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How do I spice up my sex life?

23 January 2021

It's not uncommon for us to be asked for suggestions on the subject of sex or to reveal a few tips. Of course, we would like to answer these requests and thus we compiled some things in the following guide that should make your next sex adventure all the more fulfilling. Whether for the newbies or the experts, sex is so comprehensive that everyone can find something new about the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. This guide is all about the questions around "How can we make sex more enjoyable?". We wish you a lot of fun and hope that you will be inspired in many ways. If you have any questions or suggestions, we would be happy to include them in the next guide so that all gentlemen can benefit from our expert advice.

Take your time - Should I try new things with premium escort service?

If there is one thing you could take away from this IMA guidebook, it is that small changes can bring big results! You don't have to rush into anything or get the whip out right away. Often, it's the little touches that lead to ecstatic results. Many people equate intense sex with drastic measures that are possibly tried out much too hastily. Quickly one has then bought the full-body bondage equipment or looks around for the next orgy. In the end, the disappointment is great when you realize that an intensive change may not be the point at all. Take it slow! It's easy to fall into a routine of rushing toward a grand finale. But slowing things down - to the point where it almost becomes sexy torture - is a surefire way to get things fired up again. So enjoy the anticipation as you undress each other. Cherish every erotic second. Kiss, and kiss profusely. And the sex will be so much better because of it.


How to Have Better Sex - Sex-ed for everyone:


How about making small, subtle changes that will lead to even more fun in the bedroom? 

Good sex is in the details. Often it comes down to very inconspicuous things that suddenly show a thrilling effect. Even if it may not sound particularly sexy, the basic aspects, such as time, place, "location" and duration crucial. These facets of a first class escort date are often overlooked and can lead to even more fun in the pleasure and are already not to be left out the next time. 


Have you ever tried sex at a different time of day?

As we all know, man is a creature of habit, so breaking the convention can be a very special charm. Do you have a stringently organized life? Then having unscheduled sex could be your kink. Just like that, without an appointment - very wicked! As simple as it may sound, but just the daylight or the seductive darkness of the night, can put us in a new mood. If you have so far only sought the pleasures of the night, dare and try sex in the morning. There is no better way to wake up, believe us. For the greatest pleasure in the morning, have breakfast served to your bed and welcome the new day unbridled and exuberant with a high class escort service. We boldly claim that Ivana Models offer the best wake-up service, let us convince you! 


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How long should we have sex? 

Not only the time of day can be decisive, but also the duration. Depending on your tastes, an explosive quickie can be more involved than a never-ending marathon. There is no "wrong or right" here. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and what sends others into the highest joys may put you into a deep sleep. Sure, long sex has clear benefits for both parties, but what you don't like is best left alone. Blindly following sex trends without really asking yourself if you like it is like going to the wrong nightclub. It is wiggled around inappropriately until you go home unsatisfied and unfulfilled, alone. That doesn't have to be, life is too short for that. On the other hand, to have fun at your best with a top class call girl is always the right answer to the question "How can I live out my physical best?".


In which place do you prefer to have sex and which one would appeal to you?

Without wanting to compare sex to real estate, but often "location, location, location!" counts. Do you know the feeling when the room and the location alone inspire the greatest pleasure? Because it does not always have to be the bed, who would have thought it. Surely you have your favorite place to enjoy the company of a discreet escort lady. A very special charm can lie in the changing of your location of pleasure. How about a particularly cozy couch or on the intimate private beach in the sparkling evening sun that dances glittering on the sea? You notice a rule emerging here: Break your conventions to break out of the everyday! To do this, you have to dare to discard the old and try the new. It's a challenge to your own creativity, the rewards of which can be limitless.

Sex for all five senses - How do I use the premium escort service for all senses?

A great way to make sex more exciting is to think about your five senses. Especially about how to excite all your senses. Let your imagination run wild. Whose senses should be stimulated and specifically, with what? 


As you see, you don't see - what is the best way to stimulate the sense of sight?

