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Pure excitement and cheers: Live with the high class escort girl at the EM 2020

03 February 2020

Sporting live events simply carry you away and inspire the real fans to party. The handball EM 2020 has just passed and the next big event is already coming up. The UEFA Football EM 2020, whether you are a hardcore fan or just want to enjoy the exuberant stadium atmosphere: It's time for a new football event in a class of its own. Therefore you should not miss a visit to the stadium with a premium call-girl - you have to experience this! The European Football Championship 2020 is coming up and many people can't wait for June. Before then, the UEFA will be giving away tickets for the European Championship 2020 in April. Have you already applied or are you already one of the lucky ones with a ticket? If you want to explore the German turf beforehand, visit the following stadiums and get into the right football mood.

Visit the German stadiums with the high class escort model

Although you won't be jumping and dancing around the bends with the Ultra fans, there are plenty of opportunities to spend an exuberant day playing football. Your charming companion will probably prefer the VIP box, because a lady likes to drink her champagne even when playing football. Visit the following top German football stadiums and marvel at the spectacle.

Experience football miracles in Cologne: Built in 1923, the Cologne stadium - also known as Müngersdorf Stadium - was once known for its athletics track and was renovated for the 2006 World Cup. A fantastic football pitch was built on this site, with towering stands that bring 50,000 fans close to the pitch. If you want to spend the game more actively, you can of course also buy tickets for standing room here.

Des samma mir - Live at the football in Munich: Fans will confirm it, the Allianz-Arena in Munich is a very special place. It is probably the most iconic of the new European football stadiums of the 21st century and literally has a beacon function - its innovative stadium facade lights up at night and is therefore visible from afar. It is best to drive to the stadium privately, as it is located just outside the city. Make a trip out of it with your sexy escort girl Munich. The Bavarians have moved from the Olympic Stadium, which suffered from the running track problem, to the Allianz Arena, and there is no doubt that their new grounds offer a far better view. So the outside of the stadium glows magically at night. 

HaHoHe, the champion from the Spree: For Hertha Berlin, this is the only stadium on our list with an athletics track, because athletics tracks are never good news for football pitches. But this stadium has a memorable appearance, with an open end that dramatically frames a bell tower in the park in front of the stadium, with the mark where the 1936 Olympic torch was positioned, and with a tunnel that formed a dramatic entrance for marathon runners at the games. The 1936 Olympic Games were spoiled by their Nazi associations, but fortunately this stadium stands as a monument to much more. After it was renovated and given a new roof, it hosted the World Cup final in 2006 and the Champions League triumph in Barcelona in 2015. A special achievement in athletics took place here: Usain Bolt set the world records for the 100 and 200 metres in sprint on the blue track.

The home of Borussia Dortmund. Built for the 1974 World Cup, it was a relatively inconspicuous stadium until the end of the 1990s, with capacity hovering around the 50,000 mark. Following the Dortmund Champions League success in 1997, the Westfalenstadion - as it is traditionally known - embarked on a process of expansion which led to an increase in capacity to 81,359 seats, including the extension of the south stand. This bench, known as the "Yellow Wall", is the largest terrace in European football, with 24,454 seats. The standing areas can be converted into seats for international and European matches, reducing the total capacity of the stadium to 65,829. Dortmund now has a magnificent stadium that combines modernity with fan values, and the Westfalenstadion, which is located outside the Ruhr area, is now celebrated worldwide as a symbol of the passion that football inspires in fans.


Experience the thrill at the UEFA EM 2020 thanks to the best escort service Germany

Apart from the World Cup, there is probably no other international competition in football as prestigious as the UEFA European Championship. In past competitions we have seen some of the best matches in European history, with the absolute best on the continent competing for one of the most prestigious prizes in the sport. Experience this great event with a student escort girl.

The European Championship is breaking new ground in 2020, as the tournament will take place in several countries on the continent. UEFA has decided to organise "a party across Europe" to mark the 60th anniversary of the first tournament, which will see 24 teams represented for the second time in history. As the competition will be held in different countries, there will be no automatic qualifying match and each of the UEFA member nations will have to earn their place in the finals. FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who was UEFA General Secretary at the time, said: "Instead of having a party in one country, we will have a party all over Europe in the summer of 2020. That sounds promising, doesn't it? Perhaps, together with a high class escort, it will be possible to make the perfect trip to Europe. "An opportunity like this, allowing many cities and many countries to host part of the EM 2020, is certainly an excellent thing to do, especially in times when you have an economic situation where you can't expect countries to invest in facilities as such an event requires," Infantino said.

