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Experience the High Class Escort Service Zurich

24 July 2019

Welcome to Zurich, let your escort adventure begin

Whether you want to meet with your high class escort model on site or travel together, is up to you. Of course, Zurich offers all the necessary transport facilities you might need for a comfortable transfer and stay. Classic means of transport, taxis or mobility services are at your disposal. You can drive in style with a Zurich private limousine company. Thus the Zurich airport transfer is quickly completed and you can concentrate on the fun things in life. The E-TukTuks, a kind of Swiss adaptation of the Asian moto rickshaws, represent a small speciality. Herewith you enjoy a round trip of the special kind. If you prefer to sit behind the wheel yourself, various car sharing or rental car services are available. Alternatively, you can travel by train and admire the impressive main station on arrival. As a small sight we can also recommend a ride on the Dolderbahn, which also stops right at the most beautiful corners of the city. Similarly, you can travel on the Limmat in Zurich. The river divides the city and offers excellent sights that you probably wouldn't even notice on foot. The river flows into Lake Zurich, which of course can also be navigated. How about a boat tour, accompanied by a premium escort model?



The best accommodation for you and your escort model

Arriving in Zurich, you will find various high class luxury hotels, private villas and stately Airbnb accommodations. It is definitely worthwhile to rent a suitable accommodation early enough. Look for suites or apartments with a feel-good factor to make your time with the high class escort model, in the right environment, unforgettable. Do you prefer classic or modern accommodations? You will definitely find what you are looking for in Zurich. Even if you are on the road during the day, discovering the city, you will want to come back to luxurious four walls in the evening to enjoy all the other pleasures of the night. A rustic hut in the vicinity of Zurich should definitely be considered. Here you will enjoy total privacy and a traditional living atmosphere.

With regard to luxury hotels, we can recommend a few houses below. If you want to enjoy a great choice of suites and interiors, Baur au Lac is a safe luxurious choice. Baur au Lac owes the sophisticated taste of its guests to the leading position it has held in the international luxury hotel industry for 175 years. Located in its own park, the hotel enjoys a unique location overlooking the lake and the Alps and is also just a few minutes' walk from Paradeplatz and Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich's popular high-end shopping street. The 119 rooms and suites offer maximum comfort and privacy and are equipped with all the technical refinements you would hardly notice. The Park Hyatt Zurich in particular comes with a warm recommendation. Noble rooms and suites welcome you and your escort in Zurich. You can always rely on the staff with the eagle eye, they will read every wish from your lips. The Widder Hotel is located in the old town of Zurich and comprises eight listed buildings. Among them are three restaurants, a garden and a library. The accommodations are impressive wood applications, heavy fabrics, golden highlights and all in all very varied. Here you will experience a passionate hotel service that will remain in your memory.


Zurich sightseeing with a glamorous escort model

Where is the best place to start in Zurich? Let the old town of Zurich inspire you. You can expect cathedrals in Gothic style, magical alleys and traditional buildings. Around every corner you will find something to marvel at and discover. The atmosphere is rustic but always classy and sophisticated. Here you can stroll and relax. In order to get an authentic feeling for Zurich, you are in good hands here. For architecture fans, check out the already mentioned Central Station. This has been expanded over the years and is not only impressive from the outside. Here you will find a stately building which you should not miss. Beside the decorations the interior is equipped with good shopping occasions. Those who do not get enough of the impressive buildings should not miss the churches Fraumünster and Großmünster either. It is worth climbing the steps here, because you will enjoy a perfect view over the city.

Set your eyes wide and let yourself be inspired by the city. If you want more of the churches, visit the St. Peterskirche and the Liebfrauenkirche - Zurich has an abundance of impressive churches. If you want to enjoy a special view in a modern setting, you can visit the Primetower Zurich. Completely glazed and with a chic interior on every floor. The perfect counterpart to the Gothic architecture of the historic buildings. Zurich knows best how to combine the classic with the modern, thus creating a magical hybrid of a city. The Limmat, which flows into Lake Zurich, is a sight in itself. Along the banks there are many landmarks of the city and excellent opportunities to discover the cuisines and tastes of the city. If altitude attracts you, we can highly recommend a day trip to Mt. Titlis. The mountain can be reached idyllically by panoramic train and you can enjoy a fantastic view. In Zurich, accompanied by a high class escort lady, you can find many more landmarks and sights. We wish you lots of fun discovering and marvelling.



Shopping Zurich with the VIP Escort Girl

As already mentioned, there are adequate shopping possibilities right at the main station or the airport. So if you can't wait and want to get into the shopping frenzy right away, you'll find the right places to go right here at ShopVille Zurich. From cosmetics to culinary and even sexy lingerie, you can shop here right after your arrival. Your lovely escort lady will of course have her favourites in her luggage, but choosing a beguiling fabric together is an experience in itself. Of course the shopping offer extends far over the whole city and you are by far not forced to limit your shopping frenzy to the main station. The Sihlcity shopping centre has all the popular brands that the shopping heart could desire.

