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Travel girl on shopping in Zurich

A Date with an Escort Lady in Zurich

18 December 2022

The life of an escort can be versatile, exciting and luxurious. Especially for young female students in Zurich it can hold many advantages and adventures. But what makes the high class escort service so attractive for female students? What makes the young fashion ladies so irresistible? Hardly any man can say no to a stunning first class student who reads his every wish from his lips. The Ivana Models agency in Zurich therefore offers an impressive selection of well-conducted, eloquent and sugar-sweet student ladies who will accompany you on a dinner date or a trip to make it an unforgettable one. 

The magic of student escorts in Zurich

Dear gentleman, how about a young, enchanting lady who exudes passion, lust and love? How about a VIP callgirl in Zurich who will become your personal temporary girlfriend? Let all your erotic dreams come true - with the picture-perfect, talkative female students in Zurich. On a discreet date, carefree times, fun hours as well as good conversations are in store for you. All these aspects combine the female students in an incomparable way. The young ladies continue their education at the university during the day and enjoy their free time in the evening, preferably in the company of an interesting, eloquent gentleman, like you.

The change from university life appeals to many of the female students, who would also like to live out their lives sexually. It is only secondarily about a lucrative extra income, rather the female students are looking for exciting gentlemen with interesting stories, and invigorating adventures. Together you can forget your everyday life on a romantic date, leave your worries at home and give yourself to each other completely, just as you deserve it. Be sure, your lady will feel at least as much pleasure and joy as you do. And this is exactly what makes student escorts so irresistible. They have eyes only for you the entire time, and your happiness means the highest pleasure for the girls. They are so authentic, cheerful and open-minded because they do exactly what they love - keep charming gentlemen company while meeting new, diverse people as well as stories. It would be a pity not to give joy to these female students as well by spending a first-class time with them.



Whether you are looking for an escort for the vacations, an alibi girlfriend for a business dinner or simply for entertaining company on a trip - with the right student, every day will be a true success! Let yourself be seduced by the wit and class which the young students in Zurich display. Plunge into an unforgettable adventure together with the ladies, on which you will feel eroticism, passion as well as hot lust. The student ladies, who are in the middle of their studies, experience a variety of exciting bits of life every day, which they will love to tell you about. With a premium girlfriend experience in Zurich you can enjoy all the benefits that a date brings with it. Delight in the eloquence and sparkling stories that will be told to you on an exhilarating date. If you are looking for an open-minded and outgoing escort, the female students in Zurich are just what you need! No inappropriate conversations, no awkward silences, no uncomfortable situations - exclusively beguiling, sizzling eroticism between the two of you, as well as stimulating conversations, and all that throughout the entire date. 

After all, every coed girl accompanying you knows how to behave. They can move within any scene and always make an excellent figure. But do not be confused by the happy spirit and carefree nature of the student girl - she may be young and wild, but she always knows the importance of punctuality, etiquette and discretion. After all, especially a student knows how relevant those qualities are, and equally how to best implement them. The charming mix of an open, outgoing lifestyle and wild, adventurous traits makes student escorts the best companions you can imagine. Of course, their talkativeness should not be underestimated either. They experience exciting and thrilling moments every day, be it in university, their job or leisure time, which they will love to tell you about. And you, dear gentleman, may also tell her about your day. Thus, you can get to know your student escort lady as well as tell her likewise about your own preferences, hobbies and much more. Whether you are currently looking for a girlfriend experience, planning a spontaneous short trip or simply want to be in good company - the student escorts of the Ivana Models Agency are already looking forward to reading your every wish from your lips and to completely captivate you. Are you ready for an exciting adventure in Zurich? 

Sexy roleplay with the student escorts in Zurich

We are convinced: as soon as you have spent some time with the students of our high class escort agency, you will be fascinated by the open, humorous manner of the ladies. Of course, the ladies also know to let their humor show at the appropriate times and to impress you within a few seconds as well as to seduce you completely. Wit and esprit are just in the area of the accompaniment of great relevance as well as importance, which is why these aspects are also not too short with the students. So, at any time of your date you can be sure to be in good hands as well as to receive the exquisite attention and company you deserve. 

But if it is a little more than just talk you are after, we have a tip for you: the callgirls love to dress up, slip into sexy outfits and make your fantasies come true. There are a variety of costumes and role plays they can do together. Let yourself be seduced in the process, fall under their spell and be completely entranced. Because you can also have a say in the outfit of the lovely girls! Express your preferences before your deluxe date and tell us the desired clothing for the respective lady. Once again, there are no limits to your fantasies, let your most intimate wishes come true! Our luxury escort agency will arrange carefree hours for you, which you can enjoy according to your preferences and needs. Even when it comes to role play, the discreet outcall girls are open and willing to experiment. Let off steam with the high class callgirls in Zurich and experience an incomparable time that you will not forget so quickly!

