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How do I give a seductive and erotic massage?

30 May 2021

A massage can be magical in any situation of life and make your body fully relax. Now imagine that you are receiving such a massage from a stunning high class callgirl or possibly you are the lady’s skilled masseur. In any case, an erotic massage is a fiery beginning to a night full of passion. What are the different types of erotic massage? Which techniques are the most pleasant and how do you seduce your lady with fine tact? Look forward to one of the best types of foreplay. We wish you a lot of fun!

A proven classic for you and your discreet call girl - The back massage

Surely, none of the escort ladies will say no if you offer to massage her back. Even if you lack the manual skills of a professional, attentive hands and curiosity about the female body are always a sexy way to start the night. A few drinks, smooth music and a massage that leads to further pleasures. Because when a man gives a massage to a woman, it is more sensual and intimate than the one from the spa. But what if you gave an erotic massage as foreplay? Gentlemen know that a good 15-minute back massage will easily put a lady in the mood. And most likely, it's not about sending her off to a restful sleep. Still, massage is an art. You can't just randomly knead her body. How do I prepare for an erotic massage? Choose a relaxing, undisturbed place. Always remember that the location will make or break the massage.

As a general rule for any massage session, the place should be clean, relaxing and with privacy. The requirements of your high class travel girl should be met so that you can engage with each other in a completely unbiased way. You should remember to book an appealing hotel room or choose the appropriate residence on vacation. The more you both can relax, the more fun you will have together. There is absolutely nothing against complementing the massage with a bottle of champagne and room service. Even if you should not travel, it is important to relax and pamper your escort lady or let her take care of you. The place of the massage should be completely without distractions: Annoying noise or interruptions are excluded and steal your erotic vibe. Have you chosen your surroundings appropriately? Good, now the lady can indulge in relaxing. For a classic back massage you should bed your sexy escort lady in the best way - but on what surface? 



The massage bed or the place where the magic takes place wants to be well chosen. If, like most people, you don't have a proper massage bed, you can opt for a mattress that you can put on the floor, or just use your bed. The important thing is that the lady does not feel uncomfortable or the surface is simply not enough to fully relax. However, with a large bed, you both can't go wrong and you are at the right place to live out the further pleasures after the massage. Depending on the place, the temperature plays an important role. If your room is air conditioned, turn down the air conditioning to a comfortable level. You and your escort probably won't be wearing very much during the massage, so set the air conditioning temperature just right. Don't let anyone catch a cold. Now you can still add a soulful mood to the room.

On any high class escort date, ambiance is everything. Let your imagination run wild or rely on the classics: fragrant candles, dimmed lamps, suitable music - you are ready! In which light you both shine, can have a very special effect on your joint experience and make your discreet date with the premium escort service unforgettable. Is it finally time to get hands-on? Not quite yet. Don't your hands need to be oiled first? Choosing the right massage oil. Oil is an essential ingredient in a massage, as it facilitates the movement of the hands on the skin. It also makes the touch more comfortable, because not everyone has soft hands. There are many types of massage oils available for purchase in specialty stores. But the most commonly used ones are lavender, rose or jasmine oil. Needless to say, a massage will be oily. You don't want the oil to be all over the place when you're done. Make sure you have fresh, clean towels on hand to dab it with when you're done. Don't forget. As a massage therapist, make sure you have clean hands and your fingernails are trimmed to avoid scratching their skin. 


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What is the best technique for an erotic massage?

Massage with your Girlfriend Experience is about knowing the right hand movements and where to apply such movements. Erotic massage is aimed more at irritation and arousal than physical relaxation, so it is generally lighter than traditional massage and serves as a perfect prelude to your date together. What hand movements and massage techniques are crucial in an erotic massage? The simplest and easiest technique is friction-based rubbing. This type of movement aims to stimulate the sense of touch of the skin. Thus, it can be enough to touch our bodies in the appropriate way. Often the basics do it: a touch can have the right effect to put both of you in a passionate mood. This is done by using the entire surface of your hands in contact with your partner's body. The touch should only be done with a light pressure. The next technique is compression. Compression involves applying pressure to a specific area. This technique aims to reach the muscles and connective tissue under the skin and increase blood circulation in that specific area. Compression is usually performed with both palms. The third technique should be almost naturally familiar to the gentleman. Kneading has a similar effect to compression. However, it focuses on a smaller, more precise area and uses rhythmic, circular motions. This technique requires the most pressure and is used for large muscles like the butt, thighs and abdomen.

