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Girl with colored bikini on the beach

Seasonal photoshoot: HOT Summer

09 July 2022

Seasonal photoshoot: now it gets even hotter

A few weeks ago we already announced it and now the time has finally come. The photos from our seasonal photoshoot in Ibiza and Formentera are online!

With part of our High Class Escort Agency we traveled to Ibiza to take extraordinary photos in front of gorgeous backdrops. Now that the results are in, we have to admit that they exceeded our own high expectations. Our goal was to capture the beauty of our escort models in their entirety in order to further increase the anticipation of your next escort date. The stunning escort ladies shone sometimes with more and sometimes with less fabric on the skin. That all VIP models have made an incredibly good figure, we probably do not need to mention at this point.  

The early bird ...

... catches the worm, as we all know. We can absolutely confirm that after our seasonal photoshoot. Because there was a lot to prepare for this one. After planning and coordinating the trip, we chose the absolute dream beaches in Ibiza and Formentera. On location, we took advantage of the beauty of the early morning hours to benefit from the perfect lighting conditions at sunrise. The paradisiacal morning sun gave the delicate skin of the escort models exactly the glow they deserve. Over several days we proved the discipline and stamina necessary to make probably the hottest photographs so far. The word hot is meant literally here, because already early in the morning the sun provided high summer temperatures. Fortunately, cooling off by the turquoise sea was not far away. The rewards are unique shots that meet our high aesthetic standards. 

Expanding sedcards through seasonal photoshoot

As one of the leading high class escort agencies, we always strive for perfection. Our high demand for quality is also reflected in the sedcards of the models we arrange. Here we compile all kinds of information about the models. In addition to an interview, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the nature of the model, about their preferences, hobbies and interests, there are also equally aesthetic and tantalizing photos. Through regular shootings we make sure that the photos are always up to date. This way we can convey an up-to-date impression of the escort ladies. Among the special highlights are our seasonal photoshoots, where we travel to phenomenal places to give the photos that little extra. 

Dates with the hot escort models

If you are now like us and can't wait to see the photos of our summer shoot with your own eyes, then we recommend you take a look at the sedcards of the models. Our tip: on the sedcards of Camilla, Caroline, Jessica, Pia and Valeria you will find what you are looking for. You will be thrilled! And if you notice that looking at the photos is not enough for you, don't worry. Do not hesitate to send us a request for your escort date. Furthermore, if you find it difficult to choose a single model, decide to go for a special escort experience and book a duo date. Here you have the opportunity to meet two escort models at the same time. You will remember this experience for a long time.