On almost 100,000 square metres you can enjoy a whole day and shop from shop to shop. If you are looking to spend big, Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse offers boutiques and curated stores of all the relevant luxury brands you can imagine. A breeze of Louis, a little Coco and Bvlgari - luxury shopping par excellence in Zurich. In addition to the latest cuts and sparkling diamonds, you'll also find fine watch brands and fine threads for him. So maybe you'll let yourself tailor the right suit for you, your escort girl won't be able to keep her eyes on you. When it comes to shopping, you will certainly find what you are looking for in Zurich and it will become one of your finest shopping experiences. Not least because of the exchange rate of the stable Swiss franc.


Discover culinary Zurich

Gastronomy lovers can also discover the city in an equally delicious way - for example with a fondue during an E-TukTuk trip or on a cruise paired with a wine and cheese tasting. On the food tour through the trendy Zurich-West district, gourmets discover what Zurichers love to eat and drink, while participants in the Chocolate Tour can find out how the professionals craft their chocolate. Those looking for an exceptional experience can brew their own beer, learn how to make cheese or bake their own bread in a historic mill. So there is no limit to your culinary stay. Whether you want to enjoy culinary delights with the fullest service, or you want to get crafty and conjure up a first-class dish, in Zurich you have to enjoy everything that is offered to you. Your escort model will be impressed and will be delighted to explore the city's many cuisines with you.

If you want to enter the culinary competition with your high class escort model, the "Chuchischlacht" cooking duel is the first place to go. Here you can let off steam in modern kitchens and conjure up various first-class dishes. If you want it more rustic, you can bake your own bread creations under the guidance of masters. Similar offers can also be found for making delicious chocolate. In the Old Town you can combine your very own mixes of chocolate. A sweet and joyful experience for you and your first class escort lady. For the fans of the grapes, the finest wines can be tasted in many places. Even on water, while the connoisseur tells you more about the wines, you get to enjoy a boat tour. These suggestions are, of course, aimed more at chefs and those who want to become chefs. Of course, you should also let yourself be pampered during your holiday. So if you prefer to sit relaxed in a noble restaurant and have a stimulating conversation, we would like to give you a few recommendations.

Those who love the cross between Swiss and French cuisine will feel perfectly at home at the Restaurant Weisses Rössli. Multi-course menus of the extra classes are offered for enjoyment. Noble arrangements for the entire range of tastes await you. The same naturally applies to the upper echelons of restaurants in Zurich. For example, the Ecco has a rustic terrace with a magnificent view of the surrounding area. While you enjoy the view and the impressive escort model, you feast on puristic, perfect creations that are almost impossible to describe in writing. You should make your very own impression. Didi's Peace, on the other hand, scores very traditionally and with Swiss classics, the selection is impressive and will leave you no less than enthusiastic. In Bu's you will find fine pieces of meat on your plate and you will be presented with excellent dishes in a traditional, equally sophisticated ambience. Even if you are in Switzerland, you should not miss the Wiener Schnitzel here. To really name all the outstanding cuisines of the city, we lack the space here. With the restaurants mentioned you can be sure, however, that you will be served excellently and spoiled culinarily.


Spirits and bars are a perfect match for Zurich's escort service

If you already want to enjoy a fine cocktail at dinner, this is of course possible in most restaurants. Afterwards, both of you may want to enjoy a little more privacy while enjoying fresh cocktails. If you want to combine this with an excellent view, the Panorama Bar Jules Verne offers the right location to be inspired by both as well as the glamorous appearance of the escort model. The stylish bar is located near the top-class Bahnhofstrasse. Closer to the ground is the Cinchona Bar. The atmosphere is less noble, but playfully modern. The accessible staff is happy about every new face and will be happy to advise you on your cocktail taste. For the true connoisseurs or prospective customers we can recommend the bar Old Crow. There you will be pampered with the finest cocktail creations by the well-rehearsed and professional team. The bar keepers will be happy to share their extensive knowledge with you if you are a connoisseur of bar art yourself.



Zurich Exhibition, Nightlife & Event Locations

Do you like partying and going out? Possibly with a sexy student escort? Many young women choose the attractive life of a high class escort model and accompany you to Zurich with pleasure. The nightlife in the metropolis is diverse and varied. Zurich is the place for night owls, because nowhere else in Switzerland is there such a big nightlife. Whether in one of the countless bars on Langstrasse, in a cosy lounge high above the rooftops of Zurich, in the best places of a concert or in a club with electronic, rock or experimental music - thanks to the short distances, Zurich's clubs, bars, parties and concerts guarantee an unforgettable evening. Don't miss the aura and the Mascotte, the oldest club in the city, invites you to dance. In any case, you will be able to enjoy the time of your life, just let yourself be carried away. In addition to the party temples, there are regularly interesting fairs and events here at Messe Zurich. These include Startupfair 2019, the largest startup fair in Switzerland. Also the FESPO, the fair for holidays and travel, if you need inspiration for your next trip soon. Last but not least, you should pay a visit to the Casino Zurich. Together, you can put on a glamorous end to your dream escort trip in Zurich.


Zurich Music and Opera House


For your bookings, the high class escort agency Zurich is at your disposal and wishes you a lot of fun during your stay.


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