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Visit Germany's largest trade fairs with a High Class Escort Model

06 October 2019

Germany is a trade fair country par excellence and every season the most diverse exhibitors call on you to marvel at their products, services and attractions. What a fitting opportunity to make a trip to one of Germany's major cities and be inspired by the many exciting events. To be accompanied by a charming escort beauty is the highest of all feelings. No matter which subject area you are interested in or which trade fair appeals to you the most through your profession, with a high class escort model at your side you will never be bored. So while you make important business contacts or get the latest from the world of automobiles, technology and communication presented to you, the beauty at your side will always inspire.

In the following, we would like to offer you an overview of the largest trade fairs in Germany, which can be visited excellently together.

Frankfurt calls you to the IAA and in Essen it goes to the Motor Show

Fascinating mobility can be experienced every year at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main. The motor show attracts up to 1,000,000 visitors every year who want to be inspired by the latest mobile vehicles or even buy one of them directly. All the big names are represented here, from Audi to Tesla to Mercedes Benz. Perhaps you will fall in love with a new car model, which you will soon be able to call your own. Following the trend, many new electric cars were to be marveled at, at this year's fair, the future is charged up with "E". Volkswagen trumped up with its ID.3, which is more smart than showy. Visually a modern love child of a Beetle and Golf, driven by the urge for innovation and mobility of the future. The new e-models set a clear sign for the new VW course. After the diesel scandal, the product line simply had to change and the ID.3 provides the proof.



Electric cars were, as was to be expected, everywhere. After years of developing new electric models, they finally came on stage this year. From small electric cars like the aforementioned Volkswagen ID.3 and the Opel Corsa-e to more chic Porsche Taycans and Mercedez', this was proof that the manufacturers take their CO2 responsibility very seriously and which now runs through the automotive industry like a jolt. Which probably means waking up and reconsidering. This was to be expected, because the German automobile manufacturers in particular are counted. This year, too, there was a busy demonstration in front of the exhibition halls to draw attention to the climate crisis. If you want to follow this zeitgeist, you are not forced to do without class and chic optics. On average, the smallest e-car classes still seem a bit clumsy and awkward. On the other hand, the Teslas, of course, cut an excellent figure and attract quite well - thanks Elon.

Test with your VIP Escort Model the e-cars of the future

With the new e-cars of the smaller calibers, the industry is in full change. But the big ones are also coming out to play. The Porsche Taycan combines the esteemed Porsche lines with a surprising performance that makes the diesel hardliners tremble. It's almost more like a shiver that flow down through your neck as soon as the Taycan rushes by or "buzzes" by. The new one from Benz has organic lines, instead of catching the eye with edges. The BMW EQS rolls to 24 inches and presents itself like a time traveling model from the future. Now it is finally here and is ready to dominate the market in the coming years as the "E S-Class". So anyone looking for a suitable limousine, will be well served well with the EQS. Even though the three letters are currently being criticised, the SUV counterpart, the Mercedez EQC, is a luxury SUV with battery operation.

The Land Rover Defender is a thriller among the classic SUVs. Land Rover is in the very fortunate position of only having to lift its icon to the next level. More than the Defender doesn't seem to work. Looking for SUV perfection? Then the Land Rover Defender 2019 is exactly the right choice. The new Defender delivers absolutely. It just looks right: a simple sounding word of praise, but the biggest compliment you can make. And the depth of the technology is convincing, from the robust aluminium monocoque to a completely new electronic architecture and white steel wheels. However, in addition to the new electric cars, diesel is still an issue and the R&D departments of many car manufacturers are stoically sticking to diesel burners. The new concepts of the big manufacturers were also presented on the big stages. Especially the BMW Concept 4 and the Hyundai 45 Concept split the minds and opinions.

For all tuners and fans of the air: Visit the Essen Motor Show with an escort model or enjoy the Berlin Air Show

Feel like marvelling at more cars? Then the Essen Motor Show has got you covered. Here, in December 2019, fans of the tuning scene will meet to admire freshly laminated PS cars together. From 30 November to 8 December you can enjoy the Essen Motor Show and enjoy the legendary and impressive vehicles. The event will take place in over ten halls. The current trends in the tuning scene differ enormously from those of recent years. Therefore the fair is also a must for regular visitors this year! And what should not be missing at such a grandiose event? Exactly, the beautiful escort in the form of a brilliant high class escort girl. You can see about 160 additional European cars, together with the escort model Berlin who will accompany them, if you take part in the additional show of the Motor Messe in Essen.


