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Servus! be enchanted by the city and your Escort Model Munich

26 August 2019

Tradition and modern vibes united in one cosmopolitan city. Munich awaits you and your lovely company and welcomes you with open arms. In the following we will give you a few hints and tips on how you can spend your perfect day in Munich.


Arrival made easy - Munich welcomes you with open arms

If you arrive in Munich by plane it is necessary to get to your chosen accommodation first. A wide range of airport transfer services and mobility companies are available for this purpose. In addition to the classic private limousine services, you can also fall back on mobility companies such as Uber or Blacklane. Rental cars are of course also available. If you want to stay at the airport for a while, before throwing yourself into the hustle and bustle of the city, we recommend the lounges.

The two lounges, Airport Lounge Europe and Airport Lounge World, are open to any traveller who is willing to pay the one-time fee. Inside, travellers will find various gastronomic refreshments, culinary delights, free WLAN and entertainment. Your high class escort model could also be waiting for you here if you wish. Alternatively, the lady can welcome you at the hotel or travel with you, the choice is yours.

A different extravagant way of travel is by private train. Do you want to experience the Bavarian Alps close up and on rails? Through the panorama deck on both sides, you and your guests can enjoy a breathtaking view of the landscape passing by. With the Luxon by Geisel this is no problem. Here you can also enjoy an excellent "Oktoberfest on Rails". The rooms, which can be arranged according to your requirements, provide the necessary privacy. Definitely the first choice for a luxurious arrival in Munich.


Look forward to luxurious accommodations for you and your lovely escort companion in Munich

You will also be spoilt for choice when it comes to the accommodation where you will spend the next few days with your companion. What kind of accommodation do you want? A classic, elegant hotel suite or a private holiday apartment? For those who want to spend a lot of time here, it may even be the holiday villa - you decide! Even via Airbnb you will find chic accommodations that will offer you a first class time stage for your vacation or work and travel stay. Whether you are on business or on holiday in Munich, your escort lady will sweeten your time.

The 5-star hotel Rocco Forte scores with a view of the old botanical garden and spoils you with an extensive wellness area, with an indoor pool and extensive spa treatments as well as a sauna, a steam bath and a modern fitness room. The rooms are soundproof and offer a great view. The rooms are optically elegant and have a modern design. In the hotel's own bar Sophia's you can enjoy an excellent cocktail or the matching menu in the corresponding restaurant. For tea time, the library offers a quiet lounge for conversation and contemplation.

Of course, the Bayrischer Hof must find its well-deserved recommendation here. The hotel icon has been inspiring state guests and VIPs since 1841. Situated in the elegant Kreuzviertel, the Grandhotel welcomes you with 5 in-house gourmet restaurants and 6 bars as well as an exclusive spa and a rooftop pool. As soon as you enter the hotel's main hall, time stops and you feel like you're in another world. The interior is magical. The heavy woods, the great lights and the decorations of metal and stone fit perfectly into each other. This excellence in design runs consistently through the rooms and suites as well as the hotel bars and restaurants. Your sexy beauty is made for this scene and will give you a phenomenal time here.


Modern interior in a top location in Munich - Enjoy yourself with your VIP Escort Girl

The luxury hotel Beyond by Geisel is modern and impressive. It is located directly at the Marienplatz and offers the appropriate view. The bedroom is a perfect mix of modern applications, indirect light, smooth woods and reserved metals. Nothing is too intrusive, but offers the perfectly matched interior, which lines leads to a fantastic view over to the Marienplatz. The hotel offers a common restaurant, which presents your favourite dish and various lounges if you are looking for good company. As you are already here with your high class escort girl, the bedrooms will provide you with an unparalleled sense of privacy. The modern design standards coupled with the luxury par excellence will not disappoint you.

One last tip: If you are a big fan of football, we can recommend a residence near the Allianz Arena. Here you benefit from luxurious privacy and short distances to the green of the World Cup. Have a good time!



Experience the sights with an escort of the Munich Premium Escort Service

There is a lot to see in Munich and you shouldn't miss anything. You will discover a lot yourself, but in the following a few sights you should not forget. A magical carillon, neo-Gothic facades, always something going on. We are talking about the Marienplatz. No matter whether you want to admire the cathedral or stop at one of the restaurants. Marienplatz is always a good place to start your day. In addition, there is the town hall, which calls to the daily carillon. In addition, the football stars of Bayern Munich wave here when they have once again shot a glittering disc.

If you and your VIP companion want to feel like princes and princesses, you should visit the park and the castle Nymphenburg. Elector Ferdinand Maria donated the castle to his wife Henriette Adelaide of Savoy to celebrate the birth of their son Max Emanuel. Construction began in 1664. At that time, hardly imaginable today, Nymphenburg lay in the open, two hours from the Munich Residenz. Today it is a green oasis for everyone in the middle of the city, which encourages to stroll and enjoy. Here you can flirt and get closer to each other.

Should you be looking for a modern, almost futuristic building, you shouldn't miss the BMW Welt. Here you can admire all models of the car manufacturer, take part in a tour or explore the building yourself. Those who prefer architecture from the past should not miss the Feldherrenhalle and the Theatinerkirche. The VIP Escortservice Munich also offers student escorts of architecture, who should especially like these buildings.


