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Woman wearing blue swimsuit floating on top of water

Floating - Levitate with your High Class Escort Model

16 March 2019

Probably the most effective method to fully relax with a beautiful escort is floating. You can forget everything around you for a while. Not only the grandiose VIP Escort Lady at your side makes sure of this, but also the fact that you are both completely isolated from the outside world and all of its charms. The ambience and the equipment of the numerous floating baths that exist today create an unique atmosphere and the feeling of complete freedom. Watch your personal high class escort model, with her velvety skin and her first class body, gently lay down in the equally silky soft water and float. The effect of floating is caused by the high salt content in the water. So you can let yourself float effortlessly. Paired with the suitable, calming music, which is offered, nothing more stands in the way of your dream of absolute balance! 

This world novelty will inspire your world class and exclusive escort girl as well as you yourself and won't let go. The pools are filled with salt water and healing brine, the lights are soft and gentle, and the music enchants you and your lady. So that you can savour your togetherness and really enjoy it, the pools are of course in separate rooms and a locked area. The pools offer enough space for two people so that you have enough space to enjoy the presence of your fresh high class model in the water. What will floating bring you in the long run? That's a very good question! We can assure you that it is one of the best ways to ensure lasting health and strength. You want to experience many more exciting hours, thanks to the Escort Agency Berlin. There must be a little relaxation in between. For the small appetite Floating facilities offer various small things. Does your captivating escort girl Berlin perhaps like a sparkling, equally captivating tea or a fruity soft drink for in between? That and also snacks against hunger are offered to you. The high class service Dusseldorf will happily make the respective arrangements for you.


vip escort girl company in pool party


High Class Escort Berlin Wellness

Spas that offer a great floating experience will, of course, provide you with the traditional relaxation methods. So you can get involved in a long, calming wellness weekend with your exciting escort girl from Berlin, for example, which will make both of you shine even more. Go to the sauna with your hot high class escort, for example. Things will surely get much hotter from there. Last but not least you can of course undergo one of the most popular relaxation methods - a massage! Lightly dressed, in a towel, your fairy-like high class escort lady struts hand in hand with you to the massage couches, where you are already expected by your personal masseurs. The most popular city for a floating experience is Berlin, as it has many elegant, luxurious baths to offer. So take your sophisticated escort lady with you to the capital and let her pamper you. Don't let yourself be stressed, but rather relax! We have now shown you the way. As Seneca used to say, we were not born with peace and relaxation, but have to find it for ourselves. Seneca and Ivana Models Escort Agency Germany wish you a lot of fun.