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A couple on cuddling

Cuddling and caressing with the high class call girl

21 July 2021

Things are getting cuddly! For those who are looking for human closeness but don't want anything sexual to come out of it, cuddling or caressing is perfect. Whether with a close one, a friend or even one of the high class outcall girl. Cuddling brings us closer without having to drop the covers. This has the effect of total relaxation of body as well as mind and therefore enjoys great popularity. Nowadays, many offers can be found, which are especially aimed at those who feel too little contact in their lives. Whether through therapy or at a whole cuddle party, the ways of playing cuddle are multifaceted. They have one thing in common. It is explicitly not meant to be a sexual act. So cuddling may very well have physical benefits, but it is also very beneficial mentally.
We often don't have enough touch in our lives for a variety of reasons - we might be single or in a relationship with someone who is not tactile. Or we've never had much touch in our lives, or because of experiences we've had, we find it uncomfortable - and yet there's a pull or sense of curiosity. There is a good reason why we are drawn to human contact. Studies have shown that touch has a number of health benefits: it reduces stress, decreases anxiety and depression, relieves pain, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces insomnia - it even dispels existential anxiety. It also makes us happy, thanks to the chemical cocktail that touch produces in our brains - oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. For all these reasons, cuddling therapy is increasingly sought out as a safe, relaxing way to add more touch to our lives.

The health benefits of cuddle therapy.

A hug will never be able to replace the professional treatment of a doctor, however, regular cuddling can indeed help with or at least alleviate some physical ailments. What are the health benefits of cuddle therapy? Physical touch plays an important role in our basic bodily functions. A lack of touch can lead to poor emotional and physical health. Cuddle therapy has a variety of health benefits and can help balance your body systems.

Let cuddling lower your stress levels and reduce them permanently. Hugging releases the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for lowering cortisol levels and making us feel relaxed. The more relaxed you feel, the less cortisol you release and the less stressed you feel. Especially after a fulfilling high class escort date full of non-sexual intimacy and affection.

A real hug is not medicine, however it can relieve pain. Why does hugging relieve pain? Hugging releases serotonin, a chemical responsible for lowering pain levels. This would explain why people seek a long hug from someone when they are in emotional or physical pain. Hugs also cause your body to release muscle tension. If you are experiencing pain from sore muscles, then a hug is a great way to relax your muscles and relieve the pain.

Those who struggle with high blood pressure could lower it through caring human contact. When people hug, pressure sensors in the skin are activated. These sensors send signals to the brain that are responsible for lowering your blood pressure. Therefore, cuddling promotes heart health.
Are you feeling sick a lot? Give yourself a cuddling and get back on your feet: hugging increases the amount of natural killer cells your body produces. These cells are responsible for fighting off infections and viruses and can even help fight cancer cells.

Irritated nervous systems and irritated skin can be soothed by cuddling with your first class callgirl. Small pressure centers in your skin are activated by hugs and touches. These nerve centers communicate with the rest of your nervous system, especially the parasympathetic system. This part of your nervous system is responsible for all of your basic bodily functions. Therefore, human touch helps balance your body systems such as digestion and general body reactions.


What are the mental benefits of cuddling therapy?

Counseling by professional therapists or medical professionals is not replaced by an intimate hug from a premium GFE, that should be clear. However, our mental state can benefit from regular affection and possibly calm down. After all, besides the physical effects of hugging, physical touch has a great impact on our emotional health. Hugs are essential to our emotional well-being. A lack of touch can lead to irrational behavior and feelings of loneliness. Here are some ways cuddling therapy can impact your emotions.

Cuddling sessions can help people with touch deprivation. Touch is right up there with food and water when it comes to what our bodies need. Some people who feel a strong desire for touch but do not receive it are called touch deprived. A few signs of touch deprivation are irrational behavior, loneliness, and high stress levels. Cuddle therapy offers you a safe and easy way to overcome the symptoms of touch deprivation.

Lowering anxiety can be enhanced by regular touch. As mentioned earlier, hugging releases serotonin and oxytocin. These chemicals are also responsible for helping people experience feelings of happiness and relaxation. Serotonin is also your body's natural antidepressant. So hugging can help prevent and relieve depression. At the same time, a hug should not be considered a solvent that replaces the work of a professional therapist. However, especially the service of a premium escort agency can possibly provide the closeness that a medical therapist may not involve in his work.

Cuddling helps ease feelings of social isolation. A common complaint of those who suffer from a lack of human touch is social isolation. This manifests itself in feelings of loneliness. Cuddling therapy can boost self-confidence and self-esteem while helping to overcome these feelings of loneliness.

Whether with a single partner, an empathetic girlfriend experience, or as part of a group therapy session. Cuddling can help overcome problems and vices. It connects us on a basic, physical level and provides warmth to those who may not experience enough of it in their lives.

