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Young sexy Oktoberfest 2022 girl waitress

Oktoberfest with escort

24 September 2022

Munich in the mood to celebrate: Oktoberfest 2022!

Oktoberfest with Escort - the popular festival has returned to Munich and attracts people from all over the world to celebrate together. Put on your lederhosen and get ready for fun! After two years of mandatory break, it now takes place in Munich again. The event is famous for its beer and legendary parties. Not to forget the typical Bavarian hearty food! In addition, the Oktoberfest has become the place to be for celebrities, stars and starlets. Perfect, therefore, to celebrate one or more boisterous days in typical German style! Enjoy this year's Oktoberfest with your premium escort.

The Munich Oktoberfest is the largest folk festival in the world. It is rumored to be even bigger than the New York City Marathon and Glastonbury combined. Every year, beer lovers from all over the world stream to Munich to join in the celebration. The 16-day festival takes place every year from the third Saturday in September to the first Sunday in October. Those on short notice should hurry, because there's a lot going on in Munich at Oktoberfest time!

Oktoberfest with escort: get ready for fun

Dirndl and Lederhosen are the traditional garments for the German festival. These garments are often referred to as sexy because of their tight fit. The Bavarian lederhosen are usually combined with a traditional shirt. They are fitted with suspenders, so you can easily adjust them if needed. This is especially helpful when things get hot during the festivities ...

As far as traditional robes go, the Dirndl is probably the most attractive option. They come in many different colors, with red and pink being among the most popular. What they all have in common is the white lace on the collar and that they give their wearer a particularly attractive décolleté. So the ladies do not spare their charms, which equally pleases all visitors.

Celebrate at the Oktoberfest 2022 with your call girl

At the Oktoberfest, you can expect numerous marquees where people celebrate. You will sit at long tables with other guests where you can dine, drink and celebrate. However, sitting is actually the wrong term here - usually there is dancing, laughing and flirting right from the start. The right company makes all the difference here, too. If you visit the folk festival together with a sexy lady, you can be sure of enjoying the best company. 

Due to the great popularity, a reservation is required. However, as a man of the world, this should not be unknown to you. In addition to the classic Maß beer, cocktails and champagne are also available in the marquees. So every visitor gets his money's worth. 

And don't forget dessert!

Dessert is an important part of the festival and you don't want to miss it! Of course, Oktoberfest serves classic desserts, such as apple strudel and Kaiserschmarrn. However, these should not be the only sweet temptations that await you in Munich. The real highlight will be your premium call girl who will sweeten your stay in Munich. Not only while celebrating, but also in the suite of the hotel where you are staying. Combine your visit to the folk festival with an escort service in Munich that will keep you spellbound for a long time to come. We are looking forward to celebrating the Oktoberfest together with you this year!