Perhaps you will get carried away with some sports betting on the occasion of the EM 2020. Of course, you have plenty of opportunities to do so. These diverse bets are only possible because the UEFA European Championship is such a big event all over Europe. Like the Tennis Davis Cup, it is one of the absolute highlights of international competition in this sport. You can place your bets comfortably and preferably directly on the way to the stadium. With their apps, the providers bwin and tipico, for example, make betting on the road easier than ever before. We wish you good odds and good luck!

Enjoying the European Football Championship at home or at a pubic viewing event

If you're not too busy going to the stadium or the crowded fan miles, you could enjoy the games in your own four walls or visit one of the following public viewing spots. This is still the best way to do things at home. How about a EM 2020 dinner in the company of a beautiful escort girll? The great thing about an escort date: No matter if your favourite team makes the game or loses - in the end you win! The beauty from the VIP Escort Agency makes it possible. If you want to travel directly to the venues, you will find the right packages for sports and event travel at the relevant providers. If you do not want to watch the games in the stadium, you will find some suggestions for the somewhat different Public Viewing EM 2020 in the following lines.

In Düsseldorf, the Pebbles always invites you to chic public viewing in a pleasant environment, without the hustle and bustle. You can look forward to sizzling BBQ and salads. All dates will be announced early enough, so that you can book a suitable escort girl at the Ivana Models Escort Agency Düsseldorf. In the capital Berlin, you are going far up. In the TV tower restaurant Sphere you can enjoy the games in airy heights while you feast and enjoy the view. To be accompanied by a charming high class escort girl is the highest of all feelings. In the Charles Hotel Munich, a good atmosphere for the European Championship is guaranteed. Here you will find yourself with your high class escort model at Sophia's Bar and can sip the finest cocktails during the games. The interior is the first-class background for your perfect football evening. At the Elbe there is a public viewing in Hamburg style at the Hotel Louis Jacob. The large terrace welcomes you in summer with drinks and a few snacks for the public viewing. If you don’t like chants and fan hymns, this is your spot. It's classy and chic here - appropriate for a football escort date, don't you think?

Are you also already suffering from EM fever? These accessories should not be missing on you

On the occasion of every football event there are of course the right accessories to get into the right mood. Depending on how intensively you want to invest in your fandom, there is something for every football fanatic.

Hublot, for example, will launch another Smartwatch. This time on the occasion of the European Championship 2020, a watch was developed for the World Cup and worn by the referees during the tournament. If you also want to smile at one, you must still want to spend around £4,000. If you want to kick the ball around in your living room in the official design, you're already in for £140. The ball has been named in honour of the unity and euphoria that football can bring, and is intended to celebrate the sense of togetherness that will inspire next year's tournament across the continent as part of the new look for 2020.
It is all about the ball: Inspired by the revised format of the tournament, which will be held for the first time in 12 different European countries, Uniforia's design recalls the idea of crossing bridges, blending boundaries and the diversity of fans and athletes through a unique collision of art and football. These elements were the starting point for the design process of the ball, which began in 2018. Even though this year's jerseys were received with divided opinions, a chic kit should not be missing. Your VIP escort girl will make a first class figure in every jersey.

UEFA is not ignoring climate protection at the EM 2020

In this football extravaganza, human reason and responsibility for our planet should not be completely ignored. Organising the UEFA EM in 12 different countries, covering four time zones and numerous different languages, is a challenge in itself, not least in terms of its impact on the environment. However, UEFA is committed to making the tournament an environmentally friendly one by offsetting, among other environmental issues, the carbon dioxide emissions of all spectators travelling to and from the matches. To offset these hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon that will be generated during UEFA EM 2020, UEFA will invest in various Gold Standard projects in partnership with the South Pole. In addition to carbon offsetting, UEFA EM 2020 has several climate change related initiatives, including working with UEFA EM 2020 host cities to provide free public transport for ticket holders on match days. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UEFA European Championship, UEFA will plant 600,000 trees in the twelve host countries and cities. These UEFA EM 2020 forests will not only serve as a local legacy of the tournament, but will also absorb an estimated 280,000 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime.

We hope, we know, that you will have a first class EM 2020 with your premium escort girl. You may even be planning your own public viewing party to celebrate the victories of your favourite team. Of course, you should not miss the right beauties to sweeten the times before and after the match. So you can celebrate your very own third half time with one (or even more) VIP Escort models. With such an escort duo date you can expect technical finesse and a teamwork that is second to none. If you can't get enough of the girls, it's best to set up your dream eleven escort team right away. A tactical changing of the ladies during the match is therefore also a joy. Ok, enough with the football comparisons - it's game time! If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, the team of the Ivana Models Escort Agency is of course at your disposal. We wish you great games and many reasons to cheer!