What kind of roleplay they want to try, is entirely up to your ideas. You can, of course, fall back on the well-known classics or indulge in a whole new world of costumes and roleplaying. Whatever you choose, we are sure that your time in Zurich will be of the first class!

What’s the best place to party in Zurich? 

Time for some action, excitement and beauty - dear gentleman, it's party time! Especially female students in Zurich love the nightlife and would like to take you on a wild trip. Jump into the adventure and explore the best bars in Zurich with your personal VIP Girlfriend. Together you can shake a leg as well as enjoy fresh, invigorating as well as tasty cocktails. Contact us to find out which drink your dream lady prefers to have, so you can have delicious fun together. 

Still looking for the best bars in Zurich? We offer you a list of the city's hot spots below - enjoy! 

The "Kaufleuten" on Pelikanplatz is a perfect place for a dance date. World-famous DJs provide the right ambience. Live concerts also take place at Kaufleuten, one of the best nightclubs in Zurich. On Tuesdays, hip-hop events are usually held here. If you are looking for a cool time out, Kaufleuten is certainly a good place to go. You may have to wait in long lines, so we recommend making a reservation in advance. A great place for young people, especially female students, to relax, dance, eat as well as drink, with a music performance in the background that always gives the right flair. The "Blok" in Schiffbaustrasse is suitable for all fans of house and electro music. One of the best disco clubs in Zurich, a place that will make you feel like time is frozen and there is no tomorrow. There is no dress code, however we recommend a smart casual look for both of you. With your lady you will certainly cause envious looks in the clubs of Zurich. But don't worry - the smart girl at your side only has eyes for you! 

You want to experience the most popular performances and live concerts in Europe? Then treat yourself to a fine time out and be a guest at Mascotte at Theaterstrasse 10. It is one of the oldest and best clubs in Zurich that still has new and amazing offerings for all visitors. This is not only limited to music performances, you can also enjoy stand-up comedy acts and international performances. Here you can party the night away and enjoy invigorating acts. 

The exhilarating nightlife with an travel girl in Zurich 

But that is certainly not enough. We have more tips for an exciting night out in Zurich. The Hive at Geroldstrasse 5 is especially known for electronic music. Here, both will present you with on-site musical artwork by local artists, which you can enjoy while having a delicious drink. If you want to experience a whole night of dancing, partying and delicious food, we can recommend the Hive. After all, it is not for nothing that you will find a kitchen with an excellent selection of tasty delicacies. The club "Supermarket" is located at Geroldstrasse 17. The popular club was opened in the 90s, first in a garage, which was located in the west of the city of Zurich. In the meantime, the underground club has been upgraded and is now one of the most popular party venues in Zurich. The electronic beats and the international DJ's, who play on site, provide an unforgettable, great music experience, which you should certainly try on a date or during a girlfriend experience.

Like it “all in one”, dear gentleman? If you are looking for a night without end, you should venture to Bleicherweg 5. There you will find the club "Aura". This is a great venue right on the market, which consists of a Michelin star restaurant, a club, a bar lounge and many other areas. This club is a wonderful place for party people. The venue is a bit older, but has an impressive clientele, and also hosts great high-end events. You should not miss the dance parties that are organized every Saturday night. 

The Alice Choo stands for extravagance and class. Located at 275 Limmat Street, this classy club offers some of the best international performances. If you have a membership, you can enjoy many more stylish, luxurious extras while you dance the night away with a gorgeous lady. The club also houses a restaurant that offers amazing, irresistible pan-Asian dishes by the famous chef Nathan Dallimore from New Zealand.
A trip to the future with the premium escort service? In the so-called club "Zukunft" you are in another great underground club, which is famous for its eclectic selection of musical performances. Electro, house and crossover with a funky twist is the specialty of the club "Zukunft"; you will definitely love it. You can find the establishment at Dienerstrasse 33.

