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Becoming an Escort - information, earnings and application

08 November 2022

Who doesn't know and love them? The glamorous ladies, "Travelling Girl" on Instagram and always dressed in a chic look. How does one become a high class escort lady anyway? On the internet you can find a lot of general instructions, which write very roughly about the activities of an escort lady. However, we want to give you a detailed description of this lucrative occupation and answer any questions you may have. What is a high class escort model and how does the activity differ from others? As an escort girl you accompany VIPs and top-class gentlemen on their business trips, meetings and holidays. You are the lively and authentic young lady at his side for whom her escort service is not a full-time career.

1. What is an escort service?

This service describes an activity in which a client enjoys the company of a lady. This company is provided in return for a fee. Depending on whether the call girl works with an agency or arranges the dates herself, the hourly fee can vary. The duration of the dates can range from a few hours together to an extensive vacation. To what extent the escort service is operated by the lady is at her discretion. The gentleman enjoys the company of an attractive lady without having to deal with the annoying aspects of a classic date. 

2. What is the difference between prostitution and escort service? 

Often these two activities are mistakenly considered to be one and the same. But the difference is very important. 

Prostitution describes the direct exchange of money for sexual services. This is not about the actual society of the lady, only about sex. Often prostitution is also a full-time occupation and is associated with a place like a brothel. The meetings are rather fleeting and have a higher frequency.

With the high class escort service it may be a little more. In general a outcall escort model presents herself with a better social training, more refined and cultivated. The service is offered in addition to a main occupation like studying, training or profession. The social aspect of a stylish escort is clearly in the foreground and embarrassing appearances are taboo, because a call girl can move in any social environment. The sex is left to the two date partners and is only a part of the bigger one. Often the time spent together is longer than a meeting with a professional prostitute and the escort service is often offered as part of a trip.

An escort lady also has the choice between two different models to offer her services. Either she decides to offer her service independently or with the support of an escort agency. You can see the differences in the next point.

3. Independent or in cooperation with an agency: What are the differences between the two ways of offering an escort service?

Independent escort - As an independent escort model (also: private escort model) you have to take care of appointments and requests yourself.

Agency escort - For a percentage of your fee, an agency provides its services for you. The agency takes over exactly those tasks that you would otherwise have to work out on your own. One of the biggest advantages is the existing clientele of the agency. Through the agency's network, your first date can be arranged very quickly. With an agency you can also rely on being adequately presented on the website, for which in many cases an extra photo shoot is booked. In addition, you benefit from a dedicated team that works for your success. This team will take care of the date scheduling and screening of the clients so that you can fully concentrate on your date. During the date the team of the agency is at your disposal for possible questions.


Working as an escort model

4. What sort of clients use escort services?

Clients who book an escort lady are looking for an attractive lady for a special occasion, for a holiday or just for the lovely company. Sex often plays a role, but is only a part of the big picture. In an escort girlfriend experience, for example, aspects of tenderness and interpersonal closeness play an important role. This way you can build up a reliable clientele of regular customers who can't wait to meet you again. 

With a high class escort agency you can rely on the fact that you move in high circles. Your clientele usually consists of academics, stars and VIPs, who appreciate the discretion of an agency and can rely on the anonymous treatment. The gentlemen are checked in advance by the agency for integrity and solvency.  

5. Can I work as an escort on the side, while being a student?

Yes, for many female students the escort service is a lucrative source of income besides their studies. Thus, the studies are quickly financed and an attractive additional income is guaranteed. For many clients a young student escort is of course also very attractive. 

6. Is escort service legal and how do I register correctly?

Escort service is legal and properly registered as income in Germany.
When traveling with an escort, the legal regulations should always be checked on site beforehand. 

In order to make sure that you offer and invoice your service correctly, please pay attention to the following steps:

Business registration:

In order to "inform" the state that you are a self-employed escort, you have to undergo a verbal clarification at the public health department in Germany. Afterwards you have to register at the public order office and will receive a so-called "prostitution card".

