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Is Escort Service Legal? | Ask Ivana Models

14 January 2023

The legality of escort services is a complex and often disputed topic and varies by country and even by region within a country. In some countries like Germany or Netherlands, escort services are legal and regulated businesses. In contrast, in others, they may be considered illegal activities or only partially legal. For example, in the United States, whether or not escort services are legal varies from state to state. Other countries such as Sweden and Norway have Nordic model laws that criminalize the purchase of sexual services but not the sale of them (it decriminalizes the escort ladies)


The new Prostitute Protection Act in Germany

Is Escort Service Legal in Germany?

The short answer is: Yes.

In June 2014, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youth organized a panel of experts to address this topic and discuss ways to regulate prostitution in Germany. The goal of that meeting was two things: 

  1. To improve the circumstances and legal position of sex workers by providing them with a safe environment and more excellent legal protection and rights; 
  2. To tackle issues such as human trafficking, violence against and exploitation against those working in the industry, and procuring activities. They tried to attack related crimes by creating regulations such as: 
  • regular health screenings and consultations for sex workers and 
  • proper identification requirements and reliability tests when opening new brothels or other establishments offering such services.

In addition to these measures aimed at protecting sex workers and combating associated crimes, the law also seeks to raise awareness about prostitution and its consequences in society – both positive and negative – through educational programs and public information campaigns. This is done in order to foster a more informed dialogue regarding this sensitive subject matter as well as create an environment where people feel comfortable talking openly about it without fear of judgement or stigma. By establishing regulations which are tailored specifically towards protecting individuals from potential harm while simultaneously raising awareness about its implications in society will help ensure that everyone involved is treated fairly and respectfully.

As a result of this expert exchange, a draft law was created: The Law on the Regulation of Prostitution.


The new proposed law for sex workers and brothel operators was criticized due to the fear of inadequacies in safeguarding those involved in the industry and its inability to tackle the broader problem of human trafficking effectively. According to the regulations, a registration process had to be implemented, along with health consultations being carried out. Furthermore, brothel owners were required to obtain a license after passing a reliability test.

Critics argued that these measures did not go far enough in protecting individuals at risk of exploitation or abuse, especially as there was no clear guidance on ensuring safety and security for those participating in prostitution activities. Additionally, human trafficking remained an issue due to the lack of actionable steps taken by authorities to prevent it from happening in the first place. For any law concerning sex work or prostitution to be effective, proper protocols must be established and adhered to by all parties involved - this includes ensuring appropriate healthcare services are readily available and creating safe working environments for prostitutes.

Finally, the German parliament passed this law (Prostitution Act | Prostitutionsgesetz - ProstG) in 2016, and it went into effect on July 1st, 2017.

The new Prostitute Protection Act (PDF file)

All information about the Prostitute Protection Act on the website of BMFSFJ


Overall, when considering whether or not escorting services are legal, it’s essential to research all applicable laws related to such activities both at a federal and local level before embarking on this type of business venture. There are several legal considerations surrounding who can provide escort services and what kind of activities they can facilitate, so make sure you thoroughly understand all relevant regulations before making a decision either way!

For further information, as well as current versions of the law you can also visit: