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Discovering truffle delicacies with the Escort Frankfurt am Main

28 April 2019

The Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt am Main regularly hosts a truffle event which attracts worldwide connoisseurs of delicacies and will provide you with an unforgettable taste experience. Surely, together with your prime High Class Escort Model, you will not only enjoy the numerous varieties of truffles, but also taste which creations can be conjured up with them. Truffles have been considered delicate little treasures since the very beginning of their discovery and have advanced over the decades to become true luxury food. The High Class Ladies, which you can easily book of through our discreet escort agency in Dusseldorf, certainly like truffles very much. Even today the truffle is one of the most popular delicacies and can be found in modern fusion kitchens or traditional cuisines. For many gourmets the truffle is a culinary adventure. Take your High Class Escort to a luxurious dinner which, thanks to the young, educated Escort Frankfurt am Main, will turn into an unforgettable experience! 

At the truffle festival in the Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt there are, besides the popular chef, also various cooking course instructors on site. This gives the event extra glamour. These true truffle experts naturally only present the best sorts and the finest selection. Simply convince yourselves of it. Take your elegant High Class Escort lady with you, pair her with delicious truffles and in combination with an aperitif, you will experience the full luxury truffle event in Frankfurt am Main. The enchanting sight of the beautiful Escort Frankfurt am Main. After the appetizer, you can feast on multi-course menus at the truffle festivals and discuss the delicacies with the exciting High Class Escort at your side. Maybe you'll find a common favourite? Your palate will look forward to the pleasurable tastes of the different delicate truffles. Your High Class Escort will provide for further heavenly hours afterwards. Every year professional forces come together to perfect the truffle events. So there is, apart from the incredible atmosphere, only the finest food and the most important people from the business. Be part of it and make an impression with the seductive High Class Escort at your side. 

From the Gourmet Festival Dusseldorf directly into your own kitchen

If you also want to prepare a deluxe menu at home in the future and enjoy it with your escort Frankfurt am Main, you can let us give you some hints and pointers. So nothing stands in the way of a romantic dinner! Truffles in combination with artichokes and olives should be particularly good, a filet in addition and ready is the first course. Of course you don't necessarily have to go to Frankfurt to be fascinated by these delicacies. You can also take your escort Dusseldorf by the hand and take her to one of the coveted gourmet festivals. The Gourmet-Festival in Düsseldorf takes place this year from the 23.-25.08.19. Let yourself be seduced by the versatile High Class Escort Dusseldorf and the high-quality luxury food at this event. This year the truffle fairs are again in October 2019. So you still have some time to choose the perfect High Class Escort and make use of our VIP escort service. Where will you take your high class model to explore the luxurious truffle delicacies? The Ivana Models Escort Agency wishes you a good appetite and a fabulous time!



A retreat with your escort lady: The rich Germans are moving into the high-rises

There is a new trend in Germany. It is not only the Germans pushing this development, but also the wealthy Chinese, purchase German real estate as a secure investment. You just have to go to Frankfurts Europaviertel, where you will frequently meet VIP escort from the escort service. Here, the „Grand Tower“ is being built and is soon to be the highest building in Germany with apartments to rent, it is going to be 172 meters high. This makes the Grand Tower an interesting investment for the gentleman interested in exciting dates with a high class escort lady. We are going to make this cheeky claim, that extravagant enjoyment and financial freedom go hand in hand.

The impressive construction site between the Frankfurter Main Station and the exhibition trade fair, of course, is not the only project of this extent. Additionally, projects like the Grand Tower are fuel to the fire in the political discussion, about the housing and apartment shortage in Germany, which is currently on its peak. But the escort service is only going to touch on this subject shortly.

In comparison: The city of Hamburg plans to build just as many housing projects by 2020 and is therefore at the forefront in Germany. 27 of the towers for the super rich are being built in Berlin, 25 in Frankfurt am Main. Munich and Dusseldorf, cities with a relatively high GDP per citizen make up places three and four on the list, not a huge surprise. The escort service would like to point out: Not all of these construction projects for the towers are, according to the information of the escort agency, authorized and approved.
The changed image: Welcome your high class escort lady in your high-rise apartment in a central location of the metropolis. You will leave a lasting positive impression.

Believe it or not, our VIP escorts are interested in how the image of real estate has changed with time. Foreign investors kicked off this trend, and especially on the Asian market, the apartment towers have always been in high demand. In Frankfurt the buying price for real estate in the best city location is between 7,000 Euros and 20,000 Euros, depending on how luxurious the apartment is designed. The „Grand Tower“ will have a concierge, a huge rooftop garden and a sun roof. Perfectly made for you and a pretty first class escort model by your side!
Say you purchase a apartment here. Imagine the lascivious dates with your high class escort lady you could have. Spend time at all the amenities together and let tensions rise, while you secretly exchange naughty jokes in public among the rich and powerful.

For the gentlemen interested in our VIP callgirls of the top class escort service: The hype around new real estate will most likely persist.
The interest to invest in new real estate is unbroken. Even after the fire at the Grenfell Tower London and the following discussions about the security of these huge building complexes. Real estate remains a very profitable business and is really only for the super rich. If you do not have an above average pay grade, chances are, you will not be able to afford the amenities of the central location of these notable real estate objects.

The high class escort agency is happy to add to the enjoyment of these luxurious apartments and to be a part of the most memorable parties in Germany. Feel free to contact our luxury escort service and we will advise you on our means to complement your event with the fitting company - the high class escort ladies and vip callgirls really are a great eyecatcher - and the sophisticated, classy flair, which you and your colleagues are going to appreciate.


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