The high class girlfriend experience by the Ivana Models Escort Agency 

The cosmopolitan student girls are bursting with joie de vivre as well as eloquence. If you are thinking of embarking on a beguiling first class escort date, we recommend that you take up a date with one of the young escort ladies of the Ivana Models Escort Agency. We are sure that you will certainly not regret this decision! The city of Zurich holds diverse attractions, impressive clubs as well as exciting bars and luxurious restaurants for you. With the right companion, you will excellently savor all these highlights and enjoy a first-class time that you both will not (or do not want to) forget so quickly. Especially with such an open-minded and young student it is easy to live. Together you can explore foreign places, taste fine delicacies as well as enjoy each other's company and brilliant conversations.  Get involved in a varied, seductive and extravagant time with your student in Zurich. Our team wishes you a lot of joy and beautiful days in Switzerland.



Shopping in Zurich: The Swiss way to shop

Shopping in Zurich - A shopping trip is exciting, intense and gives a lot of pleasure if you are with the right person and know the hot spots of the city. With a first class escort, shopping in Zurich becomes especially exclusive. Visit exclusive boutiques with selected items of haute couture and high fashion.  

Zurich: Paradise for Shoppers

Zurich is famous for each neighborhood having its very own shopping experiences in store for you. From exquisite Swiss chocolate to luxury watches and the latest fashion from Paris, Zurich is full of beautiful things waiting for you to be discovered. Therefore, a single day for a shopping trip may not be enough. We recommend taking at least a weekend and staying in one of the city's luxurious 5-star hotels.

With the right company, shopping in Zurich becomes a pleasure

While you've made an excellent choice for a shopping destination in Zurich, a weekend of shopping still offers potential for disagreement. From the selection of boutiques, to the length of time you spend in each, to the choice of restaurant for dinner, preferences and opinions can continue to diverge.
Fortunately, these problems will not arise during your shopping trip, as you have chosen the perfect travel companion with your High Class escort girl. No matter what wishes you have for your trip, your temporary girlfriend will sweeten your time. A little something for the escort girl is not a matter of course, but a nice gesture that you will not regret.

Hot-Spot: Bahnhofsstrasse

However, the hot spot for shopping is undoubtedly the city center with its legendary "Bahnhofsstraße". This is where the city's most exclusive stores gather. Here you can find department stores and boutiques for goods of all kinds. Furs, shoes, haute couture, jewelry, watches - opportunities to spend your money are countless. You may discover a stunning evening dress or hot lingerie that you would like to see on your escort model. Or you may add a luxury Swiss watch from Rolex, Audemar Piquet or Patek Philippe to your watch collection as a memento of your time together. 

Swiss Chocolate

In any case, if you are in the mood for a sweet temptation, you should explore the confectioneries of Zurich. Already known for many centuries for their craftsmanship, tradition and pleasure, the chocolate makers also determine the Zurich cityscape. Confiserie Sprüngli is particularly popular. As the oldest confectionery in Zurich, it not only looks back on a successful past, but has also mastered the leap into modern Switzerland with flying colors. Indulge in the more than 50 different types of chocolate together with your escort or try the "Luxemburgerli" cookie. Afterwards, you will hardly be able to restrain yourself from retiring with your escort lady. And that's not just because chocolate has an aphrodisiac effect. 



Experience a dreamlike city with an equally dreamlike escort callgirl in Zurich

Once you arrive in Zurich, you will be able to gather countless beautiful impressions from the very first moment. Sports or culture? Cars or history? Fortunately, you don't have to choose just one in Zurich. Thanks to the beautiful lake and the heavenly Alps, Zurich can offer you a lot of nature and a good opportunity to relax. You can also take part in various car shows or enjoy a game of golf with your sexy travel companion. Dynamic and informative, Zurich offers an enormous choice, an excellent range of activities for you and your escort callgirl. For example, travel from Zurich by private bus to enjoy the beauty of the many landscapes and to experience the beautiful city of Stein am Rhein. You can also take part in your own private city tour to treat yourself and your heavenly high class escort lady to a few instructive, interesting and relaxing moments. The Zurich Zoo is the perfect place to spend a few carefree hours. Walking along the beautiful path, you will be able to observe a number of animals and enjoy their company.


Best Hotels and Restaurants in Zurich

Are you looking for beautiful accommodations for sensual hours with the escort callgirl?

