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Go big or go home - Thrilling escort thrill at the casino

07 March 2019

Monte Carlo, Las Vegas or Macau. Cool, like James Bond, sitting at the poker table and clearing the pot. Is that not every casino player's dream? Being intoxicated by a premium escort lady in addition to winning big is the perfect completion of a successful night at the casino. Throw yourself into your finest tux and shine with a high class lady at your side. The slot machines still seem to be the most popular game of all casino junkies. The onearmed bandits lure with flashing lights and dancing colors.

And suddenly you hit jackpot and a stream of coins bursts out of the machine. The other players clap enviously while you carry your bucket of coins to the Cashout. Those who are not satisfied with the coins will be tempted to take a seat at one of the many table games together with their high class escort. Your escort lady will certainly turn your opponent's head and increase your chances of winning the big prize. She is therefore not only a visual beauty but also a tactical addition to your game.


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You can bet on your escort lady

The tables offer the classics. Starting with the big game of 21 - Blackjack. Hit one more card, hold or do you want to double down? These questions buzz through the mind of every Blackjack player. If you pay attention and don't challenge your luck too hard, you will be rewarded. Then the dealer will say "21, Blackjack!" in the typical professional tone. After the "Rien ne va plus", the tension rises. The roulette table falls into a tense silence until the croupier drops the small white ball. You should keep your composure in a casino, but as the ball of fate takes its course, all the dams usually break and the whole table gives in, to a wild joy of the game. 

Of course, this joyful furor is particularly stimulating, which will definitely catch you and your escort girl as well. The classic and the crowning glory of the tactical games is still, of course, poker. Your lucky escort fairy will surely raise your chances of a good hand. Call, raise or are you out? The goal is simple: Take the pot and exchange those colored chips for cold cash. It won't be easy to get there. But the feeling of rising from the table as the winner, after the showdown, is unique and unmatched.



If you do not find any luck in the game, your companion will take care of the necessary relaxation, so that you can focus and enjoy the game again. After all the excitement of the hustle and bustle, the hotel room is the best retreat and an oasis of peace. Your fascinating escort lady from Ivana Models then provides the true ecstasy of the night. We are happy to provide adequate accommodation for you and your escort lady in Monte Carlo, Switzerland or a bombastic gambling city of your choice. Our team wishes you good luck and a keen sense for winning.

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