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Unforgettable escort service in Norway

08 November 2020

The west of the beautiful Scandinavian peninsula invites you to a first-class stay! Grab your selected high class escort lady Norway and enjoy a few days full of sports, nature and crackling moments. Between mountains, rocks and waters you may experience unforgettable times on your deluxe escort date, while you breathe in the pure air of the country and the sun laughs in your face. Your Ivana Models Team wishes you much pleasure.

Enjoy the most beautiful moments of nature - with a fantastic top class escort call girl in Norway

During your upcoming high class date you will stroll along the beautiful roads of Norway until you find yourself at "Preikestolen", a natural rock platform, which will certainly take your breath away. This handsome highlight is located in Ryfylke and allows you a stunning view of the surrounding mountains and nature. Here you can recharge your batteries in pure, unspoilt nature! If you are looking for one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway, we can recommend the "Lysefjord", which is also located in Ryfylke and is one of the top sights in Norway. On site you will experience an incredible view, which you will certainly not forget so quickly. In the evening you will go with your charming VIP escort call girl to one of the best restaurants in Norway, the popular, luxurious "Kjerag Restaurant (Øygardstøl)", which offers you fine, regional home cooking and first-class service. 


Fjord Norway


Would you like to take a different walk? On the Atlantic Road you are on what is probably the most famous road in the whole of Norway, and you and your enchanting high class travel companion can take a short - or rather a long - walk through the country's nature. With a length of over 8000 meters the Atlantic Road impresses guests from all over the world and will soon fascinate you and your escort call girl. Let yourself be fascinated by this majestic street and its surroundings! If you prefer to be driven on your escort date, the "Flåmsbana", a branch line of the Bergen Railway in Norway, will literally laugh at you. The train will take you from Myrdal, an area at 866 meters above sea level, to Flåm, presenting you with waterfalls, mountains and rocks, all of which will enchant you. Thanks to our discreet escort agency in Norway you don't have to experience this attraction alone, but you can enjoy the company of a young, playful girl Next Door. 

Tingling action at the North Polar Sea with the sporty Deluxe travel companion 

What could be nicer than to embark on a little adventure at the Arctic Ocean with an enchanting, active escort lady? Here you can let yourself go, just be human and enjoy nature. And what better way to achieve this than with a high class escort girl who will do everything to give you unforgettable times and share breathtaking moments with you? At the North Cape you will certainly succeed in doing this very well. After all, you are at the North Cape on a promontory that is not only handsome, but also juts out into the Arctic Ocean and is therefore one of the top sights of the country. Since the Cape is located in Troms og Finnmark, we warmly recommend the five-star Clarion Hotel The Edge, which is located in the immediate vicinity, so that you can enjoy a comfortable stay and relax with your travel companion. Alternatively, the luxurious, noble "Enter Tromsø" is also a great place to enjoy a few sensual hours with an escort girlfriend experience or simply let yourself be pampered by your escort.



If your way leads you to Stryn, you should certainly not ignore the "Briksdalsbreen". This is an impressive, beautiful glacier, whose highest point is almost 2000 meters above sea level and thus provides a magnificent view. In the "Hoven Restaurant & Bar", near the stunning glacier "Briksdalsbreen", you can get everything your stomach could desire, from cod fillet to deer stew to beef cake. For a romantic dinner with the brilliant top class escort companion, the beautiful surroundings and the ambience of the restaurant will provide you with the perfect setting. But even if you just want to sit down for a drink, the restaurant has its own bar, which offers you finest drinks and selected cocktails. Another promising local restaurant is "Restaurant 34 - Stryn", which also functions as a restaurant and bar. This has homemade burgers and lasagna as well as selected seafood and fresh fish in its repertoire. The Norwegian cuisine will show you a completely new and exciting culinary style, which you may not have known before, but will certainly love. Nyt måltidet!

Discover the most beautiful cities on your First Class Escort Date in Norway 

Norway has a colorful range of interesting sights, heavenly nature and several beautiful cities that are home to them. A stay in Norway should therefore be well planned, so that you can not only enjoy the first class escort service of Ivana Models, but also admire the best attractions of the country. Starting with the city of Bergen, Norway presents us a pleasant and tasteful variety of sports, nature and recreation. The coastal city is one of the largest in the country and enchants with its very special flair and the magnificent streets and paths, which all invite you to take a walk or a hike. In the Hanse quarter Bryggen you can stroll comfortably in charming company and philosophize about life. The sea air there will completely enchant you and your escort lady within seconds. In the "Naomi Restaurant & Bar" you will sit in one of the hippest restaurants on the waterfront and enjoy African cuisine while you lose yourself in good conversation with the first class travel companion. 