Tax registration:

If you have just started and don't know how many bookings you will get, it can't hurt to register as a small business owner. This will save you certain monthly expenses, but is subject to certain income limits. Your income tax return can be handled by a tax consultant.


You should create a separate account for your business finances. You should keep your income and expenses in a book or an Excel spreadsheet so that you have them ready for your income tax return. 

By working with an agency, you will benefit from their legal and tax know-how.

7. Is it only about booking sex?

No, it is not just about the one thing. You are a real companion who offers emotional intimacy, erotic stimulation and possibly even advisory support you can give. You know yourself that you look absolutely stunning in sexy lingerie, but it's more than that! A high class escort call girl creates a very deep and special connection to her gentlemen, often called escort girlfriend experience. The focus is on rendezvous on a higher level, always exclusive and always a new experience. This is exactly what the gentlemen are looking for and not a quick date, which is forgotten after a short time.

And it should also be your ambition to meet only with cultivated gentlemen for tasteful dates. Unfortunately, some ladies also lack this claim, which is definitely a necessity to be a successful high class escort lady.

8. The requirements as an escort call girl

The appearance of a lady - Of course, in this business the first impression and your flawless appearance is what counts. It is only advantageous to have a fresh face, with a classy make-up, a flawless complexion and pleasant features. Opinions are divided on tattoos, but usually they are not welcome. If, then rather discreet. A certain look is definitely an advantage, you should always discuss this individually with your desired agency. A natural look is always clearly an advantage!


Requirements to become an escort model


The balance of a high class escort lady - To be an escort model, you should have an exceptionally attractive body. This does not mean that there is a certain shape or size that works. You should be in phenomenal physical condition regardless of your measurements. If your balance is right and you are at peace with yourself, you will be able to wrap any man around your fingers! Fitness counts. No matter whether you have the shape of an hourglass, a supermodel or a completely natural look - you should always be in top shape and be very responsible with your health. This also applies to any operations or interventions. If at all, these should be carried out with the utmost caution and very carefully. The result may be bombastic, but it is and remains a medical intervention that carries certain risks. 

A VIP escort lady and her personality - As a luxurious escort lady you stand out due to your joie de vivre and your natural personality. This includes self-evident values such as practiced manners, flawless etiquette and a tolerance for erotic adventures. You are carefree and prefer to share this mood with your counterpart. You are happy about new acquaintances and approach the gentleman with interest. Especially for a GFE escort, empathy and empathy is of great value. Whoever manages to convey this with intelligence and wit has already fulfilled one of the most important requirements. To be credible here, a good general education is necessary and personal commitment is very important. If you feel that you are missing a certain part of education, you should be prepared to make up for it. It will only be to your advantage. You should also be culturally interested. This does not mean that you have to read a work by Kafka and Buchowski every day or show up at every art vernissage. However, you should show a basic understanding of the lyrical, visual and musical arts and develop your own personal taste. Art is not interested in what you do, it is there for all of us. Try to see this as a lucrative opportunity rather than an annoying task. Art also teaches us things that you might never have learned in school. It can't hurt to adopt an organized lifestyle and put your manners to the test.

The talents of a travel escort companion - It makes little sense to have a great appearance and an impressive personality without being able to present it physically. In the end your physical talent determines your well-being and a successful escort date. Besides the physical training, it is also important to train your mind and to practice eloquence and repartee. Thus you will quickly prove that you can also fulfil the role of a good conversational partner, if not even that of a counsellor. You will benefit from this basic knowledge for the rest of your life. A lot of general knowledge and some special talents are a perfect balance. And if you want to get intimate with someone on a date through the agency, you should make it your business to perform phenomenally. Investigate, practice all the necessary techniques and be unforgettable!

Reliability of an escort lady - One of your most important qualities as a high class escort lady is your reliability and integrity. Dates must be kept and you should stand by your confirmed statements. This is especially important, as the agency representing you will stand up for you and represent you. Negative conspicuousness goes directly back to the agency. Your integrity and trustworthiness are the basic requirements for the professionalism of a high class escort travel companion. 

