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Romantic and sensual New Year's Eve with a high class model - we give you heavenly tips and suggestions

31 December 2019

The New Year with the VIP escort model is calling!

Ideas for New Year's Eve 2020 - the special, closing holiday, which should best be celebrated with charming company. The old year is passing by so slowly, the great experiences you could already collect this year with Ivana Models and the young, well-trained high class escort girls are hopefully positive and very nice memories for you. So that you don't only have to enjoy these impressive and lovely new year’s memories, the Ivana Models premium escort Service will gladly accompany you into the new year 2020! Because what better way to start the new year than with a charming, sensual company booked with our VIP escort agency? Start into a new phase of your life full of joy and passion. Maybe you do this in a very traditional way with a firework display outside, which you can watch and enjoy together with the VIP escort model? Alternatively, some German cities offer great parties and events for everyone who wants to enjoy the New Year’s Eve. In the following we offer you some suggestions and ideas how you could spend the New Year's Eve. Everything goes, as they say. The sensual ladies at Ivana Models are already looking forward to your date and can hardly wait to enchant you on New Year's Eve. Use this sexy opportunity and spend New Year's Eve this year in a completely different way. You will definitely get your money's worth and feel exceptional every second of the date. After all, the models, bookable on our site, are very keen to carry you into the new year as sensually as possible.

A romantic high class escort New Year's Eve for two

For those of you who would like to take things a little more quiet and relaxed, the otherwise so effervescent and exciting New Year's Eve naturally also offers the opportunity to enjoy a romantic time in total privacy. For example, you can go to a nice, noble restaurant and take one of the ladies, mediated by the Ivana Models escort agency, to be in great company. Afterwards you might go for a little walk together, have a champagne in a bar or maybe two? In any case, you can, of course, end the evening at home and watch a movie together, cuddle up or enjoy an escort massage. Alternatively, cooking together on New Year's Eve is certainly a great activity for you and your high class escort lady. This way you can prepare a great dinner together and get closer to each other while preparing the food - romance guaranteed! May we suggest an escort girlfriend experience? At home, a wonderful party is created just for the two of you. You can enjoy a New Year's Eve without great effort and completely focused on your sweet companion, a New Year's Eve that you have certainly never experienced before! 

Short holiday New Year's Eve Germany

For all active men and women among you, a New Year's Eve short trip is the perfect opportunity to plan spontaneously and take you out of your everyday life for a short moment. Hamburg is a possible destination for this short trip, if you are standing on the harbour and bridges and would like to enjoy their beauty. Walking along with the VIP Callgirl Hamburg will certainly be just as romantic and exciting. Sparkling lights, shimmering water and open-minded people will meet you here. If you can stand large crowds, you could also watch the New Year's Eve fireworks at the harbour in Hamburg at the landing stage. There you and the VIP escort girl Hamburg will be offered a breathtaking show, which you will surely enjoy for a long time. However, if this is too much action for you and if you like to take it a bit easier, you can also find a quiet corner in Hamburg, for example the Außenalster. Here you can enjoy exciting and yet intimate moments. Otherwise, the capital also offers great options for celebrating the New Year. Whether you go to one of the parties that Berlin has to offer on New Year's Eve, which we will talk about a little more in the following text, or stay in the noble suite of your hotel, is entirely up to you. In either case, we recommend booking a charming company to enjoy the evening to the full. 


Where does the name Silvester come from?

But where does the term New Year's Eve actually come from? What is behind the bright and exciting celebration that you can spend in seductive company? For the ancient Romans, the festival was already present at the beginning of the year and was almost a must. So why should you miss a great New Year's Eve celebration, right? The name of the term New Year's Eve comes from the 16th century and refers to Pope Silvester, who - as you can probably imagine - died on December 31st. With this information about the glittering New Year's Eve celebration you can certainly also meet the VIP escort model, which you can choose through our discreet escort agency and arrange a meeting with her. New Year's Eve is a celebration for everyone, a joyful, fiery, mostly glowing and sparkling event that you should not miss, we think so. What you make of this evening is of course up to you. So you can look forward to a relaxed, romantic evening in quiet and sexy togetherness or, if you prefer, you can go a lot wilder and maybe have a party night that neither of you will forget so quickly. No matter what you choose, with the right companion your evening will be a wonderful one and you will be happy and satisfied. 