Hold a cuddle party with the GFE 

Should you be interested in a cuddle party and, under the guidance of a professional therapist, want to hold a party, there are certain conditions to consider. How should I hold a cuddling party? Cuddle therapy does not follow a specific set of rules, but it is essential that you and your cuddle buddies are sensitive to each other. There is training to become a cuddle therapist and then you can use whatever techniques you find most appropriate for your clients. There are a few things to consider if you are wondering how to use cuddle therapy with the callgirl or other cuddlers.

The location: similar to a visit from a first class escort, the location should be spotless and hygienic without exception. The environment should be inviting and encourage to relax. Here, comfortable furniture as well as an undisturbed ambiance can be of great advantage. Water and snacks can never hurt, however, food should only be a secondary consideration, as the point is not to have a wild party, but to provide peace and security.

If you're hosting a cuddle party, it's important to make sure that boundaries are respected during the session. Communication determines the experience you will have with each other. Therefore, you should discuss together in advance how the cuddling session will go and what boundaries should be respected. Make sure you understand what to expect before the scheduled session. It can't hurt to agree on a set of rules that are confirmed by all participants. Cuddle sessions can be held in an office, in your own home, or in a booked location. Depending on where the sessions are held, expectations and boundaries appropriate to the location should be established. At its core, the session should not be sexual in nature, as this defeats the purpose of cuddling.

Cuddling therapy may include light stroking of hands, arms, feet and legs or full body contact. It can go as far as full cuddling in a variety of positions. It can also be just about tickling as well as lightly touching your partner's back and limbs. It is best to discuss the exact forms of touch. Thus, you could start with light caresses and expand the movements, depending on how you feel. You can also use techniques such as having your cuddling partner look quietly into your eyes to relax, or use guided meditations. Your shared cuddling session will look different depending on the participants and their needs. It is important to coordinate your time together and recognize your respective needs.


A couple on cuddling

The science behind cuddling

Why does cuddling feel so good? Freud used touch in his early work, but later condemned it, citing its dangers in cases of intense transference. Since then, psychoanalysts, lawyers, risk managers, and ethicists have advised therapists to avoid touch as part of talk therapy, arguing that it is a "slippery slope." The "slippery slope" argument is well-intentioned; no one wants to sanction or encourage inappropriate touching. But the argument arises only because there is no firm theoretical distinction in the psychoanalytic literature between nurturing touch and sexual touch. This distinction is precisely what matters in any thoughtful discussion of the therapeutic use of touch, whether by a psychoanalyst or a professional therapist. A Girlfriend Experience is not medical therapy. However, this booked experience can have a nurturing effect if you engage in it.

Nurturing touch is not a new idea, but its medical use is controversial. In the early twentieth century, theorists such as Otto Rank, Melanie Klein, Ronald Fairbairn, and D.W. Winnicott helped shift the focus of psychoanalysis from Oedipal development to pre-Oedipal development-that of infants and young children-where soothing touch plays a crucial role. Later, psychological researchers furthered our understanding of the importance of physical touch in providing comfort and regulating emotions in both adults and children.

Today, neuroscientists have learned that when we are emotionally upset, our bodies respond to manage the increased energy. These physical reactions bring discomfort at best and are unbearable at worst. What can we do to get immediate help when we are distressed so we don't have to resort to superficial balms like medication or psychological mechanisms like displacement? What kind of relief is affordable, efficient, effective and non-toxic?

You already know the answer: touch. Hugs and other forms of non-sexual physical reassurance, such as hand-holding and head patting, intervene on the physical level to help the brain and body calm down from overwhelming states of anxiety, panic and shame. It satisfies a basic need without inflicting pain through the complicated process of managing the expectations, beliefs, emotional availability or reactions of others.

There are moments when almost nothing in the world could enhance the feeling of belonging, the feeling of being accepted and appreciated for who you really are. Hugs are made for this, because they are simple and pure manifestations of empathy. They get oxytocin flowing and radiating throughout your body, offering you an experience beyond words that restores your emotional balance. But as we've become more and more constricted in our jobs, concerns, and social norms, we've also lost the ability to ask for or offer empathic hugs. When someone asks to be held or hugged, they usually get a polite short hug accompanied by the usual prejudices. In contrast, an extensive cuddling session with an outcall girl can be far more effective. Thus, a professional therapist or medical professional does not have to overstep his bounds and can leave the nurturing touch to the expert.

To book one of these cuddle experts, we are of course always at your disposal. It remains to say that a proper cuddler can never replace the professional opinion and healing effect of a therapist. Nor should it. A cuddling session is more for the feeling of security and connection with another human being. Cuddling is not meant to be sexual, which is what makes it such a special balm for our sense of self-worth.