you can enjoy anything here. For a romantic evening with the top escort model the Montraw is very suitable, because here you can experience the perfect combination of intimacy, warmth and exquisite taste. The modern design provides the necessary elegant atmosphere.


Discreet escort service in Berlin with Victoria


An equally chic restaurant is the Lorenz Adlon, which is managed by Hendrik Otto as the chef. This restaurant has already received two Michelin stars for its exquisiteness and since then has attracted and enchanted many people from all over the world. The classic dishes, cooked by chef Hendrik Otto and his right hand Oliver Kraft, are refined with their extra ingredients and certain spices, which give the food that certain something. They offer you classic and unusual wines, which you will all find on their menu. The Palazzo Berlin combines delicious food and good entertainment, which we think is always a good combination. A fabulous 4-course menu served by a first class team consists of various delicacies. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of the menus and the great staff.

Those who indulge in an expensive menu will certainly yearn for a drink or two in the evening. Where you can find the best in Berlin and how the night is spent in Berlin, we have surmised for you in the following. First of all the Grace Bar, which is located in the Hotel Zoo at Kurfürstendamm. The bar, which is technically very much oriented and based on New York and its ambiance, attracts many people, including more and more celebrities, because of its first class quality and the perfect location in Berlin's upper quarters. Why don't you take your premium escort model to the Ku'Damm for a drink? Enjoy, beside the world class cocktails, the beauty of the young VIP student escort model. Glamour on every corner - this is probably the best way to describe the Grace Bar. If you live out a decadent evening and experience a great ambience, you are in the right place. At the dark bar of the bar the particularly high-quality and extravagant drinks are prepared - nothing for the faint-hearted! Let yourself fall into the velvety sofas and stylish leather furniture.


High Class escort Berlin: Victoria


Fiery nightlife in Berlin - Experience pure ecstasy with your High Class Escort Model

As many people enjoy being out in the open at this beautiful time of year, the Grace bAR EBENSO has a rooftop bar from which you also have a breathtaking view. The Bricks, on the other hand, is located at the Gendarmenmarkt and has been delighting people since day one. Located in the heart of Berlin, the luxury bars cut a fine figure with enchanting cocktails and a high clientele of guests. Beside the numerous, well mixed drinks, the Bricks offers a great selection of the finest music, from Hip Hop to Deephouse. So if you don't just want to meet for a drink, but want to have a party, maybe dance, you can take the High Class Escort Model straight to the Bricks Club Berlin. The Weekend Club promises more than its name suggests and inspires with good Hip Hop and R'n'B. As an important part of the club scene in Berlin, the club attracts an enormous number of prominent people. Since the club is on the 15th floor, the view is of course a brilliant one. So you can enjoy the view over a piece of Berlin while you dance with your VIP Escort Girl Berlin.

For all those interested in fashion, the Weekend Club also has a meaning. After all, it is known throughout the fashion scene and was the venue for last year's Fashion Week Party. None other than Karl Langenfeld also used this club for one of his art exhibitions. A true all-round talent, the Weekend Club, don't miss it. In the Avenue Club you will only find selected guests who belong to FC Barcelona among others. Many sports enthusiasts meet here, so if you are interested in sports, you will definitely feel at home. For those who are less interested in sporting events, Avenue Club offers great drinks and an atmosphere you won't find elsewhere. In the middle is the internationally popular bar, which is always well attended. Look forward to the exclusive guest list, which only accepts a few people.

Berlin, the capital, the variety, the joy. Berlin is known for its wild parties and exciting lifestyle. Venture the journey to or with your High Class Escort Berlin and drink and celebrate like never before! The numerous luxury restaurants provide that certain culinary something. We wish you a lot of fun during your time in bonkers Berlin.



Experience the Berlin spring awakening with a radiant escort model

Exuberant days and nights, joie de vivre at every corner and a love for the very special experience. What are we talking about here? I'll give you three guesses. You can probably already guess that it's about great times with a high class escort girl in Berlin. At which place you should spend the days with your beauty will be revealed in the next lines. This much can be said: You are about to have a particularly wonderful time. A time that will be immortalized in your memory full of glaring sunshine and romantic ecstasies. A time that you should celebrate especially every year. Be happy, you are in Berlin and the sun does the same for you! This is the right place for you: The city of hedonists and lovers of fine taste, is an excellent place for the best escort date in Germany.


