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IMA First Escort Date

16 January 2021

Your first enchanting high class escort date - made easy with the Ivana Models agency. 

Dear gentleman, finally the time has come. You have decided to use the first class escort service of Ivana Models Agency to indulge in romantic, sensual as well as carefree hours. A brilliant, stunning call girl who will take care of all your wishes without any obligation and discreetly - a fantastic dream will come true! But what do you have to consider? Which details are relevant, which points to discuss? We will be happy to help you with these and other questions, so that you can indulge in a high class escort date without any stress or unanswered questions.

How do I behave on my first escort date? 

Many gentlemen wonder, especially on a first date with a charming high class callgirl, how they should behave during the meeting. If you also have unanswered questions or concerns, we will be happy to help you with basic and relevant aspects. Certainly, the following always applies: everything that you both long for, what you both feel like doing, is possible. Nevertheless, there are of course certain basic rules which should be observed so that both you and your discreet travel companion feel comfortable throughout. Also, or rather especially, in the escort service planning is the be-all and end-all. Therefore, it is recommended for you, dear gentleman, to include all important data, such as the date, time, place and hotel, in your booking request, so that we can help you as quickly as possible. In order to plan the best possible dinner date for you and tailored to your needs, you can tell us all your wishes, preferences and any no-goes. In this way, we will be able to plan an evening for you that will certainly have it all.



If you have already found your personal favorite among the stunning Ivana Escort Models, you can contact us with the date and place of the date - we will check the capacities of the girl and let you know directly, so that all further details can be discussed or - if necessary - we can suggest an alternative lady or another date for a meeting. Short-term requests we can - if the desired lady has time - of course also process. However, a timely request, especially in case of a long date or meeting in another city, is better to handle for us as well as for the escort ladies, because the outcall girls can dedicate more time to their preparation. Therefore, we are always grateful if you contact us early enough so that we can offer you the brilliant high class escort service that you deserve, dear gentleman. 

Punctuality is also one of the most important criteria of a first date. The call girls of the Ivana Escort Agency do their utmost on every date to neither keep you waiting nor to disappoint you. On the other hand, it is not proper for a gentleman to keep a lady waiting. Therefore, we always ask you to be on time for your upcoming escort date. This way, you allow yourself as well as the deluxe travel escort a stress-free, relaxed first acquaintance. Of course, we also know that there may be factors - especially on a date outside of your own city, for example - that will hold you up and thus make you late for your first date. If this should ever be the case, we ask that you contact us in a timely manner with the information that you will be late and a rough time of your arrival. This way we can let the young high class escort model know, so that she can stay in the suite or at the bar of your hotel and wait for you. But don't let the escort wait too long, because as nice as the anticipation may be - we are sure that you will enjoy the actual date much more! 


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The first contact with a high class escort agency - we are happy to advise you!

You have checked off the planning and punctuality, now what happens next? If you have contacted us a few days before your desired date date and planned everything together with us, you can spend the remaining time until the meeting with the deluxe escort girl in full anticipation and without stress. If something should change at short notice in your plan - be it temporal, local or related to the escort service you want to book - please feel free to contact us directly so that we can inform the escort lady about the changes and updates early enough. After all, this would like to prepare in the best possible way for your upcoming GFE or a wild night in a foreign city to provide you with the greatest pleasures of your life. As you probably already realize, you as a valuable customer and polite gentleman can also contribute a lot to look forward to a relaxed evening or even a night full of sizzling eroticism. If the lady feels comfortable, you are in for the best hours of your life - sounds fair, don't you think? 

Discretion - a word that is hardly in any other area of life as present and relevant as in an escort date. Therefore, it goes without saying that the Ivana Models are always discreet - before, during and after a date. The ladies and we as a first class escort agency therefore expect the same from you, so that both of you, or maybe you three, if you want to get involved in a duo date - after all, everything that happens on a date remains entirely between the parties involved - can indulge in non-binding hours full of ecstasy. The plan stands, you and your escort lady are punctual as well as discreet, which point is to be considered next? The following aspect is quite relevant to maintain the sensual mood on a (first) date: The payment. How exactly does this work? If you have also asked yourself this, we will be happy to help you. If you have chosen to pay the call girl in cash on the spot, we ask you to hand the lady an open envelope with the agreed amount directly at the beginning of the date. This way you avoid the high class escort model having to bluntly ask for the money herself. 

What do I talk about during my first escort date?

