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What do you need to know as an escort lady in Switzerland?

19 December 2022

Are the Ivana Escort Girls only active in Switzerland?

The clientele of Ivana Models Swiss Edition Escort Agency is international and can be found in various European cities. The gentlemen are accompanied on business trips, dinner dates or city tours. Should you be flexible in your time planning, the agency can take over the organization of the trip. Bookings and travel tickets will be handled by the team.

I would like to be a future Ivana Model, what are the requirements?

There are no direct requirements from our side. The requests and details of the guests will be forwarded to you so that you can decide if you want to take the date. Do you like to make a glamorous appearance in heels and the little black dress? Do you like to be at the side of a cosmopolitan gentleman on a journey or on a dinner date? Are five-star hotels your home and do you like to shine with appropriate manners?
Then Ivana Models Swiss Edition is the right place for you and you will be thrilled by our collaboration.

Which escort ladies does the Ivana Models Escort Agency associate with?

You should have a cheerful and accessible manner, be between 21 and 38 years old and be able to inspire with your body. You should be in professional life and consider your escort service as a lucrative extra income. Do romantic dates and adventurous acquaintances appeal to you? Then you should not hesitate and apply today!

What is the ideal Ivana Escort Model?

With self-confidence and a seductive charisma, any woman can have a magical effect on men. We welcome applications from escort ladies with a clothing size between 34 and 38 and a height of at least 1.65m. We assume that you are very interested in a flawless appearance and a well-groomed appearance.

The high class escort agency Ivana Models

Every day we are happy to receive consistently positive references from our valued clientele. The gentlemen move on international parquet and are composed of the most different areas. Neither academics, managers, VIPs and stars can resist the Ivana Models Escort Service Swiss Edition and appreciate the uncompromising discretion and reliability of the service. In addition, we have optimized our booking process so that you can count on a quick planning of your date. As an escort lady with Ivana Models Escort Swiss Edition you will become part of a top-class, internationally established escort agency, which is characterized by a well organized team and excellent service.

What makes Ivana Models different from other agencies?

We advise you to evaluate other escort agencies based on their length of business. This way you can quickly find out if you are dealing with a trustworthy agency. It can help to check the rank on relevant search engines or to follow the regularity of the blog. This way you quickly know which agency might suit you and which you should rather ignore. Pay special attention to the imprint and the country in which the company is registered. If the legal imprint is in a Spanish or English location, it is quite possible that you are facing an unprofessional agency. With the Ivana Models Escort Agency, you can be sure that we are an adequately registered and legally compliant company. Our team will always be transparent and honest with you, which is a cornerstone of our cooperation.

Who do I address my questions to?

Of course you can address all your questions to the management of the agency. Besides the management, our marketing experts and our entire back office work for you! With a specialized law firm, we are also at your disposal for legal questions. We are looking forward to getting to know you and building a successful cooperation. We are very much looking forward to meeting your needs and plans and to providing you and your clients with dreamlike moments. We will be happy to advise you in all aspects of your escort service, so that you always feel in good hands and experience unforgettable dates.

At what times is the team of Ivana Models available?

We are available for you daily and around the clock. If you want to call us during your date, we are of course also available for you. You should rely on the management and the whole team of Ivana Models Swiss Edition.

Does the High Class Escort Agency advertise?

We enjoy daily, positive references from all over the world. We owe this popularity to personal recommendations, as well as the restless work on our placement in all major search engines and the targeted advertising on popular portals. In the analogue sector we advertise exclusively with suitable magazines.

What is the clientele of Ivana Models Swiss Edition?

Our high class escort service is exclusively aimed at cosmopolitan, sophisticated gentlemen. Among them there are managing directors, academics and VIPs for whom it is a matter of course to pay the highest possible fee for an outstanding escort service.

What costs will I have to pay?

The mediation by our agency does not require any further costs or fees. You only pay for the photo shooting.

What securities can I rely on for my date?

The liquidity and the serious claim are checked by our team with every gentleman. On your date you can rely on our availability at any time. If you need legal advice, we can also mediate with our legal counsel.

Is my cooperation with the agency terminable at any time?

The term is determined by you. Nevertheless, it is of course important to us to work with you on a long-term basis. If you are only interested in making a quick profit, we are not the right agency for you.

How is my personal data handled?

No data will be passed on to third parties and will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Through a joint discussion we get an authentic impression of you and your goals. It is about getting to know the person, building a bond and not about evaluating your appearance. We also want to find out what appeals to you and what is taboo for you. Therefore we want to lay a trusting foundation for our partnership with an interview at eye level.

Where does the personal interview take place?

After your application, we will arrange a meeting in the presence of the managing director. This meeting can take place in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

We will gladly suggest a suitable hotel or bar for our meeting. If you want to meet us in your favourite bar, that is of course no problem. The cocktails are on us!

Can I post my own photos for my profile?

We advise you to take new photos so that the style matches the other escort ladies' sedcards.

How does the time-based remuneration work?

It is a matter of course that the entire time of your date will be remunerated. There will be no additional costs for you. The client is responsible for the costs and travel arrangements. These include dinner and bar visits, the five-star hotel, your spa days and much more.

How many dates do I take the gentlemen on?

That is for you to decide. It's up to you to decide which dates you want to go on. We do not expect a mandatory number of dates and do not want you to feel rushed or under pressure.


How free can I manage my time?

Your lucrative activity as a high class escort girl is very flexible. We assume that you are working full-time in a different job and try to integrate your dates into your schedule as much as possible. Many of the ladies study or are looking for a diversified activity to complement their main job. You are free to decide how often you want to go on a date.

Do I have any expenses on my date?

You don't have to expect any expenses! All costs are covered by the guest. There are no costs for you.

Is it a requirement that I travel?

You are completely free to go on travel dates. Many dates take place outside Switzerland, Austria and Germany and offer a great opportunity to get to know new cultures and cities.

How does the high class escort agency ensure the discretion of both parties?

Your photos only show you with your face covered to keep your anonymity. All data is collected only and exclusively for the purpose of the date.

Is it possible to choose my escort date?

No, this is not possible. If you agree to the date, we will only provide you with all necessary information to ensure the discretion of the gentleman. You can rely on us to arrange dates only for stylish and suitable gentlemen. If the client does not suit you, you can cancel the date at any time.

When can I break a date?

You can cancel your date at any time. It's human nature that not everyone is a match. This decision is, of course, respected and in no way viewed negatively by us.

At what time do the escort dates take place?

The dates usually start in the afternoon or evening. We schedule your date in advance so that you can allow enough time.

At which locations do the escort dates take place?

It is part of our claim of a high class escort agency that the location or hotel is of the best possible quality. Therefore we expect our clients to book a five-star hotel in order to offer the right setting for a premium escort date.