Discreet escort girl in Berlin: Alina


Which Berlin escort ladies will be at your side is of course entirely up to you to decide. Let the portfolio of the Ivana Models Escort Agency inspire you and find your favorite. There will certainly be several ladies who will meet your taste, because let's be honest, they are all bombastic! What you can experience is up to the city. Berlin does not plan, it's simple. And if this is a classic tourist tour and you want to enjoy the Berlin sights, then so be it. It's OK not to force yourself and let things take their course. Trust in the "let it all hang out", you are in good hands in the escort capital. The main thing is that you open yourself to the city and are ready for all adventures. 

Berlin culture: two museums that you should not miss with your high class escort model

Those who want to quickly indulge in hedonistic pleasures and only want to take the "museum-must" with them should at least visit the Museum of Natural History and the Pergamonmuseum with their escort lady. It accommodates 30 million specimens, among them the deceased famous polar bear Knut and a mounted dinosaur, which is the largest in the world. The Museum für Naturkunde, founded in 1810, is the largest natural history museum in Germany with impressive collections in the fields of minerals, zoology and palaeontology. Among the highlights of its illustrious collections are an example of an Archaeopteryx, the largest amber boulder in the world, extinct animals such as the quagga and the Tasmanian tiger, as well as deceased local animal celebrities, including the gorilla Bobby and the polar bear Knut. An absolute jewel of this collection is the so-called "wet collection", hundreds of thousands of fish and marine animals kept in glass jars. Some are over 100 years old. They are so numerous that they fill an entire specially designed room in the museum, with shelves that reach up and end just below the roof. And the room is illuminated in a certain way, so that the whole place shines like amber. Even though it is somewhat hidden in the back of the museum, it is a must. If you can't find it immediately, ask for it, don't miss it.


Exclusive escort service in Berlin with Clara


The Pergamonmuseum is located on the Museum Island Berlin and houses original, reconstructed monumental buildings such as the Pergamon Altar and the Market Gate of Miletus. These two exceptional artefacts were transported from Turkey, and since its opening in 1930 there has been controversy over the legitimacy of acquiring the collection. Many have suggested returning the collection to Turkey. When the Pergamonmuseum was badly damaged in an air raid at the end of the Second World War, many objects were stolen. Although many of the main pieces were kept safe, the Red Army collected all the loose museum pieces, either as spoils of war or for safekeeping from the looting and fires that raged in Berlin at the time. In 1958 most of the objects returned to East Germany, but a few important pieces of the collection simply remained in Russia. Many of them are now housed in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. While Germany is debating whether these artifacts should be returned, Russia currently has no plans to take its objects to Turkey or back to Germany.

In any case, you can now check the two cultural sites off your list and enjoy other pleasures with a clear conscience. The cultural part is done and it is time to enjoy more worldly things. A city full of delicious restaurants, chic bars and surprises is waiting for you. You will always be in the best of company, thanks to the top-class escort service of the best escort agency in Berlin


What does your perfect escort travel trip to Berlin look like?

For the art junkies, some might consider a day out in Berlin to include a tour of all the relevant galleries. An endless club night may be the destination of the party animals. And the gourmets may want to indulge in the surprisingly exotic palettes and be enchanted by a world of delicacies, while at the same time being aphrodisiacs. So how do you give a classic escort dinner date, for example, the "Berlin touch"? A question that will certainly make the natives cringe, is certainly relevant for the non-Berliner. Therefore an example for the "temporary Berliners": Perhaps you are not eating the Kobe in the classic way in the restaurant while the maître d'état looks at you with sharp eyes to see if you are enjoying his work in the correct way. No, you are much more likely to be drawn to one of Berlin's extensive rooftops, accompanied by a bottle of wine, a glint in your eyes and the warm rays of the evening sun reflected golden in the sphere of the television towers. The cool, invigorating breeze blows through your hair and you toast to life. Sounds like a cheesy film scene - we love it! Did someone order the best girlfriend experience in Berlin?


luxury escort girl in Berlin with Emily


At this point, die-hard Berliners may shake their heads and tell you that’s advertising make believe. Yes, that's Berlin too. It's in the nature of the city that everyone develops their own definition of "being a Berliner" and is reluctant to let themselves be sidetracked by it. No one minces his words and even etiquette is often left by the wayside. To have an open opinion and to stand by it, as well as to let your counterpart know definitely in all clarity and full cordiality that you have this exact opinion. Berlin muzzle evenly. And that is also good so. Berlin is proud of its culture and is happy to share it. But the emblematic Berlin lady is not easy to have. Maybe only after the second or third meeting. And a KaDeWe trip must already be included. To skip this and become a friend of the city faster, the Ivana Models Escort Agency offers you a sexy travel companion in Berlin. The Berlin escort call girl will lay the city at your feet. Uncompromisingly stylish and endlessly erotic.