What is allowed? Which questions or information are appropriate, which are too personal? In order not to put your foot in your mouth unintentionally, it is advisable to avoid too explosive or private topics or to skilfully avoid them. Of course, you can talk about this and that with your travel companion to your heart's content. However, if the first class callgirl doesn't want to reveal a piquant detail or does not feel comfortable with a topic, it is important not to put her under pressure in this regard. Ultimately, there are always areas that you might not want to talk about - especially on a date. There is no list of no-go's here. However, you will notice quite quickly whether the escort lady feels comfortable with a topic or not. After all, you are a polite, attentive gentleman. 



As a rule, you don't have to worry much about topics of conversation anyway. On the first date, you and your favorite Ivana Models will certainly quickly come to common denominators, about which you can both talk for hours. Should you ever run out of things to talk about, don't worry, the eloquent models always know how to talk about interesting, if you want also sensual, romantic topics. Shared hobbies, exciting travel destinations, favorite drinks or food and even sports activities are terrific and appropriate areas that any call girl will be happy to talk to you about. Thus, you can reveal a little bit about yourself and get a first glimpse into the exciting life of the escort lady. And who knows - maybe you will find so many things in common that the first date will directly turn into several. During an atmospheric luxury girlfriend experience, you can get to know the travel companion at your side excellently, while she takes care of all your needs as an authentic friend. 

Accommodation and entertainment - where do I go with a high class escort model?

Whoever embarks on a deluxe date has certainly already asked himself the question of accommodation. Which hotel is suitable, which conditions should be met? Perhaps also: Where do I sleep, where the young escort lady? Separate rooms or a shared suite? Questions about questions, which we will gladly answer all. First of all, a discreet, well-kept location is a must. But that probably goes without saying as well. We ask gentlemen and clients to settle in a 4 to 5 star hotel, so that both you and the top class callgirl at your side really have everything you could possibly need. Again, it is better to have a little too much than too little. Because let's be completely honest, hardly anything is such a mood killer on a date as an unkempt, inadequate accommodation. On our site you will also find suitable hotels for almost every German city and equally best accommodations in Switzerland or Austria. You are welcome to be inspired by this selection. Which hotel or Airbnb you ultimately book, you may of course decide for yourself, as long as the basic requirements are met. 


hotel in jungle


Another, frequently asked, question is the one about the common or just separate bedroom. Of course, the escort model spends the night with and with you, a separate room for the escort lady, for example, to freshen up a little or to accommodate bags and clothes, is still recommended. Especially for dates that go over a longer period of time, for example, if you have chosen a travel escort and spend a whole week in another country or another city, separate rooms are helpful and usually necessary. Of course, this does not mean that the lady will only stay in her own suite, no, it just means a more relaxed time for the two of you. 

A topic that also goes without saying, yet is incredibly relevant for you and the high class callgirl you are dating, is the aspect of care. That's perfectly obvious, you're probably thinking to yourself now. You are right, but it is still worth mentioning. After all, neither you nor the ladies want to go on a date with a person who doesn't think much of hygiene and grooming. A suitable outfit also falls under this aspect, because as much as you would like to have a gorgeous, stunning escort lady, exactly these ladies attach great importance to the care and appearance of the gentlemen they meet. This includes well-groomed hair and nails and - depending on where your date is to take place and what it all includes - a stylish outfit, perhaps a tuxedo, a shirt or similar. Of course, the ladies themselves or even we do not prescribe an outfit for you, we trust in your taste and style. If you still want to be advised on this, we can gladly provide you with suitable suggestions. 

My first escort date - a complete success thanks to Ivana Models agency 

Dear gentleman, now you probably have enough initial information to look around our website and invite your personal favorite for an enchanting date. If you both get involved with each other and observe the basic conditions, nothing will stand in the way of a dreamy time. The models of the Ivana Escort Agency attach great importance to making themselves beautiful for you, to be punctual and to discreetly read your every wish from your lips. If you also adhere to the most important points, there is really no reason why your first date should not be a true success. Within a very short time you will then also realize: a date with the Ivana Models is simply not enough, you will always feel a desire for more, which you can easily satisfy. How? With our discreet escort service, which allows you to look forward to the upcoming times in a carefree and sensual way. We will be happy to advise you in advance - if you wish - on basic questions, possible accommodations, activities or other concerns you may have, Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, no matter what day or time.

The Ivana Models escort agency wishes you and the escort ladies in advance already dreamlike, sensual times at a GFE for two, on a duo date for three or simply your first dinner date a lot of fun!