Essen Motor Show 2019


Or should it be the Berlin Air Show? This event is a highlight for all aviation and space enthusiasts. More than 1000 different exhibitors, which are well noticed from the international stage, can be seen and admired here. Here you will be shown the whole world of aviation high-tech. If you want to be among the lucky 115,000 visitors, you should already be ready for this adventure. The best thing to do is to pick one of the beautiful high class escort models. At the very top - hundreds of aircraft will be presented at the ILA. And not just airplanes! Private jets and exciting drones, for example, will also find their place here. Every year you will be able to see further developed, innovative and partly even sustainable aircraft here. We think the ILA is definitely a good place to find out about the latest equipment.

Do you feel drawn to by the great sea or the deep of the waters? The boot is the fair for you and your escort model in Dusseldorf!

The international boat show in Düsseldorf - everyone knows and loves it! Also the wonderful VIP escort models, which you can meet through our discreet escort agency Düsseldorf. The boot is by far the biggest and, rightly so, the most popular boat show. Water sports enthusiasts will find everything their hearts could desire here. Among them, the boot also offers a large, probably even the largest, portal for water sports and everything connected with it. In addition to the luxurious yachts, boats and many other new works presented there, you can immerse yourself in water sports directly on site and gain your first (or further) experience of all water activities. For example, visitors can enjoy sailing on their own or try out other water sports. Did you also know that there are international exhibitors from over 60 different locations presenting their products and services? A very successful event, we think.

If you want to try out and test suitable yachts and their accessories for your next holiday with your charming high class escort model, the Düsseldorf Boot Show definitely offers the best conditions for this. Just dive down and relax? No problem at all on the boot. All around the diving pleasure you can find here really all important and interesting things, among other diving clothes, which can be seen. For individual consultations the boot also offers the right personnel and the relevant equipment.

Experience the latest in technology and communication with the charming escort at your side.

The IFA takes place annually in Berlin and attracts several 100,000 visitors. As it is one of the oldest trade fairs in the industrial sector, it is highly regarded and always well attended. Become a part of this big event with your VIP escort model. Since 2005 the International radio exhibition (Internationale Funkausstellung) is only called IFA and takes place every year at about the same time in Berlin at the Funkturm. Here you will be able to enjoy electronics. Some things are purely functional, others are for entertainment. This is how innovation is done! As the largest trade fair, IFA is a good place to go for anyone interested. Educational and entertaining at the same time - that's what IFA stands for.

In 2006, the fair was opened and hosted by none other than Angela Merkel. A particularly large number of telecommunications products were on display. New technology for entertainment - the visitors were thrilled. The next IFA also promises innovative and interesting equipment, shows and information. Those who are enthusiastic about 3D films should definitely read on. Already in 2010 3D-capable TVs were shown at the IFA. Of course, there will also be the opportunity to admire the progress this year. The 3D conference, which was shown by Deutsche Telekom at IFA, was a real hit. Those who ignore this fair will definitely miss something!

For the entertainment fans and gamers: Catch the glances of the visitors with an escort model at your side.

The gamescom is probably one of the best-known trade fairs worldwide. Every year fans, players, interested people and countless manufacturers gather here. In 2009 the gamescom took place for the very first time in Cologne. Previously, Leipzig had been the venue for the Games Convention. No matter in which city it takes place, the gamescom offers incredible things every year, so the latest software and hardware from the manufacturers are presented. The gamescom was also opened by Chancellor Merkel in 2017. In 2018 the prize "Best of gamescom" was awarded to Sekiro Shadows Die Twice by From Software. This year the fair took place from 20 to 24 August. Also in the next year the people should delight again in August. Why don't you find the right high class call girl for gamescom now and plan some nice August days with her?

