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The best ideas for your next escort date in Zurich

19 September 2022

The best ideas for your escort date Zurich

While looking for an exclusive and luxurious escort date in Zurich, you have come across our agency. The beauty of the ladies will have left you speechless, and the pictures of the sedcards will have stimulated your imagination. You may have also browsed through the profiles of the ladies and found your dream date. Now, in the process of booking the question of how a date with a high class escort lady can look like may arise. As one of the best agencies for escort services in Switzerland, you will find not only intelligent and stunningly beautiful ladies here but so much more. If you are planning a rendezvous in Zurich we have put together some ideas for a romantic date in Zurich. 

What can you expect from an escort date?

Nothing less than the crème de la crème of dating. You will exclusively meet picture-perfect, eloquent women of the world who will impress you all along the line. You will feel completely at ease from the first second and will quickly notice the crackling between the two of you. Above all, however, it is about your ideas and wishes. This means that your escort lady will gladly take care of your interests and thus give you an unimaginably wonderful time. A date can be a romantic candlelight dinner or a joint visit to the golf course for example. If you are still undecided what you are in the mood for, or you need inspiration for your date in Zurich we have some suggestions for you here: 

Bicycle tour through the city

What may seem ordinary at first glance can quickly turn into a great date. After all, how often do you see couples cooing on a bike ride together? To exchange amorous glances and to have fun is virtually pre-programmed. In addition, you can explore the city on your own and at exactly the speed you like. At the numerous bike rentals tandems are also available, if you want to step it up a notch considering the proximity to each other. 

Go for a walk with ice cream

If you prefer to walk, an extensive stroll is a great option. Zurich provides the perfect venue for this. Nature lovers will get their money's worth in the park. There, the Zurich Arboretum is absolutely worth a visit.

On the other hand, there is always something going on at the well-known Lake Zurich. Especially now in spring and in the upcoming summer, when the days become friendlier again, people are driven outside. Absorb the positive energy while walking and take a break at Gelati by the lake. Known for Italian ice cream specialties, you and your high class escort lady Zurich will be able to completely indulge in the sweet seduction.  

Drinks in the Rooftop Bar

Exclusive dates include equally exclusive locations. If you want to impress your lady of the heart with a breathtaking view of Zurich while enjoying exquisite creations of renowned bartenders, you should visit Jules Vernes Panoramabar Zurich together.  

With our ideas your escort date in Zurich will be a great success!

Now it's up to you - what do you feel like doing? If one of the date ideas interests you, we suggest that you indicate your desire directly in the request. Finally, all that remains is to send it and congratulations - you did it! Congratulations on booking a date through Ivana Models Agency Swiss Edition. This much is said: you will have an unforgettable time with your high class escort lady in Zurich. We wish you a lot of fun!


Kopi Luwak - Hot coffee and hot fun with a classy, hot high class escort girl

Champagne, wines, steaks, desserts - there is no question that there are a lot of expensive and luxurious delicacies that you can prepare, eat and enjoy together with your escort Zurich. There are no limits to your fantasies and preferences, as long as they are tasty and extravagant. Today, however, it is all about a drink that every busy and hard-working person knows, loves and needs, the well-known coffee. It is the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak, which lives up to its name and is known worldwide with its unmistakable taste. Impress your single lady from Zurich with a hot and unforgettable cup of coffee, which can also have an aphrodisiac effect. The unique and in the taste strongly outstanding luxury coffee Kopi Luwak, will enliven and seduce the young and dynamic escort lady of your choice and is known among other things by its unusual and impressive production. The procedure is time-consuming, very cumbersome and takes place mechanically. However, there are now even some companies that try to make this lovely coffee exclusively by hand. 

What is really interesting about this process are the ingredients, namely coffee cherries. This does not seem to be particularly exciting at first. However, it should not be omitted that these coffee cherries are first eaten by Indonesian cats of a certain kind and then excreted again, cleaned and processed. The following process takes a lot of time and work. Roasting takes a very long time, which ensures that the taste is extra intense and seductive in every sip. This requires, among other things, extreme care and a certain amount of know-how to ensure that every bean is processed perfectly. If you want to convince yourself of this process, you can take your elegant and travel-loving Travel Escort from Zurich with you in one of the factories where this excellent and delicious coffee is made. For those who want to enjoy their coffee at home, there is the Coffee World Shop, where you can order this delicious variety.

A coffee and a Travel Girl Zurich for all the senses

In order to impress your tender and always inquisitive VIP Call Girl Zurich with a little extra knowledge, you can explain the origin of the word Kopi Luwak to her. The word "Kopi", which has an Indonesian background, simply means "coffee", and the term "Luwak" stands for the type of creeping cat that the coffee cherries eat. In order to score a little more with numbers, we can inform you that the popular and special coffee Kopi Luwak costs about 500 euros per kilogram. After work, sit down relaxed with the perfect Escort Zurich to a perfect cup of delicious, delicate and very luxurious coffee, in one of the enchanting cafés or directly in a hotel and stop the time for a moment to offer your eyes, your palate, simply all your senses, a piece of heaven. The grandiose coffee provides the right taste on your lips, your other senses will be taken care of by the noble high class escort.


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