What seductive areas are most stimulating during an erotic massage?

Once you start erotic massage, you should start gently and increase in intensity. Initial light touches increase the pleasure so that you can focus on particularly stimulating areas as the massage seduction progresses. Eroticism begins with the head. Start with a head massage. Call girls love head massages. Head massages do not require oil, and you can do simple strokes and kneading. Focus on lightly kneading their scalp with your fingers and drawing stroking lines from the hairline towards the crown. This gentle head play can lead to tingling arousal on both sides and help you engage with each other. Think of it as the prelude to foreplay. It's all a matter of dramaturgy. Once you've got the head tingling, alternate kneading and stroking, ending with a gentle rubbing at the nape of the neck that slowly moves down to the back. Now her massage oil comes into play. 

Oil the lady's body with light strokes. Let the lady shine! Start at the back, below her shoulders. Technically, you're just applying oil, but at the same time, you're also giving her a back massage. Use long strokes, using the entire surface of your hand to apply oil across her back, starting at her shoulders and working down to the top of her shapely butt. When you're done with her upper body, apply the oil to her arms first, then her legs and feet. Rub lightly along the muscles. Do this to give your partner optimal pleasure. If you work against the direction of the muscles, your touches will be uncomfortable and can achieve exactly the opposite of eroticism. Work your way from the center of her body outward to the arms and legs of Girl Next Doors. That is, start kneading on her back to her sides and end with moderate pressure from your fingers as you work on her arms toward her hands. As mentioned, apply more pressure by kneading larger muscles like the butt and legs. Now you have her entire body well prepared to take care of the erogenous areas. After you have gone through most of her body, it is time to move on to the erotic part of the massage. At this point, her blood circulation has improved, she is more relaxed and her nerves are more sensitive, making her more receptive to the stimulation of her erogenous zones. For this, you can also refer to our posts on women's erogenous zones. 


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Which erogenous zones should I pay attention to during an erotic massage?

What's more fun than massaging a well-shaped butt? Gently stroke the edges of the butt while increasing the pressure outward to a kneading action. It should feel like you are gently palming her bottom. Alternating from light stroking to firm kneading can work wonders for your escort. Now let your hands move from the butt down to the thighs. Similar to the first exercise, you can let your fingernails lightly stroke the inside of her thigh over her soft skin. As the intensity increases, gradually move your hand across the entire thigh as if you were gripping a bar. Do not neglect the upper sexy parts of the lady. Massaging her waist or belly has its own unique appeal. Rub her belly with moderate pressure and circular movements with both hands. Work your way from the center to the sides and find your way to the lady's breasts. When you touch her breasts, do it lightly as they are sensitive. Apply moderate pressure from the base of her chest and work your way to the stimulating nipples with light, circular touches. Both breasts of the outcall girl may be worked on individually and demand their own attention. Then you can return to the thighs of the lady. The inner thighs are particularly sensitive and stroking them can lead to a tingling stimulation of the lady. 

At this point, a small excursion into the art of tantric yoni massage is offered to stimulate the vagina of the first class escort model. More precisely, first the clitoris. Start with a gentle massage around the clitoris, particularly stimulating the sensation in this area. Some women have different sensation thresholds here, as this is where most of the nerve endings meet, which is why the body hides the tip of the clitoris with a small hood. Small circular motions with two or three fingers around the clitoral hood should be done slowly, paying special attention that the touches are slow and mindful. 

It should be more of an exploratory style with different circle sizes, starting with large circles further away from the clitoris and moving to smaller circles as you progress. Try to imagine that you are slightly stimulating blood flow to the desired area, which is sometimes, but not always, visible as it begins to enlarge and swell slightly. One of the most overlooked areas of yoni massage is the labia. These are the lips at the entrance to the inner vaginal area. Sometimes they are visible externally, but in many women they are almost completely hidden by the pelvic skin. These lips are also populated with a large number of nerve endings, which means they are a perfect area to stimulate for arousal. 

Massage your fingers around each lip, making sure to touch each crevice and contour slowly. The idea is to gently feel and explore what particularly stimulates your lady. You can try working on the outer areas first and then move on to the inner parts. Experiment with the movements of the massage and you will notice how the anticipation for more rises into the immeasurable. Everything that follows is up to you. All that’s left is to enjoy it!