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Girl with ring and necklace

Discover the most luxurious jewelers with the deluxe escort lady

09 January 2021

On a romantic, inspiring journey through the best jewelers and boutiques, you will be allowed to view and purchase the most luxurious, elegant pieces of jewelry as well as accessories on your upcoming exclusive date with your heavenly escort girls. Be enchanted by the sparkling, radiant variety of jewels and gold pieces as you strut through the streets hand in hand and full of anticipation. 

An exclusive shopping tour with the high class call girl

For extravagant fun as well as luxury, Harry Winston - where you will discover High Jewelry at its finest - is excellent among others. Choose between fine diamonds as well as rubies, in the form of classy earrings, necklaces or for example a noble watch, adorned with the finest gemstones. In the collection "The Incredibles" a glittering selection of jewelry awaits you, which you may savor and admire together with your first class GFE, who will look at you with equally glittering sparkling eyes and sweeten your time. "The Rockefeller-Winston", a top-class piece from the Harry Winston collection, will enchant you and your fantastically beautiful escort within seconds. The 18.03-carat emerald of the stunning ring is adorned as well as refined by the 108 round brilliant-cut diamonds and pear-shaped diamonds. 

The selected piece "Yellow Diamond Necklace" is - as the name already suggests - a brilliant, stylish necklace with a yellow diamond, which will certainly take the breath away not only of you and the outcall girl at your side, which you could find through our discreet escort agency. Set in 18 karat yellow gold as well as platinum, the 40.81 carat radiant cut yellow stone shines between the 126 brilliant cut diamonds, all of which are round in shape. Most certainly, this piece would look great on your deluxe travel companion. Even more envious looks than you will already reap together, this luxury jewel will also give you. 



Another, at least equally luxurious selection from Harry Winston can be found in "The New York Collection", which, by the way, should be considered a tribute to the city of New York, where Mr. Winston hails from. The gem "Brownstone" will also overwhelm you and your lovely lady companion - stylish, elegant diamonds, in baguette cut, perfected by round brilliants as well as further diamonds, which however inspire in a marquise shape, are here extended by gemstones in the most different colors. A true must-have for all luxury lovers and certainly also the sensual Ivana Models. 

Jewels and precious stones at Tiffany & Co. - enjoy a stunning, sparkling time together with your luxury callgirl 

Whoever talks about luxury, jewels, precious stones, diamonds and co, must certainly mention Tiffany & Co... or even visit it - as you might do, in the company of a graceful escort. The new collection "Atlas X" promises a modern and new interpretation of the already well-known motif of Tiffany & Co. Whether you are looking for delicate bangles, studded rings or a necklace to adorn the beguiling neck of your travel girl, at Tiffany & Co. you may enjoy as well as get your fill of an incomparable variety - although, between you and me, it is hard to get your fill of exquisite jewels as well as diamonds. A similar phenomenon you could certainly already notice, if you have already used our escort service and spent time with one of the travel companions, which certainly has it in itself and awakens the desire or rather the desire for more. 


Pearl necklace on the wood


Especially the necklaces of "Atlas X" have caught our eye - delicate necklaces with high-carat pendants, which are held in different but always convincing designs. From nine different necklaces of the "Atlas X" collection you may both filter out the perfect one. If your invigorating high-class escort is still missing the right ear jewelry for your upcoming event, Tiffany & Co. will provide you with the answer to that as well. How do the popular, expensive "Tiffany Victoria cluster mix drop earrings" sound for your luxury girlfriend? After all, few things adorn a luxurious, upscale lady as well as luxury jewelry from Tiffany & Co. does. Romantic and skillful, this ear jewelry plays through its differently cut diamonds to create stunning plays of light and exciting shading on the luxury piece. The individual diamonds harmonize perfectly with each other, creating a varied yet cohesive overall look. A smooth 52,000.00 euros is the price of these elegant, extravagant earrings. 

Exploring the best jewelers on a high class girlfriend experience 

For those who dwell among the upscale elite and occasionally purchase a jewel, expensive watch or other diamond-studded piece of jewelry, Van Cleef & Arpels is certainly a household name. This luxury brand impresses with its stylish variety and unique pendants, all of which sparkle, shine, glitter and charmingly make an impression. The "Perlée clovers" pendant in pure yellow gold is studded with diamonds that you will see from afar as you run towards your girlfriend to get the evening or your dinner date started. 4,400 euros is a small price to pay here for such a beauty that will certainly make your escort beauty sparkle even more. The matching bracelet can be purchased for 24,800 euros, and the creoles in the collection for a fine 12,900 euros. All parts are coordinated and shine in a heavenly yellow gold. But the watches from Van Cleef & Arpels also have it all! Let your busty travel girl appear in a romantic look at your next sensual high class GFE - a look that is rounded off by the "Charms Extraordinaire Vendôme", a watch in delicate red gold, made of mother-of-pearl, sapphire, spessartine and numerous diamonds. Expensive fun, as the cost of these jewels is 94,500 euros.