Because once you have cracked the Berlin code and the sun is shining, the city explodes with vibrant culture and in all its radiant beauty. Suddenly, you'll absorb every detail of the city into your memory, with the ultimate result of making it unforgettable. The gray corners sparkle with color and vibrating pulses of joy. Worries and hardships give way to an endless desire for closeness. Like a wildfire, an exuberant mood spreads and manifests itself in barbecues, open air festivals and a mix of pleasures that is impossible to put into words. What sounds like an Instagram caption is something to be experienced. The city pulsates. Everybody seems to wake up suddenly and the bitter Berlin snout gives way to a cheeky grin that won't stop. The streets are bursting with life, the parks are in full bloom and the sky presents itself in an even more beautiful blue than what we have been able to observe since the last summer day. Sounds abstract? We say: It's all a question of attitude. Relax, you've earned it. Treat yourself to this spectacle of joie de vivre with a true expert in this field and you too will soon be addicted to the Berlin summer. 


high class escort girl in Berlin: Caroline

The best summer spots: In glistening sunshine with your high class Berlin travel companion 

If you want to experience this summer in its ultimate form, grab your escort girlfriend by the hand and take the lady to the botanical garden in Berlin. The sheer size of the gardens and the lush density of plant life is overwhelming, especially when you consider that so many of these plants are endangered in their natural habitats. What grows strongly and vividly in this collection is often threatened with extinction elsewhere. A botanical and at the same time intimate experience, what a combination! This collection of gardens, sixteen greenhouses and landscapes shows a microcosm of nature's diversity, with flowering vines, waterfalls of rocky cliffs, wooden bamboo rising to the sky and a carpet of ferns, orchids and bromeliads at your feet. Victoria House offers a true tropical setting with the blazing heat loved by orchids and lilies, a bamboo bridge that takes you across the pool to an exotic plant paradise. With over 40 hectares and almost 22,000 plant species, a visit will not be nearly enough to see it all. Make the most of your day there and don't miss the Great Pavilion, which is the largest glass house in the world with a height of about 20 metres and a floor space of 30 x 60 metres. Other exhibits worth seeing are the giant water lilies, carnivorous plant specimens and a small cemetery, which is located to the left of the greenhouse complex coming from the entrance at Queen Luise Square.

If you want to experience the Berliner Wasser in your own boat, you should charter a yacht. Berlin is a great place to rent a boat. You can rent or charter a small motor boat, sailboat, houseboat or even a yacht. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and spend time with your escort lady while you spend the perfect day on the water. From birthday parties or stag parties to extensive holidays, Berlin is the perfect destination for a boat rental. So enjoy the summer with a seductive escort lady on board. Many of the boats are offered with a skipper, so you can sit back and relax. A grill is often on board and the next bottle of champagne is not far away.

After a long day, an open-air movie sounds tempting, doesn't it? The open-air cinemas in Berlin are in season during the summer months. Adventure films unfold under the open sky with a very special atmosphere, horror films give you a real fright under the dark night sky, and a romantic film allows you to snuggle up very close to your loved one under a picnic blanket. One of the oldest open-air cinemas in the capital is the Kreuzberg open-air cinema. There, classics, cult films and current Hollywood blockbusters are shown in their original version with subtitles. The Friedrichshain open-air cinema has a total of 1500 seats. This includes tables and chairs, comfortable benches and spacious lounging areas. Alternatively, private cinema roof terraces can be rented in Berlin if you want to enjoy more privacy.


Private model in Berlin: Valeria

The summer may come: The team of the Ivana Models Escort Agency is at your disposal

Are you inspired by the subtle eroticism of this city and can't wait to live out your ecstasies? Then you should spend the whole day with your high class escort lady in your hotel room, no one will hold it against you. This is also Berlin. We can read in your mind that you are not exactly disinclined. That's our superpower. Rest assured, a booking with the Ivana Models Escort Agency is made quickly and the following pleasures are not tied to long waiting. On the respective escort sedcards you will find more information about the escort models and a, excuse the obvious comparison, suitable for the weather, hot photo gallery. As soon as you have decided, we are looking forward to your message. You are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail to let us realize your ideas. You may tell us everything that would be of special interest to you. The outfit of the escort lady - Kreuzberg casual or rather in Ku'Damm glamour? In addition, we would like to hear your idea of a delicious dinner with your favourite cuisine on the table. If you wish, our team will make reservations and arrangements.

Berlin is looking forward to seeing you!