Beautiful nature in Norway


White, beautiful beaches, glaciers, inlets - come and see Stavanger! What can you expect here? It is not exaggerated when we say: simply everything. Between valley glaciers, sandy beaches that are so white and shiny that they seem almost surreal, and colorful buildings and wooden houses scattered all over the city, you will almost feel like in a fairy tale on your high class escort date in Stavanger. No matter where your way will take you, whether you go for a long, relaxing walk in the fresh air or go to the center of the city for some shopping - the city itself offers everything you could long for on vacation and so much more. In the "Hotel Victoria", after a long day in pure nature, you will find yourself royally accommodated and allowed to let all your thoughts fall and give yourself up to the charming escort lady in your suite. The "Eilert Smith Hotel" is in no way inferior to the "Victoria" and will alternatively also provide you with the best possible service.

The best way to start an exciting journey through Norway is with a top class escort 

Where mountain and ocean meet, in the wonderful, breathtaking Ålesund, welcome! It is no wonder that this city is one of the most popular in Norway. But the attractions that Ålesund has to offer certainly border on miraculous. In this impressive city, you will not only experience the mountains and fjords you already know from other Norwegian cities, but you will also see how they merge with the ocean and present to you and your busty escort girl a picture landscape that is out of this world. In order to enjoy this view as much as possible, we advise you to take your escort date up into the air, to the viewpoint "Aksla", which has 418 steps. If you go this way, you can enjoy a stunning view afterwards, which is hardly offered to you otherwise. For sensual, romantic moments as a small foretaste of the hours to come, you can cuddle up with your girl next door to the highest point of the lookout tower and have a breathtaking time. 

Like it a little bigger? If you look around for the biggest city in Nordland, you will find Bodø, a handsome, varied city that will show you everything from the sea and mountains to the world's strongest tidal current. The Saltstraumen, which is located in Salt in Norway, is not only called the strongest and therefore probably best known tidal stream, but is also considered one of the most beautiful and interesting highlights that Norway has to offer you and your top class travel companion. In the restaurant "Auszeit" you both may take a short break after an eventful day in the truest sense of the word, while you taste the salmon burger or enjoy a selected coffee. So that you can still benefit from the beautiful nature of the city even in your accommodation, there is the "Hotel Rheinsberg am See" on site, which - as the name already suggests - is located on the lake and promises you a picture landscape directly from your suite window. 

Endless possibilities arise if you follow the sound of nature 

A romantic, delicious candle-light dinner characterized by king crab, cod and catfish, in the company of a young, cheeky escort call girl...This is how your upcoming deluxe date in Kirkenes could look like. Freshly caught from the nearby ocean, the fine delicacies land directly on your plate and will unquestionably take you on a culinary journey. Located in northern Norway, Kirkenes enchants with its location close to Russia, its ocean and the fresh food it produces. It is considered a true treasure of Norway and attracts people from all over the world, and perhaps soon you and your travel companion will be too? In addition to the delicious cuisine, the city is also a perfect place for those who love deep sea fishing or simply want to relax for a few days. The "Snow Hotel" is a very special one of its kind, because here you are in the coldest hotel in the world, which is located near the "Gabba Reindeer Park" and invites you to have cold drinks and a heavenly winter adventure. Not to mention the ice sculptures and snow figures that decorate the hotel. 

You are not satisfied with the view of the mountains and coasts of Norway? Are you longing for an adventurous activity? In this case, how about going on a canoe trip with your high class escort lady, where you are in close proximity to the entire landscape. Nature up close! During your canoe trip you set the pace! Ride gently and slowly along the many attractions of Norway while listening to the sounds of nature. For the adventurous gentlemen among you, a glacier or forest lake trip is certainly an exciting activity. Especially in winter or at night, even a supposedly easy canoe trip can be a romantic dream! As usual, you can best enjoy this dream with a call girl from our Ivana Escort Agency. 


Scenic route in Norway

From city to city, from sight to sight - Norway's endless beauty

A place that makes anglers' hearts beat faster, Geirangerfjord! Take a rental boat on site to turn the day into a fishing adventure and catch fresh fish for dinner. The tender, brilliant escort lady at your side will surely be impressed by your skill and admire you. During the boat trip for fishing you can also see waterfalls, valleys and much more, an impressive fishing trip! To get all the necessary utensils you can go to the fishing store "Jakt Og Friluft". In Utsira, the smallest village in Norway, you will enjoy peace and hospitality. With only 235 inhabitants, your stay there will be a relaxing, recreational, yet eventful one. Over 310 different bird species can be observed in this city. But that is certainly not all you have seen, after all the small town offers historically relevant buildings, such as the popular lighthouse, and also invites you to boat tours and many other attractions. 

As you can see, Norway really has a lot of beautiful places, beautiful nature and delicious cuisine in its repertoire. In order to enjoy all these places in the best possible way, we will gladly arrange for you the top escort girls, who are all looking forward to enjoy a first-class stay in Norway together with you. Whether you go to Oslo, the capital of Norway, your way leads you to charming Trondheim or the valley town Lillehammer smiles at you - enjoy the precious hours in the pure nature and in the company of a stunning outcall girl, so that you will look back on your heavenly time in Norway with a smile on your lips even months later. The Ivana Models Escort Team wishes you a lot of pleasure and is at your disposal 24/7 and 365 days a year. We are looking forward to your message or call and will be happy to advise you further on possible activities with the first class travel escort in Norway. Ha det gøy!