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Experience Cologne and Dusseldorf with a high class escort travel companion

13 May 2020

The sun awakes and the spring fever comes up. What a great opportunity to combine an escort date in Cologne or Dusseldorf with the Rhineland joie de vivre. In order for both cities to become the centre of the party and party mood, the 1st FC Köln doesn't even have to play against Fortuna Dusseldorf or the carnival crowd. A few rays of sunshine and a good mood are enough to conjure up a cheerful mood. Even though both cities like to compete, the summer in both is a special experience. To make your decision easier or even more difficult, we would like to make both cities appealing to you and show you why Cologne and Dusseldorf are especially well suited for a dreamlike travel companion. The arrival is made easy. Your escort callgirl Cologne will be happy to travel with you or to receive you at Cologne Airport. Of course the lady can also wait for you directly in one of the luxury hotels in Cologne.

Welcome to Cologne Ehrenfeld - Time to enjoy life

Cologne welcomes you and invites you on a tour through its colourful districts. Ehrenfeld has been a part of the city since the 19th century. Today art galleries, theatres and hip clubs cavort there. Here, street art is lined up with cute shops and manufacturers. Are you a coffee fan? Then have a locally brewed coffee. The Ehrenfelders have a preference for almost artistically brewed coffee. You can start the day with coffee and a hearty breakfast in the cosy Café Sehnsucht. Here you can enjoy a freshly roasted coffee and the best possible start to your day.

Afterwards, you can go on a tour of the district, refreshed and refreshed, what do you think? The sun will be your eternal companion, and the weather in Cologne will entice you out into the open sky. Finally, the sun appears again and it is time to celebrate it together. Luckily, you are in the right place in Cologne Ehrenfeld: In the summer months, the green belt between Subbelrather and Aachener Straße is one of the most popular green spaces in Cologne. Grill lovers and sun worshippers gather below the Colonius Tower. Pack drinks and perhaps a small picnic basket and spend a happy day in the sun with the locals. If you are in Ehrenfeld at the moment, you can still marvel at a piece of architecture here.

After years of construction, the Cologne Central Mosque opened its doors in early 2017. The modern design of glass, wood and concrete elements symbolizes a space for inter-religious activities. Inside, the large domed hall is decorated with white and gold reliefs and words of the Koran. Let yourself be inspired by this building. If you want to relax afterwards in the cool water, the Neptune Bath is probably the best place to go on a hot summer day. The beautiful spa and wellness centre in the heart of Ehrenfeld offers refuge from the hustle and bustle of Venloer Straße. Japanese thermal saunas, baths and pools as well as a hammam and a long list of traditional spa treatments will help you forget about stress.


Bathe in the sun in the Belgian Quarter or relax in the Eifel

Sun in Cologne means "off to the Belgian quarter". Probably the coolest and proudest district in Cologne - the Belgian Quarter is the place to go for a shopping tour in the sun. The street names were inspired by Belgian cities. You can look forward to fashion boutiques, interior design shops and wonderful little things. The centre of the district is the churchyard on the Brüsslerplatz, which is transformed into a lively beer garden in summer. Even if you and your escort lady are more likely to enjoy champagne or a cocktail, it's a great place to enjoy yourself. Throughout the year, various events take place here to celebrate the best that the Belgian Quarter has to offer: Food, fashion, art and design.

The shops, galleries and workshops of the Belgian Quarter open their doors on every occasion to present the latest trends in design, from home decor to interior design and furniture. In April, the annual Le Tour Belgique takes over for a weekend, making the quarter pulsate with a day and night programme with DJ sets, live concerts, art exhibitions, lectures, theatre performances and much more. On the occasion of Chic Belgique, you will also enjoy late-night shopping and events in the respective shops. According to the district, waffles, chips and Belgian sausages taste best here, by the way. With a snack in hand, you can also discover a wealth of street art. Thanks to the many local artists and creative people, the district has a very artistic touch. Street corners, lampposts and garage doors are decorated with murals and stencils, but there are also some galleries dedicated to urban art. Enough to spend a whole afternoon exploring. 

By the way, if you like to spend your time with your outcall girl in Cologne away from the hustle and bustle, you can also indulge in nature in the Eifel. A weekend trip to the Eifel is an ideal refuge and far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Cologne. Whether for a cure or a relaxing wellness holiday, you are in the right place. Charming historic villages like Monschau or untouched nature promise total relaxation. The extensive area has a lot to offer. Parts of the Eifel, which were declared a national park some years ago, are criss-crossed by romantic streams, fields and beech forests, which you can explore on hiking trails through the landscape.


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The city welcomes you and your high class escort girl Dusseldorf

In Dusseldorf there are many exciting districts to discover and the blazing sun gives the perfect occasion to do so. From a generous dose of culture to a piece of nature, from breathtaking architecture to historical sites - every district of Dusseldorf has its own offer and its very own character. And let's face it: with the summer sun at your back and an escort beauty at your side, every city is equally pleasant to explore. Here Dusseldorf offers something for every taste. 