The sense of sight is one of the senses that offers the most possibilities. The eyes are magical, and can provide a special intimacy. Deep eye contact at the right moment can work wonders and provide a sense of intimate familiarity. In a Girlfriend Experience, eye contact is essential. Playing with the senses can also have the opposite effect. Thus, it might have a special appeal to blindfold with a mask and thus irritate all the other senses all the more. Or try having sex with the lights on, the lights off, or just candlelight. You know, for the romance. Nothing is wrong or right here. Anything can happen, nothing has to. Only the two of you can know what really excites you and your teammate. Have fun trying it out. Do you hear that? It sounds like a boisterous time with the high class callgirl. To play with your hearing, music of all kinds is a good choice. Are you more of a cuddly rocker? Do you prefer it full of soul, à la Barry White? Or maybe you prefer simple rhythmic beats? You don't have to search long for it. The best Spotify playlists for sex offer the full range of acoustic background music for your shared ecstasy. Or are you more of a dirty talk connoisseur? Often it is the right words, at the right time, which make the sparks fly. Here, too, you should listen to your inner self and find out what really gets you both going.


Which scent is the most erotic?

A particularly aphrodisiac perfume, fresh flowers or a scented candle will invite your taste buds to a party they won't soon forget. Each time, you could use a particularly recognizable scent to signal to your brain that it's about to get down to business. During pleasure, the magical odeur will punctuate the action and subtly complement your sex. Once you've found the perfect scent, you'll never want to go without it again! How may it feel? To appeal to your sense of touch, try playing with each other's unique textures. Again, certain fabrics have a special effect. Silk ties, fluffy scarves or soft feathers lend themselves to an extra-sensual experience. Lacquer, latex and leather convey more of a power that lends itself to dominant play. With the sense of touch, goes the choice of outfit. Depending on your taste, you will find that the high class escorts have many suitable outfits in their luggage. We wish you a lot of fun trying it on!


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Your sex pregame - How can a healthy lifestyle improve your sex life?

What workout is good for a healthy libido?

Should you be looking for a reason to hit the gym, it comes in the form of better sex. Not only will you look gorgeous, on top of that, your natural libido will increase. Exercise is a great way to improve your sex life. It not only stimulates your body, but also your nervous system and brain. So you are more physically aroused and more receptive to sex. Exercise also strengthens your cardiovascular system, improves circulation and gets blood flowing to the right places. It also gets you in the mood by relieving stress and boosting your self-esteem. Working out gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. "When you do it consistently, you feel good about yourself. That's exactly why exercising regularly is a great form of foreplay. Just as important, exercise helps you tune into your body and find your healthy center. Strength training and yoga, which force you to focus on your muscles and your shape, are especially good for this. To that end, we advise everyone to do regular Kegel exercises. 


Travel works wonders - How do vacations improve sex?

For a healthy work-life balance: don't forget to travel and challenge yourself on vacation. Vacations are almost essential for good sex, especially when life makes it nearly impossible to connect on the level that's critical to improving intimacy. Sure, there will be time for swimming, tanning, hiking, biking and shopping, but don't forget the most delicious part of time off: vacation sex. Since vacation is synonymous with relaxation, and stress is one of the biggest killers of women's sex drive, make summer vacation a win-win for your sex life and your relationship. Without the usual stressors holding you back, vacation is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the fire. No emails, no phone calls, no excuses!

What place and activities are made for a travel date?

Choose a place you've never been and order a dish you've never eaten. New experiences especially shape us, and a fulfilling vacation can have a relaxing, restorative effect on us. Even if you have fantastic sex on a regular basis, the key to maintaining it is to change your sexual repertoire. Start by thinking about a few things you've always wanted to try but have been too shy, too busy, or too stressed to actually put into action. Have you always wanted to try a new sex position or toy? Now is the time to do it. Once the vacation is planned, both of you share your plans for fun together. Go over your lists a few days before you leave so you're both excited - the best part of this game is that you both have something new to look forward to. You may not make it all the way through your lists on this trip, but you'll have fun doing it. A vacation with a first class travel companion can work wonders and get your body in the optimal state. Give it a try, you will not regret it!


What activities can we do to make sex more exciting?

Sharing an exciting experience gets your adrenaline pumping, which creates feelings of intimacy and pleasure. Take a day to try a new activity you've never done before. Activities like hiking, surfing, and skydiving will get your blood pumping, so you'll be even more pumped when you get back to your room. Think of it as a day of foreplay leading up to a night of passionate sex. Afterwards, you and the vip call girl work your magic together. The novelty and spontaneity of trying something new are the essential keys to pleasure.

We hope that we could offer you an exciting overview that will sweeten your next top class escort date infinitely. Have fun trying it out!


How To Have Great Sex: