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Experience a hot autumn with a first class escort callgirl in Germany

17 October 2020

You do not necessarily have to travel to the beach or visit the tropics to experience a pleasant autumn in Germany. Yes, it will certainly be a bit cooler, the leaves will slowly show their red robe and people will finally have a reason to be bitter again. But autumn is what you make of it. Wouldn't it be much better to face the autumn and have a nice time of year instead of giving in to the sadness about the less sunny weather? We think that we have just the right answer to the autumn days. Surely you can already imagine what will heat up the autumn days. Have you taken a look at the Ivana Models portfolio? Surely. You will have noticed that our high class escort agency offers you many arguments and remedies against the autumn depression. Don't ask your doctor or pharmacist, trust in our know-how to prepare the most beautiful autumn of the year for you. You have the choice to spend the time at home or to actively undertake the best autumn activities and day trips. You can always rely on the top escort ladies of Ivana Models Escort Agency! Especially for the lady, the stay in nature will be a little adventure, because they usually hang out in chic cocktail bars and noble restaurants. But as you will read later, nature and luxury are not mutually exclusive, especially in the presence of a premium escort callgirl!

What may not sound very exciting at first, quickly turns out to be relaxing. Pick out the most beautiful spots of nature and find your inner center. How about the most beautiful forests and national parks in Germany? How about a trip to the Black Forest in the company of your discreet escort outcall girl? The untouched nature of the Black Forest National Park with its charming, gentle hills and green forests attracts visitors to the region. The lush foliage with its beautiful green, yellow and red tones creates a mosaic of colors before your eyes, while your perfect high class escort lady completes the scene. Crystal clear streams and rippling brooks cut through the forest and reflect the cloudy sky above. So a visit to this park is a step into a quiet and peaceful natural world full of colors and life. The perfectly preserved and protected ecosystem has remained unchanged for centuries and as such is attractive to visit, as it gives a sense of actuality. With numerous paths hidden among the old trees, you will lose yourself in the wilderness and slowly make your way along the trails. A great place to set off are the impressive All Saints Falls; the cascades tumble down the slope and feel appropriately as if they have always been there.


Beautiful Autumn in Cologne Germany


Now that we have seen the north, east and west of Germany, it is time to head south to Berchtesgaden National Park. In its heart lies the Königssee, a huge lake surrounded by beautiful grey snow-covered mountains. The towering mountains of the Alps are breathtaking to look at, as they dominate the park with their captivating features. Below the gray rock face, a sea of dark green trees covers the lower mountains as far as the eye can see. You will find that every landscape you encounter is more breathtaking than the one before; that is how incredible the scenery is. Attention, this is where it gets especially cozy with your sexy girl next door: Make your way to one of the mountain huts and look out over the valleys while you enjoy a hearty lunch. Alternatively, you can take the mountain paths and take a close look at the flora and fauna that make this area so charming. Unique and unsurpassed in Germany, drive to Berchtesgaden to visit the best national parks.

Located on the Baltic Sea coast, no other national park in Germany is as peaceful as this one. Its rugged charm and untamed coastline create an unmistakable and uniquely beautiful landscape. A cool and equally peaceful lagoon on the coast, for you and your enchanting luxury escort. The cold water splashes along the shores and big waves break against the cliffs, and the West Pomeranian Lagoon National Park leaves a feeling of awe at the sheer power of nature before your eyes. The beaches slowly rise away from the Baltic Sea before they turn into a barren forest that looks as if it is being blown away by the strong winds. Islands off the coast rise dramatically in the spray of the sea and birds scream dramatically over the wild and untamed park. Needless to say, visiting this unique ecosystem is an unforgettable experience, especially with your high class escort outcall girl. Red deer and wild boar meander through the woods, and every year over 30,000 cranes come to the park to rest before continuing their epic journey.

A German classic: The wild and wonderful Harz National Park is a joy for nature lovers who want to explore an untamed and untouched part of the world. You will enjoy an authentic girlfriend experience in the Harz Mountains. In earlier years, this park was once part of the border between East and West Germany, which helped to preserve its ecosystem and let it flourish. You probably haven't seen so much green for a long time, even in autumn! Your stunning high class escort girl will be thrilled. The park is almost completely covered with forest and also contains a part of the Harz Mountains, where the elusive lynx and red deer live. A special feature of the animal world here is the raccoon dog, which you can observe here. Another natural wonder in autumn is the Eifel National Park. The special feature here is the newly growing forest areas, which were deforested in their time but are now constantly reaching for the sky again and can be admired year after year. Efforts are now being made to repopulate the park with native tree species in order to return it to its original ecosystem. A process that true fans of nature should not miss. Surely you will manage to inspire your VIP escort lady for the wonders of nature.



Other remnants of the past have also been preserved; due to the anti-personnel mines sown during the Second World War, parts of the park that remain dangerous are closed to visitors. However, with more than 230 kilometers of paths and trails for walkers and cyclists to explore, this vast park offers visitors the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in nature. Between the forests and hills run charming rivers and lakes, which only add to the scenic charm of the Eifel National Park.