In the upscale Oberkassel you can take a stroll along the banks of the Rhine and admire the old churches. The Oberkassel bridge offers a fantastic view, which makes this place perfect for a romantic moment of a GFE. For shopping and eating, there are many things to do here - you will always have something to do. You might find your new favourite wine here or pass the time at the biggest funfair on the Rhine. If you are drawn directly to the big water, we recommend a panoramic boat tour. Here you can marvel at the city and have champagne and snacks served. This is how sightseeing goes! In Niederkassel, relaxation and meditation are very important. Niederkassel borders closely on Oberkassel and is a quiet, peaceful district, perfect for both of you. A large part of the huge Japanese population of Dusseldorf lives here. Therefore a particularly attractive place in this area is the EKŌ House of Japanese Culture, a beautiful traditional Japanese garden and temple. Here you can relax after an eventful day together and enjoy the fantastic nature that is displayed here. 

Just outside the city centre, Kaiserwerth is also the perfect place to relax. Kaiserswerth is one of the oldest and at the same time one of the most sought-after districts of the city. It enjoys an enviable location on the Rhine and with its beautiful houses and green avenues is considered one of the most picturesque parts of the city. The most attractive landmark of this historic city is the Kaiserpfalz, the ruins of the seat of the Holy Roman Empire in the early 11th century. Kaiserswerth's other claim to fame is the Kaiserswerth Deaconess Institute, where Florence Nightingale worked. Historic churches and architecture, cosy beer gardens and the opportunity to take a river cruise make Kaiserswerth a great day trip for tourists and locals alike. If you are looking for the opposite, you will definitely find it in the city centre. Here you will find the main railway station, one of the most popular areas of the city. But the real attraction of Stadtmitte is Dusseldorf's premium and luxury shopping street, the Königsallee, which should be familiar to you. Stadtmitte is also the city's financial district, home to WestLB and the stock exchange. Dusseldorf's best theatre, the Schauspielhaus, is also an extremely popular landmark. Cirque du Soleil is also a regular performer here, enchanting you both with acrobatics and a little magic. A quarter with a variety of ways to pass the time. Enjoy it!


The best places in Dusseldorf for a girlfriend experience

Romantic moments can be lived out excellently in Dusseldorf. Where exactly are you probably asking yourself. We have compiled a list of romantic places in Dusseldorf that will provide a great stage for your date. If you are thinking beyond dinner and a movie and want to make your date something special and unusual, then Dusseldorf is the place to be. Whether you decide on a lazy cruise on the Rhine or a romantic stroll in the castle park, explore ancient ruins together or have a picnic on the beach, the city's many unique locations ensure that your date will be anything but a cliché.

Schloss Benrath is a pink decorated 18th century castle, which is considered a fine example of the baroque architectural style. The castle's two museums - the Museum of European Garden Art and the Natural History Museum - house an admirable collection of sculptures, works of art, paintings and other artefacts from the 18th century that would delight any couple interested in history. Afterwards, you can take a romantic stroll in the immaculately maintained formal English gardens, which cover over 60 hectares and are interspersed with ponds, fountains, flower beds, herb gardens and wide walking paths shaded by tall trees. If you can't get enough of playing king, you should also visit Dyck Castle. Less than half an hour's drive from Dusseldorf, Schloss Dyck sits enthroned in the landscape like a painting, with the promise of a romantic summer afternoon. The beautiful moated castle dates back to the 11th century and offers public tours of its museum. Afterwards you can take a leisurely walk or sit in the lush gardens by the water with ducks as company.

If you prefer a dinner in the airy heights instead of the old walls, the Rhine Tower is the right place for you. This escort date deserves a spectacular setting, such as the futuristic 240-meter-high Rhine Tower, which dominates the cityscape. In the revolving restaurant Günnewig Restaurant Top 180 you can enjoy a sumptuous, romantic meal while enjoying a panoramic view of the city from a height of 170 meters. The restaurant rotates around its own axis within an hour and offers a magnificent view from all tables. The Rhine is also romantic. Here you settle down with your accompanying lady for a picnic. The Rhine is Dusseldorf's lifeline, and the Rhine promenade is perhaps the most beautiful and lively part of the city. Couples love to stroll along the promenade or lazing on the steps, watching cruise ships pass by and perhaps watching a wonderful sunset. As far as the gastronomic offer is concerned, this area is unbeatable. The old town is home to an endless array of restaurants and cafés and the longest bar in the world. It might be a good idea to take a Rhine boat trip from here.


Best places to visit in Dusseldorf with your escort girl

Excellent escort dates can be experienced in Dusseldorf and Cologne, you decide!

No matter where you both are drawn to, whether Cologne or Dusseldorf, each city has its own distinct charms. When the sun is shining brightly at the beginning of summer, both cities on the Rhine shine in all their glory. Be it for shopping, an extensive cultural tour or endless fun in your hotel room. No matter what your plan for the escort travel date is, it will inspire you! In any case, life can be enjoyed in the company of a hostess. The Ivana Models Escort Agency arranges the discreet company in no time at all. Let the sedcards of the ladies inspire you and choose your favourite. After a short consultation by our team your dream date is booked and the fun can begin. Enjoy the variety of the inspiring ladies, the decision is certainly not easy. The ladies are all too convincing and stunning at the same time. You are welcome to tell our team about special requirements or wishes for your date, so that the experience becomes very individual. The best escort service in North Rhine-Westphalia is at your disposal in all its glory.