International, noble and always charming - the Baur Au Lac certainly knows how to treat its guests. Now more than 175 years this accommodation is available for its visitors and enjoys every new guest. Enjoying Lake Zurich, you can relax and unwind in your private suite at Baur Au Lac while you chat with the discreet callgirl Zurich at your side. At any time of the year, this luxury hotel promises a world-class view and great connections to relevant towns and cities. Would you like some European cuisine at the same time? In the hotel's own restaurant, the staff swears by classic European dishes, which are refined and perfected by the chef. In addition to always fresh ingredients and seasonal menus, your eyes will surely wander to the wine list of the Baur Restaurant, which presents selected, tasting wines. After your dinner with the high class escort Lady, arranged by the VIP Agency Ivana Models Swiss Edition, you can take a seat in the Bar des Baurs for further delicious drinks. From the classics of the cocktail world to sparkling aperitifs and bubbly champagne, this bar offers everything your heart desires. Surely this bar will also meet your taste, so that you and the charming callgirl will have a successful evening.

The Dolder Grand offers you first-class accommodation with many other extras. If you are looking for stunning scenery, you will be enchanted by the Alps and the beautiful surroundings. Since the luxury hotel is located in the immediate vicinity, you can enjoy all the natural beauty of the Dolder Grand from your suite in front of your accommodation - a view that is certainly not to be missed! To make sure this doesn't get too monotonous, the hotel also has a number of car events in its repertoire. The finest cars are presented to you at huge exhibitions. Driving is also allowed in these magnificent cars! So how about a little spin on your escort Date with your stunning travel companion? If you prefer to stay in your suite, this is an equally exciting option. The Dolder Grand's Terrazza Suite offers just under 400 square metres of space, with several bedrooms spread over two floors, where you can enjoy the suite's extensive facilities. Together with your discreet escort callgirl, some sensual, private moments await you here, which you can enjoy even more in the luxurious suite. With the private jet directly to the hotel? Of course you can also make use of the transport offer of the Dolders, so that you can be picked up from home and brought directly to Zurich in comfort. This way you avoid annoying waiting, large crowds and delays - with the Dolder Grand directly to Zurich!

A little change with the beautiful, mystical high class callgirl? 

Zurich promises a grandiose combination of all worlds and manages to offer a fascinating selection so that really every wish is fulfilled. The Atlantis by Giardino takes up and deepens exactly this. Experience a harmonious, authentic interplay of glamour, luxury and family atmosphere as well as their down-to-earth attitude. The Hotel Storchen in Zurich will be warm and affectionate. To really understand why guests from all over the world come to this hotel again and again, you have to have been there. Located in the centre of Zurich, the hotel offers an incredible service with selected, excellent staff who will take care of all your wishes at all times. And all this with a passion and friendliness that will make you feel at home within seconds. Arriving in your suite with your travel companion, you can then retire to enjoy some tender togetherness or have a drink in the hotel lobby. Like it high up? Why not take the elegant two bedroom suite of the Stork and experience the hotel from the top floor. It goes without saying that the sight of this suite and also its view are incomparable. If you then take a warm bath in a marble bathroom, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying your stay! The Widder, one of the top hotels in Zurich, can provide for equally exciting times. The heavenly mix of luxury, elegance and a familiar ambience makes this accommodation suitable for taking time out with the high class escort callgirl.

Choose your favourite from 14 first-class suites and gain new experiences and unforgettable moments as a couple. Would you like a classic? If you want to stay in a classic and stylish setting, you can also go to the Park Hyatt, a 5-star hotel in Zurich, located in the centre of the beautiful city. In the Park Hyatt's Parkhuus Restaurant you can toast together and have a small bite to eat. Watch the chefs prepare their works of art on site and enjoy exquisite cuisine and true skill. With over 3000 bottles of different wines, the Hyatt and its restaurant and wine library offer you an incomparable selection of fine, exquisite drinks. If you would like to have another drink afterwards, you can go to ONYX, the bar of the Hyatt. Sitting in front of the fireplace, guests from all over the world enjoy the delicate drinks and small delicacies of the house.


Sightseeing in Zurich

Lively hours on the water with the premium escort callgirl Zurich

As the heavenly Zurich is located right on the water, it promises a particularly intoxicating, inspiring feeling. Extravagance, luxury and partying are no rarity in this city. It doesn't matter whether you want to settle down in the top bars of Zurich or take a short city tour on your exclusive escort date. In any case, the city offers an unusual adventure. Perhaps you will take a seat together in the Plaza Club and have some of the world-class drinks that the club has to offer? Dazzling lights and dance music can be experienced with the high class callgirl while you dance and forget about time. Upscale and skilful - welcome to Dante Zurich! In this bar you will not only enjoy selected gins, but you can also be inspired and convinced by the cocktail creations of the house. For gin lovers, the Dante is certainly a great place to go. Because here, special, partly unknown types of gin are usually presented, which will definitely turn your head - if the young, elite escort lady at your side has not already done so. 


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