The best New Year's Eve parties with the premium escort model

Especially in the capital of Germany, owners of bars and clubs and many other notorious parties and celebrations offer, in which you can of course also participate with a girl, mediated by the Ivana models agency. Among other things, the biggest indoor New Year's Eve party in Berlin is one of the most popular ones. In the Berliner Kosmos you can dance, laugh, drink and be seduced by the charming company on three different areas. The jealous looks you will catch here are probably self-evident. On a total area of 2000 square meters, people from all over the world will come here and celebrate. Do not miss this. Especially positive and promising sounds the light performance, which is planned and should be really impressive. In addition, you always have the option of sitting down in the lounge. If you are in Berlin but don't really like the Kosmos Party, you can also celebrate at Alexanderplatz in the Alte Münze amidst 24 DJs and eight whole floors. It's obvious that there are plenty of dance opportunities here. Perfect for a hot dance night! A somewhat more luxurious variation is the high class New Year's Eve Party, which will take place at the TV tower on the balcony terrace. The view here is a very special one and probably a great idea for New Year's Eve! With fine wines, noble sparkling wine and many small delicacies you can experience a glamorous evening with your high class escort girl.
Also in Hamburg you can have a great time on New Year's Eve! For example on New Year's Eve Fondue in Hamburg's Speicherstadt. Besides a sweet firework display, you can eat small things together. A perfect idea if you want to spend New Year's Eve outside and among people but still a little quieter. You can talk to your date in peace, chat about this and that and have a great dinner at the same time. The historic warehouse floor is a great place to go if you are looking for it. At the Himmelsstürmer New Year's Eve Gala, which takes place in the panorama deck and thus offers a great, high view, you can start the new year even more elegantly and be in the eloquent company of the VIP escort girl. A little more exciting and public is the party in the VLET. This location is located at the Alster in Hamburg and offers a beautiful view of the city hall of Hamburg. If you are looking for a party where enough food and many little extras are provided, the Himmelsstürmer Gala on New Year's Eve is the perfect place for you. Buffet, a great view and many specials are promised here.

Ideas for New Year's Eve Short trips for a sexy New Year’s with a premium escort model

Being somewhere else together - the picturesque city of Dresden is also a good option for a great New Year's Eve party. The many beautiful bridges that Dresden has to offer are particularly suitable for marvelling at and watching the fireworks on New Year's Eve. Around 20,000 visitors are expected at the Theaterplatz in Dresden on New Year's Eve. Why not travel to Dresden for a few days together with the call girl of your choice to witness this spectacle and perhaps enjoy some relaxed moments on site afterwards. For the days after New Year's Eve Dresden has several wonderful bars and clubs where you can experience some unforgettable moments together. A short trip over the New Year is always a great idea. Some exciting times on New Year's Eve and then the quiet days in a perhaps strange city with a sexy escort lady who will read every wish from your lips. Sounds tempting, don't you think? So why don't you just go to Munich over New Year's Eve for a great fireworks display? There are numerous party possibilities here. The parties here are often very luxurious and glamorous, which is perfect for a New Year's party. In addition to the actual New Year's Eve party, you can participate in some winter sports activities with your high class escort model on the following days, if you wish. After all, Munich is sometimes the best place to go for this. A nice mix of a luxurious party and a lot of sports activities - a nice mix for both of you, isn't it? Idyllic and romantic moments that only the two of you will share and remember forever.
Or you can spend New Year's Eve this year directly on Sylt. On the North Sea coast, you can take a romantic stroll hand in hand with your beauty and head for the party mile if you long for more partying. You live, love and drink together here on New Year's Eve. Sylt is certainly a nice option if you want to take it a bit easier this year as far as fireworks are concerned, but certainly not easier as far as the party itself is concerned! Laughing people, bright colours and a lot of alcohol is on the agenda on Sylt. In Kitzbühel, Austria, there will be a sporting party on New Year's Eve this year. The great and popular ski areas in Kitzbühel are not for nothing so well-known and popular. The ski parties that take place here on New Year's Eve are said to be among the best ever. Illuminated facilities, sparkling slopes and great music - a must see if you like! For those who want a little more privacy in the mountains, a whole hut can be rented. In this way you can enjoy the beauty of Austria and at the same time enjoy some intimate moments with the high class escort model completely without disturbances. Sounds very inviting, doesn't it? Even popular celebrities, such as the beautiful Angelina Jolie, celebrate the New Year here every now and then. So the clientele is also a very pleasant and special one. In addition, you can experience three whole days full of fireworks and parties in Kitzbühel directly. Perfect for all party lovers among you! And certainly also something that the one or other high class model on Ivana Models might like. You can also attend gala events there. There are several different ones, where the entrance fee is 100-285 Euros. 

Whatever you choose, we at Ivana Models wish you and the high class escort lady at your side a very special, sensual and festive mood on your hopefully grandiose, gorgeous date and look forward to a new year full of great, sexy moments and times! We are sure you will have a dazzling time with your lovely escort. After all, the right company is especially important and of really great importance during the holidays. So we can say in good conscience that you will make the right choice with one of the beautiful models on our site and have a heavenly and unforgettable time. 
Your Ivana Models Team wishes you a wonderful slide. Until the New Year, enjoy the time and the precious moments with the VIP escort models!