Similarly sexy, romantic and playful, but much more expensive, is the product "Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux Automne", which has a fabulous price of 377,000 euros. This watch sparkles in a yellow gold, set with diamonds, and also made of sapphire as well as spessartine. Admire the delicate wrist of the escort lady adorned with the "Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux Automne" watch while the two of you enjoy the evening on a dinner date, a high class GFE or a business event. A watch that will also grace your companion's wrist superbly is the "Rendez-Vous Moon Serenity". The rose gold automatic watch with ravishing blue tones and diamonds that shine even from a hundred meters away will take you both on a mental journey to an unforgettable night full of pleasures and an adventure you certainly won't soon forget. 35,700 euros you can get rid of if you are interested in this product. Let the evening, the night or simply your dinner date come to you to experience a time that will still put a smile on your face weeks or months afterwards. But we advise you not to let months pass before you see your escort girlfriend again. After all, this makes you want more and will draw you directly under her spell. 


Expensive diamond ring

Give the escort service a very special glamor 

For example, with a necklace by Chanel, which with its 18 carat white gold will certainly be the eye-catcher of the evening and perfectly adorn the décolleté of your top class travel companion. This fine, selected piece bears the name "Bouton de Camélia" and costs its buyers a proud 17,700 euros. Another highlight of the necklace, besides the diamonds and the 18 carats, is the convertibility of the pendant. The outcall girl at your side can adjust it to suit her mood or even wear the pendant on a bracelet, for example. "Les Infinis de Camélia" you will also get to know when you embark on a shopping tour that will take you along the best, most expensive jewelers, In a rose gold and composed of 18 carats, this piece of jewelry with its diamonds is also the highlight of any evening. Furthermore, you can also expect Chanel's versatility here: the product includes two clasps, both of which are movable, so there are also different ways to wear the jewel. 

The "Boy-Friend Watch" on your girlfriend's experience? Chanel's boy-friend watches, however, are primarily designed for the ladies of creation and are sure to adorn the elegant arms of Ivana Models with excellence. With several dozen brilliant cut diamonds and prices ranging from 3000 to 60,000 euros, this collection from Chanel also shows a variety of colors, diamonds and jewels as well as designs. But may it now be something for you, dear gentleman? In the "Monsieur watches" section, numerous studded watches in a noble style smile at you, giving the upscale monsieur the finishing touch. You may choose - maybe even together with your favorite of Ivana Models - between different gold tones, cases as well as designs to find the luxury watch that perfectly suits you. The beige gold "Monsieur Uhr de Chanel" has that certain something, with a dial made of grand feu enamel and topped off with a gold lion sculpture. 92,000 euros you can leave in the Chanel store if you are interested in this imposing gem. 

Jewelry for him! The sparkling world of jewels and diamonds often puts its focus on jewelry that adorns the lady. However, the gentlemen, like you, are not forgotten! So you can be convinced by the impressive bracelets at Annoushka. Your escort girlfriend is convinced: The "18ct Gold Lovelink Leather Weeping Song Charm Bracelet" for just under 2000 Euros will look great on you. Cartier offers a whole section just for the gentleman, in which you both can look around and pick out perfect luxury accessories. The "Santos de Cartier Necklace" is made of white gold and costs just under 8000 euros. A bracelet to complete your look can also be purchased from Cartier. Among many, the "Clash de Cartier Bracelet Medium Model" particularly shines by maintaining an elegant yet masculine look. 

High jewelry by Messika - "Born to be wild"

In the "Born to be wild" collection, Messika has brought her wild, beguiling side to the forefront, and that's exactly what you'll notice when you head to one of the Messika stores near you and take in the brilliance. The selected, exclusive pieces are extravagant as well as limited. Inspiring diamonds as well as color plays that enchant can be found in the jewelry pieces of the "Messika by Kate Moss" collection, which delivers a brilliant variety and selection. XXL earrings, 3-finger rings with jewels that still sparkle from afar and so much more - let your discreet date in a class of its own start by admiring the finest jewelry, expensive jewels and precious gems with a top-class call girl and maybe even purchase a piece or two. From mermaids to snow queens, here, in the Once Upon A Time series, you get to let your fairytale dreams run wild by dressing your lovely high class girl in diamonds that give her the charm and flair of a young fairytale princess. Whether you purchase just a single piece from the collection or are interested in a complete package, from lovely drop earrings to a fine bangle or necklace to headdresses that invite you into the glittering, enchanting world of fairy tales.



We are sure that the fascinating pieces will be inspiration enough for you and your girlfriend to indulge in a fabulous night and make time stop for a brief moment. There are no limits to either you or the lady by your side. Open up to the luxurious world of Jewelry that leaves endless options open for both of you to add extravagance and elegance. Starting with Tiffany & Co. you can start your luxury shopping tour and then move on to Harry Winston, Graff, Chopard or Buccellati, for example. Cocktail rings can also be found in the latter store, With colorful stones and first-class diamonds, the rings shine in a special brilliance. Whether yellow gold, rose gold or still white gold, whether green emeralds, blue or still pink gemstones - the world of diamonds is an incomparable one and gives endless pleasures.

With the best jewels and jewelry on her body, the high class model will impress and enchant on your next dinner date together. What you and the young lady do after your dinner is left only to you two and your fantasies, which will probably become even more tingling if the lady is simply dressed in jewels and diamonds. The Ivana Models Escort Agency wishes you both in advance already many sensual hours and an extensive shopping tour along the best jewelers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at any time.