9. How do I behave as an escort call girl?

Those additional knowledge and skills will help you as a high class escort girl.
Depending on your upbringing, it can't hurt to take a manners course at an appropriate school. What may seem annoying or unnecessary at first, will pay off on later dates, we promise you! Good manners include a well chosen language. If you are unsure about your articulation, you should take a language course. This way you can make sure that you can quickly build up entertaining conversations and practice eloquence. In addition, you should have a good command of English so that you can express yourself in a chosen way on international occasions.

In addition to your behaviour and eloquence, you should have a variety of interests and hobbies. Take sports courses and practice swimming, gymnastics or horse riding. You should also be interested in music, art and culture and learn to play an instrument yourself or engage in artistic activities. In addition, everything that is understood as "sophisticated taste" can help you to strengthen your appearance. Get to know wines and understand the appreciation behind them. Delicatessen should be familiar to you, so that only the best comes on your plate. If you invest in this knowledge and in your soft skills, you will have no difficulty in moving in high society. 

10. Apply as an escort - What is the process?

So you have decided to work as an escort girl with an agency. Now you have to search all agencies and apply for a suitable one. To find these agencies you should do a thorough research. Check their representation on the internet and their relevance on relevant search engines. The imprint of the agency can also be decisive, especially if they offer an escort service in Germany. As a rule of thumb, German imprints are more trustworthy than, for example, Spanish or English ones. This does not necessarily mean that these are dubious offers. Nevertheless, you should be careful with the registration of the company. Once you have made a selection of potential agencies, it is time to test them. 

It is recommended to let the agency arrange a date so that you can find out how the process works. Do not forget that the agency works for you. Both parties should always be honest and transparent with each other.

It is important for you to find out how the agency conducts its screening process and selects your clients. It goes without saying that your no-go's should be taken into account and unqualified requests should not be considered at all. It's not necessarily about making new friends or being particularly popular with someone. You are a businesswoman in the first place. 

We want to make your application to Ivana Models as easy as possible. Please pay attention to the following requirements before you apply:

- minimum 21 years old, maximum 40 years old
- an open, spontaneous, adventurous charisma 
- a positive attitude to life
- please no conspicuous piercings and tattoos 
- a good general education is required
- Discretion and professionalism are a matter of course for you
- You can move on any parquet floor and have excellent manners 
- You like to travel and are open to other cultures
- Your appearance is discreet, stylish and above all natural
- You are reliable and punctual 

If you can identify yourself with these attributes, we look forward to receiving your application. 
It is important for us to learn something about your motivation as an escort. 
Please take some time and describe yourself and your goals in the best possible way. For this purpose we would be happy to receive a sedcard or a selection of your favourite photos so that we can get an idea of you. Afterwards we will contact you and arrange a meeting to get to know you. You are welcome to make a suggestion or we can find a suitable bar or restaurant nearby. The bill is on us.


Apply to work by escort agency


11. How much would I earn if I worked with Ivana Models?

The earnings of an escort call girl can vary and depend on many aspects. Roughly calculated, Ivana Models' fee, starting from 2 hours, can range from 800 to 1000 Euro (per date). Please note that these numbers are only for orientation and your personal fee will always be discussed after an individual meeting. Thus we make sure that we represent your actual escort service adequately.   

12. What does the first date as an escort travel girl look like?

Your first escort date doesn't have to be complicated and often more is made of it unnecessarily. After the date has been arranged, you can arrange a common meeting point. This can be in the lobby of a hotel or in a suitable bar. Afterwards you greet each other like on a classic date. Kisses on the left, kisses on the right or would you prefer a restrained handshake first? That is up to you. If the gentleman has not paid in advance, he will hand over the cash in an envelope without being asked. Now the formalities are done and the fun can begin. Usually you will go out to dinner together, explore the city or enjoy stimulating conversation over the best cocktails. If you have a request during the date, the team of your agency is available to you by phone and the 24/7.