Enjoy an excellent shopping experience in Munich

The day could start quite relaxed with a brunch. Afterwards you go to the city hustle and bustle, perhaps just to shop to your heart's content?

Her reputation precedes her: The first address for a noble shopping experience should, of course, be Maximiliananstraße. Here you will find all the important names from international haute couture with the appropriate branch or flagship store. Everything you and your escort model should like is represented here. Noble fashion, unusual accessories and enchanting jewellery en masse. In addition, you should bring a suitably thick purse with you, if you do not want to look at the stores only from the outside.

Traditional fine craftsmanship and selected boutiques can be found on Brienner Straße. The Bavarian Court Suppliers offer excellent fashion and jewellery work for sale here. Ludwigstrasse also presents itself with selected, partly international, fashion shops. However, it also offers a romantic stroll. Sounds like a nice escort girlfriend experience, doesn't it?


Culinary tradition with your Escort Model Munich

The cross-section of all restaurants and cuisines in Munich is without question one of the most diverse and exciting in Germany. Here you will find influences from all over the world and they are just waiting to be experienced by you and your enchanting companion. If you want to pick up your dose of Munich really fast, go to the Hofbräuhaus. It's not really the most noble place, but the gigantic inn promises a rich menu of Bavarian classics, Maßes of finest beer and traditional music. Throw yourself into a traditional costume in order to fit authentically into the glittering image of this Munich institution. In its cosy and down-to-earth interior the Ratskeller shows its culinary and optical qualities. Here you will find specialities from Munich as well as Franconia, plus Löwenbräu beers fresh from the barrel and wines from the Winery Würzburger Juliusspital.


Exceptionally varied and a spectacle for the taste buds

The Theresa Grill Bar Restaurant is steeped in an artistic ethos that reflects its slender, contemporary interior design. The menu is varied, from Linguine with black summer truffles and Parmesan to guinea fowl with lemon risotto and Buddha's hand. The Koi is a modern Japanese tavern in the Izakaya style that attracts visitors with its cosy atmosphere. The menu features some great mid-range appetizers, but they are the main features that are the true highlights on Kois' menu: Choose Hereford beef with sesame and red chilli cooked on the Robata grill or some super fresh treats from the sushi bar.


Sip cocktails and get closer to your escort model Munich

Munich is the third largest city in Germany, so whether you are looking for a pleasant lounge or a chic cocktail spot, it has something to offer for every occasion. While the range can make the choice difficult, we've done the hard work for you - here's a selection bar that's guaranteed to sweeten the night. Next to your high class call-girl, of course.

None other than the New York Times has named the Zephyr Bar one of the best places to have a drink in Munich. At Zephyr, ordering a cocktail is tantamount to buying your own edible artwork - how the drink looks is not just as well an important aspect, its taste even more. With an emphasis on local spirits, fresh ingredients and quirky names, an evening here leads to a unique cocktail experience. Last but not least: Schumann's Bar. One of Munich's most renowned bars. The owner Charles Schumann has remained true to his principles: He just wants it easy. Cocktails? Preferably classic and with few ingredients. Good service, best quality, no frills. Simple but fine dishes alongside world-class drinks. In general, Charles likes it honest and direct. Sometimes you can see him sitting outside with his apron over his suit in the courtyard garden cutting potatoes. This place is certainly an institution in the Munich bar scene.


Celebrate through the night in the best clubs in Munich

Now you can celebrate the Munich nights strengthened. Let yourself be seen in chic clubs of the Bavarian capital and swing your dancing leg. Your lovely company will turn the head of the rest.

Munich's club landscape would be inconceivable without the Heart on Lenbachplatz. Here the local celebrities meet for dinner, dancing and flirting. Especially at Wiesn time the club is bursting at the seams. The concept was unseen in Munich before: urban, cosmopolitan and stylish interior, the guests create the overall concept with a lively atmosphere, as a happening with art and cultural events. First-class finger food and drinks combined with an innovative and avant-garde design style mix. The Heart is not just a dance floor, but a place where people enjoy excellent drinks and fine food all night long.


Alternative to exclusive - Find your favourite club in Munich

If you are looking for the absolute contrast, you will find an adventurous alternative in Bahnwärter Thiel. Here the Munich subculture dances, mainly to electro or live music. Not noble and luxurious, but authentic and young. After many years of non-use, the former congress centre of the Deutsches Museum in Munich has been revived. Today it is the home of the Blitz Club, which opened in April 2017. The tailor-made sound system is phenomenal and the programming is specialised in contemporary electronic dance music with a focus on techno.

During the American occupation of Munich after the Second World War, the Haus der Kunst in Prinzregentenstraße 1 was used as an officers' mess with an entertainment program. The Americans, however, had their problems pronouncing the street name and so simply called their base "P-One". Today the "Oanser" is one of the most exclusive nightclubs in the world and doesn't need any further recommendation. The P1 is THE place to celebrate with your escort in Munich. Who calls a table his own for the night knows what we are talking about, the rest will probably have to enjoy themselves in one of the many other clubs of the city.

No matter for what purpose you stay here, the ladies of the High Class Escort Agency Munich will sweeten your time and make it unforgettable. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your booking and wish you a lot of fun!



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