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How to become an escort? Part 1

18 January 2022

Become an escort - the most attractive form of sideline

Explore the most beautiful spots on earth, reside in the most prestigious hotels in the world and always enjoy life on the sunny side. Perhaps you have already toyed with the idea of wanting to become an escort. This is not surprising, because the part-time job as a high-class escort model opens the doors to an upscale standard of living with just the right amount of ease. If you are interested in this exciting job, the Ivana Models agency is exactly the right contact for you. 

What exactly does an escort do?

As an escort you will meet modern gentlemen, successful businessmen and VIPs, whom you will keep company at events, at dinner or on their next trip. You are always the stunningly attractive companion who attracts many glances and lives and enjoys the moment. Because you know exactly how you always show yourself from your best side even on a high-carat stage. On your date together you only have eyes for your gentleman and sweeten his evening with your personality and your beauty. This includes not only excellent manners but also a great sense of humor. A date is so much more than just the one thing. Clients long for sophisticated rendezvous, emotional intimacy and erotic stimulation. Whether it comes to sexual contact on a date is always a matter between the two of you. 

You determine the framework

In your studies, your training or your job you pursue your professional goals. The flexible part-time job as an escort lady is particularly appealing, because you can organize your time completely as you please. You yourself decide when and in which regularity you want to accept dates. This ensures that you can control exactly how much space your side job should have in your life. An escort date is also not a fleeting meeting in a hotel. Rather, it usually lasts a few hours, if not the whole evening. Often you get to know each other in the restaurant and based on that there is the possibility to finish the evening in the hotel room. In case of mutual agreement, the date can be extended beyond that for an hour or days.

Escort become - how is the process?

You could imagine to become an escort? Then it is now about how you can apply. We want to make it as easy as possible for you, so we have summarized some attributes for you. If you recognize yourself in these, we will be very happy to receive your application. Please remember to include a selection of your favorite photos with your application. In addition, we look forward to learning more about your motivation to become an escort. Afterwards we will contact you and arrange an appointment to get to know you. 

With the Ivana Models Agency you are in best hands

As a successful high-class escort agency, we provide unforgettable experiences through the placement of beautiful models. With us you get a strong partner at your side, who supports you in all areas. Be it support in fiscal, organizational as well as legal issues. Our team in the back office takes care of the screening of potential clients, as well as ensuring that you are adequately represented on our website. Additionally, you will benefit from short-term and high-quality inquiries due to our upscale client base. And even if the unlikely case should occur that a date does not go according to your expectations, we are of course there for you.


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