Find true relaxation and a spa vacation in nature with your exclusive escort in Germany

The wonders of nature and the luxurious comfort of a fine hotel are not mutually exclusive. In particular, the best nature hotels in Germany are a fantastic place to spend the autumn with your breathtaking escort GFE. By the way, do you already know our escort duo dates? As it's getting a bit colder, you should probably warm up between two escort beauties, not that you might catch a cold! The following places in combination with your high class travel companion offer the best opportunity for this.

Welcome to Oberstdorf, to the Freiberg Romantik Hotel! This charming hotel is characterized by colorful and stylish interior decoration in all rooms as well as a fireplace room and a spa area. The building is characterized by the typical architecture with white veneer, wooden balconies and low roof overhang and is framed by a well-kept garden with huge fir trees. If you are looking for traditional, comfortable living with a touch of mountain romanticism, a visit to this Oberstdorf mountain hotel is worthwhile. Experience pure joy in the mountains with your high class escort call girl. Romantic strolling and challenging hikes included! You will find first-class accommodation here and suddenly you won't notice the autumn cold anymore. Your excellent escort call girl Bavaria will give you a bombastic autumn vacation here, that much is said! In addition, the spa offers a range of professional massages, which make the Top Hotel Bayern a quiet and peaceful haven for those who want to be pampered. Last but not least, this hotel is known throughout the region for its incredible gourmet restaurant, perfect for restaurateurs with a penchant for good food. 



Speaking of fine food: Maximilians is the outstanding gourmet restaurant of the Romantik Hotel Das Freiberg, which is known throughout the region for its delicious dishes and Michelin stars. Chef Tobias Eisele has years of experience in combining French haute cuisine with Allgäu tradition and regional products to create a truly unique dining experience. The high quality meals are served in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere by professional and friendly staff, who also offer advice on the selection of the best wines from the hotel's extensive wine cellar. Afterwards, your high class escort callgirl Bavaria and a bottle of champagne will whisk you away to your room to sweeten your fall!

Experience the most beautiful autumn of your life with the first class models escort service - you are welcome!

Alternatively, the discreet escort will take you to Saxony-Anhalt and the nature resort Schindelbruch with its specially created forest. By the way: If you are an enthusiastic hunter, this hotel is exactly your thing, want to bet? But one thing at a time. Wellness is actively promoted in the Hotel Schindelbruch. From gentle exercise to invigorating and challenging training sessions, there is the right fitness program for every guest - and all developed by sports scientists. In the well-equipped, modern gym with a view of the garden, guests can train under professional guidance and catch cheeky glances at your fit escort girl next door. Afterwards, the autumn is to be heated up: After a visit to the sauna village you will feel rejuvenated and can relax in the ecologically heated swimming pool with a pleasant water temperature. Various areas offer the possibility to retreat and relax. The spa is complemented by exclusive activity programs, beauty treatments and a modern fitness room. Afterwards you will go out into nature. Numerous hiking trails and guided walks bring guests closer to the unique environment of the Harz Mountains. The sustainably managed, approximately 3000 hectare hunting area with extensive mixed forests attracts many hunters during the hunting season. Surely an agreement can be negotiated with the local hunters and the kitchen if you would like to taste your game during your stay.


Lake in Germany in Autumn


The classic Garmisch-Partenkirchen is also worth a visit in autumn. Some like it minimalistically rustic: If you want to concentrate on your work or consciously do not want to indulge in luxury, we recommend the hotel quartier in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here you can enjoy accommodation in a rustic style that will make you and your charming escort companion feel at ease. The exterior of the building is in the classic Bavarian country house style and, surrounded by the massive Zugspitze and its smaller, pointed brothers and sisters, invites you to dream. If hiking trips should be your thing, you are exactly at the right place. As you surely already know, skiing is excellent here even in winter. Culinary delights include a rustic mountain breakfast, and the village also offers enough culinary options to adequately dine the rest of the day!

Find peace and quiet in the mountains - the escort travel companion in lofty heights

Germany offers a variety of great mountain landscapes that invite you to dream. Imagine a fantastic view through the window of a chimney-heated hut while you enjoy a romantic massage of an escort beauty and toast to life together with her, either with a warming tea or champagne. A suitable hut or the Top Glamping accommodation for Germany is certainly quickly found and in truth the accommodation is merely the stage for the common love play. The intoxication of the mountains and the air in the heights surely have a stimulating effect and make the common autumn vacation in the German mountains a true highlight of the year. For a common dinner date you will visit the next cozy village in the evening or have possibly reserved in advance in an excellent restaurant to celebrate the evening properly. Afterwards you can climb back up the mountain shimmering in the setting autumn sun or you can be driven home to enjoy the other pleasures of the autumn night. What an idyllic performance, don't you think? 

All this and more is just a booking away. Don't let autumn get you down - celebrate it. The team of the Ivana Models Escort Agency is at your disposal for this purpose and wishes you lots of fun!