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Side job as escort

25 January 2022

Sideline escort job: lucrative and luxurious activity

In everyone's life there are goals that one wants to achieve.To travel the world, to live more self-determined or to wear haute couture?To travel the world, to live more self-determined or to wear haute couture? These are just a few examples, because each goal and each person is unique. It can also be the desire to make more of yourself, to escape the boredom of everyday life and last but not least to fill your wallet with a lucrative extra income. If you are also attracted to the world of luxury and unforgettable experiences, then the side job as an escort could be just right for you. 

How to become an escort lady?

While giving everything trying to achieve your personal goals studying, training or working hard, it can sometimes feel like you're not moving fast enough. A side job as an escort is a particularly exciting, lucrative and luxurious way to break out of the daily grind. As an escort lady you are the perfect companion for the modern gentleman. After all, successful, educated and sophisticated men love the presence of beautiful, young and intelligent women. 

How much do you earn as an escort?

If you are now wondering how much you actually earn as an escort escort in a part-time job, then we would like to give you an answer. Basically, it depends entirely on your personal motivation and your goals. Because you alone decide whether or how often you want to work. The jobs adapt to your life and not vice versa. The fee for an escort service is extremely high and can quickly make you several hundred euros per hour. The minimum duration of a date is two hours. For overnight dates, the earnings are much higher and highest for joint trips. Due to the amount of the fee, escorts are booked by a select circle of gentlemen. These are successful entrepreneurs, managers in leadership positions and other VIP's who know how to woo a lady.

How lucrative is the job?

However, the side job as an escort lady is about so much more than the decidedly good earnings. Because you will quickly notice, the job has many more facets than one imagines beforehand.

Often you will accompany your clients to high-profile events or on trips. As an escort on a business trip, you will experience the world's busiest metropolises up close. Your clients will appreciate eloquent and intelligent ladies who can converse at eye level during a reception or at an evening event. In the process, you can make important contacts that you profit from for the rest of your life. You should seize these rare chances, because not for nothing it is said: "Your network is your net worth".

On vacation trips you will discover the most beautiful places on earth and relax on paradisiacal sandy beaches at the dreamlike sea. You will be introduced to the world of luxury hotels where you can enjoy excellent service. Moreover, you will immerse yourself in the different cultures of the globe in no time and will learn a lot for your life from these experiences.

Get the side job as an escort lady?

As a high-class escort agency, our excellent reputation precedes us, which is reflected in our clientele and also your earnings. If you meet the requirements and would like to work as a high-class escort as a side job, then we look forward to hearing from you. Your Ivana Models Agency.