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Sex positions: These are popular among Germans

15 July 2022

Sex positions make for a varied love game

Fortunately, intense and intimate moments do not require a schedule that follows certain rules. Rather, it's about fully savouring the moment, getting involved with your partner and perhaps letting them guide you a bit. Because only in this way can true ecstasy be achieved! An erotic date with a high class escort lady offers all the prerequisites for exciting hours. To be able to live out the sexual preferences with each other is only one of the long list of advantages of an escort date. Position changes are definitely not uncommon. But have you ever wondered which are the most popular sex positions of the Germans? We would like to get to the bottom of this question. Is your favorite already represented? 

The most popular sex positions

Again and again, surveys about the most popular sex positions of the Germans are raised by a wide variety of institutions. Although the answers are very different, however, some positions often make the race. When it comes to the favorites, therefore, the surveys are mostly all in agreement. We have listed the positions that are consistently named most often for you.

Missionary position: Man in charge

The missionary position is one of the absolute favorites of the German. While the prejudice of being rather unspectacular still clings to it, it is nevertheless extremely popular. Boredom? Not at all! Because it is actually one of the most versatile positions. Wicked looks can be exchanged or intimate kissing can take place. Different angles and depths can make the stimulation more varied and stimulating for both partners. Speaking of depth, hardly any other sex position allows such deep penetration as the missionary position. Moreover, the free hands can be used for tender caresses as well as for more spirited touches. Although the gentleman takes the more active part here, the lady can also control the rhythm - and thus the pleasure. 

Riding position: Woman in charge

In the riding position, the dominant role changes to the lady. Because here she sets the tone, the speed and also the intensity. As a gentleman, you may lean back and completely surrender to the love game of your sensual escort lady. The riding position is also one of the most changeable sex positions. Whether lying, sitting, on the bed or a chair - there are no limits to your creativity. In the classic variant, you can completely devote yourself to the beauty of your girlfriend for a while. In the equally popular reverse variant, the erogenous zones are stimulated in a very special way.

Doggystyle: pure intensity

Also unstoppable popularity enjoys the doggy position. Here your more animalistic side is in demand, the intensity reaches its peak. This position is equally beguiling and satisfying. It can be performed both in bed and standing. Likewise, it is ideal for shower sex.

Discover new things with your girlfriend on time

Of course, this selection is only a small glimpse into the multi-faceted world of sex positions. Especially if you are looking for an exclusive experience with an erotic climax, you should not hesitate too long. Arrange your escort date and make new erotic experiences together with your girlfriend for a while. Which positions are used remains entirely up to you and your First Class Escort Lady ...