13. The Escort girlfriend experience (GFE)

The girlfriend experience enhances the escort experience with romance and authentic closeness. With a GFE, the gentleman enjoys the stress-free company of an excellent listener who turns to him in a natural way. The escort lady manages to respond to the gentleman in a very personal way without appearing artificial or fake. The GFE includes the development of a real human connection. The company is part of a paid service, but the interactions are as real as possible. The gentlemen expect that you are interested in getting to know them and that you are willing to invest the time to build a deep, meaningful friendship. Sex and romance are so much more intense and fulfilling. Gentlemen appreciate meeting a familiar person instead of facing a stranger. 

14. What should my escort girl wardrobe contain?

Especially today, an escort lady must be able to move on different floors and to move adequately in all imaginable circles. To show one's form is definitely attractive - no question. But is the opportunity right? Shouldn't the revealing clothes possibly be used at night? Otherwise you might risk looking trashy. The high class escort call girl presents herself in public rather in a discreet, classic style. And she knows how to wear it. What may sound like a contradiction in terms at first, is your true magic. Your goal should be to appear "unobtrusively sexy", elegant and reserved. At the same time you should be erotic in a discreet way. Your date will not be able to hold himself full of anticipation.

You probably know best how to design your outfit. Depending on the occasion and date, your style can vary. Subtle, neutral and tasteful colours are definitely a safe choice. The skirt or dress should not be too short, complemented by matching, elegant shoes. For the upper body, jackets should be cut so that they fit tightly at the waist and protect the décolleté from prying eyes that are not from your chosen lovers or paying clientele. Present yourself well chosen and full of self-respect. You are exceptional and should present yourself accordingly. Design your wardrobe tastefully and appropriately.
Forcing yourself to follow the latest fashion trends or deliberately dressing in loud, gaudy outfits is usually not the right way to go. This also counts for possible accessories or jewellery. Less is more and the occasion determines the outfit. Of course, there are enough opportunities to dress in an abusive way or to put on a costume. These moments usually only arise in private or at a suitable occasion such as a festival or a club night. 



15. Security for an escort girl

In terms of your safety, working with an agency is a great advantage. 
The agency will check the requests and filter your clients so that you only get the best possible dates. During your date, it can't hurt to keep a few good habits. You should always listen to your instincts and immediately go out in public if the situation seems threatening. You should also always carry your personal details directly on you. If you feel that your health is in danger, it is very beneficial if you have dealt with basic self-defense before. A pepper spray and the knowledge about male weaknesses definitely can't hurt. 

Check In & Check Out - Have your contact person at the agency send you a message at the beginning of the date to make sure that everything is in order. It can't hurt to agree on an emergency message that is not immediately recognizable as such. For example, you can normally send an "Everything OK" message and in an emergency a "I  DON’T FEEL WELL" message. You should also send a message to your contact person after the date is over. If this message does not arrive, the agency will contact you and only then take further steps. 

16. Escort travel companion

In your activity as an outcall girl, you will often be asked to accompany you on a journey. You accompany a gentleman on a business trip or on vacation. If you do not want to go on a travel date, this is of course no problem. Professional escort agencies will ask you this during the application process. The duration and the procedure will be determined before the actual trip, so that you can plan in the best possible way. Your agency will place special emphasis on adequate accommodation and expect the gentleman to have at least a four-star hotel booking. On the date you will go sightseeing, relax on beaches, taste local delicacies and share experiences together. 

17. Escort Duo Dates

Many gentlemen find it particularly attractive to be pampered by two girls. Who can blame them? On an escort duo date you work in tandem with another escort model. Escort duos are well-rehearsed teams, which in some cases, exclusively in pairs. It is important that you play in a team and that there is no competition between you. 

18. The social life as escort lady

When and if you will go public at all is of course entirely up to you. If you tell your friends and family about your activity as an escort travel companion, only you can decide. Especially in the beginning you should not tell everybody about your side job if you are not sure about your role. But you will notice that with time a sovereignty and a strong self-confidence will develop, which can only help you to deal with the topic discretion.

To make the search for the right agency easier for you, we now offer you the possibility to apply for a job at the Ivana Models Escort Agency. If transparency, discretion and a selected clientele are especially important to you, we are looking forward to your application.


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