If this is not enough for you, you can look forward to the extra show of the well known and popular gamescom. This is called Retro Gaming and is loved just as much. Developers, clubs, artists and many more gather here and show the beauty and exciting aspects of online games. Of course, you can also test and try out Retro Gaming as long as you like. More than 200 different screens are provided to make this experience possible for you and the lovely VIP escort lady. Collectors, for example, can also be found here to participate in the great possibilities.

He who plans and builds must go to the bauma - possibly with a discreet escort lady?

The bauma is a short version for construction machinery and is a relevant component of the international trade fairs. The trade fair is held in Munich every three years. What is remarkable, is that bauma lasts seven days and accordingly offers a large number of enriching and interesting programmes and object presentations. In addition, it is the only trade fair dealing with construction machinery. That is why it is so popular and always well attended. All the latest products and developments are presented here. You should definitely not miss this event. We advise you to inform yourself about it now and to choose the suitable high class escort lady. Together you can be impressed by the latest developments. The world's leading trade fair bauma counts as a really important component of the entire construction machinery industry. It offers many small innovations, but also great opportunities.



It is also remarkable that this fair not only attracts the biggest fans, but also a broad audience of many interested people. Anyone who dares to attend bauma has the opportunity to meet all relevant target groups, developers and fans. Let yourself be impressed by the beauty of the construction machinery on over 120,000 m². With the other enthusiastic visitors, you can experience and enjoy all the new and relevant areas of the construction machinery industry.

Off to the green with the premium escort service at the international Grüne Woche Berlin

The international Grüne Woche, or Green Week, has been taking place for 84 years now. In January 2020 you can be part of the 85th Green Week in Berlin. The popular fair is followed annually by the media as it is one of the most relevant in the world. A fabulous 600 television reports were broadcast about the International Green Week. A true media experience! A heavenly combination of old tradition and innovative components is offered to you here. The International Green Week is a fantastic place to have fun with your high class escort lady and learn something new at the same time.
Those who are interested in horticulture, organics and all other topics in these areas should definitely take part in the International Green Week and not miss this wonderful experience, this wonderful fair! International ministries and food experts will also meet at the fair. So there is something for every taste! The professional seminars and congresses, which amount to over 300, educate the visitors and show them all the new information and developments. Here you can see what new stimulants the world has to offer. Food retailing, important strategies and much more will be suggested and presented to you in the shortest possible time. We would definitely not miss this event.

Couple culture with beauty: With a stunning escort model at the Frankfurt Book Fair 

The Frankfurt Book Fair is one of the most important cultural and social events in Germany. Every October, visitors from all over the world and all walks of life gather here. They can see representatives of the creative industry, for example, but also copywriters and simply interested book fans. Culture lovers can also find themselves here and be inspired by media and new creative writing. If you like to talk about literature and find discussions about it exciting, you can also join in the debate or have your favourite author sign a book. At the Frankfurt Book Fair you can experience the latest, most innovative products. It doesn't matter which genre of literature you prefer. As your personal high Class Escort Model about her favorite crime novels, fantasy fiction, romance or even scientific releases. Literaturgala - that's something to see! Since the Frankfurt Book Fair cooperates with the Literaturhaus, hr2-kultur and also Hugendubel, this Book Fair offers exclusive insights and many instructive moments. Many star authors read out parts of their works, some of which have not yet been published, and show the wonderful world of literature. On several stages at the Frankfurt Book Fair you can let yourself be inspired by the various authors and products.

Germany's fairs offer the right thing for everyone. No matter what kind of areas or industries you may be interested in, at the fairs Germany has to offer, you will always find something suitable for you! In the best case you can of course experience this great happening with a high class escort girl Frankfurt, who can be booked through our discreet escort agency Ivana Models. Because with a charming, educated and multi-layered woman at his side, live itself is simply more enjoyable. Take part in the educational events at the German trade fairs and let yourself not only by the exciting and new projects and products of the respective areas, but also by the beauty of the VIP escort girl, who will always take care of your well-being. For all those who cannot decide which of the wonderful fairs they want to participate in, there is of course the possibility to go to all the fairs. In any case, we wish you an enchanting and exciting time with your high class escort model at the various fairs.