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Escort Cologne - A perfect day in the cathedral city

27 September 2021

A day in Cologne will be perfect with your escort Cologne

Escort Cologne - the cathedral city on the Rhine with its more than 1 million inhabitants is a vibrant metropolis in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. Visitors and also residents feel at home here, because the city really has a lot to offer. The Rhinelanders are proud of their welcoming mentality, which can be felt in every corner. From traditional breweries to the Rhine promenade, to an excellent nightlife with hip clubs and posh restaurants, Cologne invites you to an unforgettable visit. A top class escort girl will sweeten your hours in Cologne and is the perfect companion for any day planning.

What makes Cologne so special

Over 2000 years ago, the Romans laid the foundation for today's cosmopolitan city. Popular at the time due to its convenient location on the Rhine, Cologne has always been a center for culture and culinary arts. Nowadays, the people of Cologne are very proud and like to look back on their past. While Cologne was very significant as a Hanseatic city in the past, today it represents an important center for modern media. Major television stations are located here, along with production companies. By the way, the probability of meeting German actors and celebrities by chance on the street here is not exactly low. Although, of course, your beautiful girlfriend on time will also attract not just a few glances. 

What you can't miss when you visit Cologne is the carnival. Known far beyond the country's borders for its street parades and permanent state of celebration, people travel from all over the world every year to celebrate Carnival in Cologne.


Start the day right

There's plenty to see and do in the cathedral city. The best way to start the day is with a lively breakfast in Cologne's old town. Here you will find many cafés in the shadow of the Cologne Cathedral, which you definitely have to see! The ascent of the more than 500 steps, however, is only something for the more active. From here you also have it not far to the shopping streets.  

You can have a special breakfast in the "Cafe Buur". Due to the elaborately designed plates and a not inferior quality, the cafe quickly achieved a great media presence and is now the favorite place of Cologne's bloggers. 

Shopping: from luxury to scene

When shopping in Cologne, you really get your money's worth. Because here are not only stores of the international luxury brands, but also many small boutiques that offer selected parts. Trust your Deluxe Escort Cologne here, because she will guide you to the hippest places. The Belgian Quarter will especially please you. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular and also most expensive neighborhoods in Cologne. 

Evening activities with your escort Cologne

After an extensive shopping day, the choice of evening activities is entirely up to you. Since Cologne is home to many top-class gastronomes, we recommend visiting a renowned restaurant together with your elite escort lady. Our recommendation for this is definitely the "Le Moissonnier". The French restaurant, which repeatedly receives top marks in reviews spoils the palate. Enjoy the exquisite food together with your deluxe escort lady before you plunge into the nightlife. Here, too, Cologne can convince all along the line. We wish you a lot of fun!