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The most exciting, popular sexual fantasies

20 February 2021

They can be playful and naughty, gentle and tender or completely wild as well as hard - your sexual fantasies. We all have our own personal sexual ideas, preferences as well as fantasies. There is nothing embarrassing or even shameful about it. On the contrary - if you have found a partner with whom you can indulge in sensual love games, with whom you can live out all your fantasies, you will bring your sex life to the next level. Forbidden, unknown things can be especially tingling. But what sexual fantasies are there actually? Of course, this is entirely in the minds of those involved, but we would like to introduce you to some of the most interesting as well as popular sexual fantasies below. Ivana Models Agency wishes you a lot of fun reading and trying them out! 

What sexual fantasy to pick? 

Many people are ashamed to talk about their personal sexual fantasies with their partner. But this worry is completely misplaced, because there is nothing reprehensible about sexual fantasies. And certainly no reason not to live them out - if everyone involved feels comfortable doing so, of course Don't do anything you're not comfortable with; nothing that doesn't make you feel completely at ease. The more you talk to your partner or perhaps your escort lady about your preferences and fantasies, the more confident you will become with them and any doubts or concerns you may still have had will evaporate like the wind. To open up to each other can work wonders and very quickly ensure that your shared fantasies no longer remain just fantasies, but become reality. What do you feel like; what dreams are taking place in your head? Let the Ivana Models become a part of your fantasies to enjoy a brilliant GFE or even a wild night full of BDSM for example. 



So which fantasies are among the most popular ones? One of the most popular is the idea of group sex. The thought of indulging in two or even more partners / mates makes many hearts and lust beat faster. In particular, enchanting duo dates or other meetings where the gentleman enjoys himself with two ladies, for example, ensure that the gentleman can feel like the star of the action. Do you want to be pampered by two stunning models or do you want to make them completely happy? No matter what you choose, the sexual performance of the threesome is a highlight for many people. Of course, this also goes in the other direction, so certainly two gentlemen can also take care of the pleasure of a model. The fantasies are just here once again no limits. In threesomes or group sex, the different impressions are also not to be underestimated. For example, it can be particularly charming if you perceive the scents of two beguiling ladies at the same time or shortly after each other or enjoy the sensual image of two models, which both have their own charms. Different sensory impressions can be especially inspiring and stimulating during sex - why not try it out directly on a high class duo date! 

If you also share the fantasy of a threesome or group sex, you may now ask yourself whether it should remain merely a fantasy or whether you feel the real desire for it. If the latter applies to you, we recommend that you seek communication with the person with whom you want to live out your fantasies, thus clarifying open questions and everything else. With every sex fantasy, every desire you have, conversation with your partner is once again the be-all and end-all. Only in this way can you both find out what you like, what you particularly like or what you don't like at all. Of course, it is also important to pay attention when your partner does not want something. Listen to yourself, to your body, your feelings but also to those of the escort girlfriend. In this way - we at Ivana Models Agency are sure - you can experience dreamlike hours full of crackling eroticism, while you are beguiled by the brilliant charms of your companion.


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Live out your sexual fantasies on a deluxe date 

Do you like it a little harder? Submissive as well as dominant games in the bedroom are also among the top sexual fantasies. The delightful games of power and control are interesting for many people. No matter if you want to take over the dominant part or if you want to be led by a high class call girl, kinky games have something special about them. Exercise power or give up control? How the roles are divided, you and your partner decide all alone. Even here - or better said especially with BDSM games - it can be helpful to start very gently. With what, you ask yourself now? That is of course up to your sexual fantasies. To begin, an eye mask as a light start into the kinky games certainly does quite well. Next, light bondage sessions or even some firmer holds - if you both agree and feel comfortable with it - could further stimulate the lovemaking. 

S&M - for some an exciting, unknown term, for others everyday life. What you make of your kinky fantasies is entirely up to you. So this could also reach for whips, chains and the like, if your partner perhaps expresses the desire for it or you both want to approach. Many products that go in the BDSM direction also have variants for beginners. In this way, the two of you can gently approach the ideas and fantasies and find out step by step where it may be a little firmer, which are your total no-goes and so on. Light pain and giving up power as well as control is very exciting for many people, which is why small toys as well as other tools for the harder sex life offer themselves perfectly here. 

In the BDSM field, there are many things that should be taken into account and thus make your lovemaking more enjoyable as well. Thus, it is helpful, if not necessary, to agree on a safeword. Thus, you ensure that both you and your lovely companion do not feel uncomfortable at any time or even do something that you do not want. Also, clarify in advance who will take on which role, which part will be covered by whom. With caution, you can then approach kinky games and wild moments in the bedroom - or any other place you want - before intensifying them as you like. Look after your partner, especially if you are still at the beginning of your kinky lovemaking. Take care of your own well-being as well as that of the lady. Thus, carefree, sensual, wild hours are in store for both of you, if that's what you want. 


Role-playing games in the bedroom - what is the best way to start? 

Even role-playing games, which perhaps do not go quite so strongly in the BDSM direction, are a tingling sex fantasy for many people. But even this does not have to take place only in your imagination. Why don't you choose one of the brilliant Ivana Models to look around a little bit in this area as well as to act out? Here there are the popular classics like doctor games between doctor and doctor's assistant or nurse, the fantasy of the maid with whom some sensual moments are spent or also the stimulating game between professor and student. All these interesting games can, of course, also be acted out and experienced in the other direction - for example, doctor and doctor's assistant or professor and student. How exactly these role-playing games and distributions take place and to what extent, only you and your lady or ladies of the heart decide, if you wish. Finally, all these fantasies can be combined only too well, so you can also get involved in a game with two nurses. 

Staying on the topic of role-playing games and playing dress up, we should mention the classic roles of the policeman or the firefighter. Not a few ladies enjoy the sight of uniformed gentlemen and let themselves be captivated by it. As a fireman, you too can enchant your favorite model from the Ivana Models agency. Even in these scenarios, a change of role is of course allowed. Thus, the sexy police woman can also take care of a criminal and perhaps give him the most beautiful pleasures of his life. It is all a matter of perspective that you may choose. It helps some people, especially when they first approach role-playing games and the like, to try out everything and also change roles. Whether you and the woman at your side want to take turns or each already knows and loves his own role depends on the experience and your desire - everything is allowed, nothing must. 

A gentler version of role play? The role play of masseuse and client also strikes a chord with many couples. Make yourself comfortable, dim the lights, get the decorations as well as scented candles ready and indulge in an atmospheric, sexy massage before embarking on your high class girlfriend experience. But also the massages and candles can provide dominance games and kinky moments for those of you who like it. What you make of this idea may remain between you and your beloved. We are sure that the two of you will find each other very quickly, so that you can live out your sexual fantasies full of joy. 

From erotic massages to anal sex and BDSM

As you could read so far, there are many different sexual fantasies, which all have one thing in common: Lust. The desire for pleasure itself, the desire for new things, the desire for power and devotion. Whether this is a gentle massage or you want to surrender to a dominant lady, it does not matter - fun is certain if you feel the desire for it! For the human being, who is known to be a creature of habit, there is hardly anything better than breaking out of the usual patterns, especially in sexual terms. To be always structured and planning in everyday life is certainly part of life, but then to let yourself fall - whether with your girlfriend, an escort model or a new acquaintance - can be an exhilarating, inspiring experience and hold many stunning moments for you. 


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The fantasy about anal sex with your partner is a big topic for many men. You can also live out this sexual desire best if you talk about it with your partner as well as exchange. If you both feel like it, you can also approach your fantasy very slowly and with caution. Because whether this suits you both or not, only you can decide together. Watching porn together also excites many couples in particular. And who knows, maybe you look at something that you would like to test once. But even here it is important not to forget that porn actors are just performers, performers and the direct comparison to your own sex life does not always have to take place. Pick out your favorites, so you have fun and can try new bit by bit. 

How about outdoor sex? What may sound a little funny or embarrassing for one, is for the other the greatest sexual fantasy. Whether and to what extent you want to enjoy outdoor sex, you need to ask yourself in advance to avoid unpleasant moments outdoors. In addition, of course, it does not always have to be direct sex in the park. It can certainly also be very tingling and exciting to whisper a little dirty talk in your ear in a public place or to give your escort a hug or perhaps a light kiss. 

To sum up, we at Ivana Models Escort Agency can say that - just like almost always - it all depends on your desire and mood as well as that of your escort. In short, everything is possible, nothing is a must. If you are open and honest about what beguiles you and get involved in a conversation with your partner, chances are very good that you will enjoy magical times. The two of you get to decide together which games, accessories and toys are appropriate and which you would rather avoid. Sex is a matter of the moment, so don't overthink them at best. Get involved with each other and understand your own body and that of the lady who gets to spend time with you.